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With a decade of successful and happy customers to back up our legacy, ​Reflections Cleaning Services ​has earned its name to be Lisburn​’s most respected name in expert professional full cleaning services, be it window cleaning, power washing commercial or government architectures.

Our ​diligent and expertly experienced window cleaning professionals have provide the best possible full cleaning ​services​, for home, restaurants/pubs/conservatories, private commercial building windows or government buildings cleaning. We have a fully trained team of full-time employees and high quality cleaning equipment and vehicles to provide you with prompt, courteous and personalized service.​

We strive, to achieve and surpass our goal to provide top quality end to end cleaning with exceptional attention to details. Customer satisfaction is our prime consideration – and we guarantee 100% client satisfaction, with top tier clients to vouch for our service professionalism and quality. We provide prompt, courteous service, delivered well within time, with highest efficiency to ensure our clients are happy with the top notch service.

We have a fleet of full time trained employees available with emergency service facilities, fully insured and reliable.We consider you, our Customers, the backbone of our Business and realize that our continued success and growth depends on how we treat you and the work that we perform.

Reflections cleaning offers a free estimate with an on-site inspection and offers various options of window cleaning services. With our services catering to Commercial, residential and Government building full cleaning routines,  providing the safest and most cost-effective method of window cleaning to ensure the highest quality of service possible for all clients.

Our office and professional staff is trained to provide the highest level of service and will do their best to answer all questions, schedule a site inspection or window cleaning appointment to accommodate your schedule.

Before leaving any job you will be offered a walk through of the work we have completed, so that if you have any questions or concerns we can address them immediately.

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With a wide variety of online, digital and cash payment options, now you need not worry about how to pay – we serve you, the payment mode is your choice!

In urgent need of cleaning? Sudden change of schedules to instantly make your home/business shine? Don’t worry, with variety of scheduling options for our service appointments and with urgent service provision at your disposal, now get cleaning done, anytime!

Safety and security is our prime concern! So we provide fully insured services, to ensure our customers never have any worry to knock their windows!

We strive to be professional yet friendly – and whilst all our processes are completely secure and legal – we ensure they are completely customer friendly – so you do not have to worry about policies, just enjoy a clean ambiance!

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