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A truck full of illegal Mexican immigrants slaughtered with supernatural force is found by the side of a road Trying to find answers Sam and Dean are plunged into the dange. Dean had never uite imagined his life might end like this Naked in a Tijuana brothel with an eighty year old woman dressed like Janine from Spinal Tap sizing up his junk and looking distinctly unimpressed He really wished the room wasn't so heavily air conditioned Oh my god what a fun ride This was such unexpected unadulterated pleasure I cannot stress that enough Finally a tie in novel that doesn’t suck donkey ass I’ve been so disappointed with previous efforts but like any true addict I keep coming back for Christa Faust is an accomplished novelist in her own right and that’s in evidence here on almost every page The story is multi layered and infused with Aztec lore and mythology making it totally engrossing It’s hard to tell where established mythology ends and Faust’s imagination begins It’s a seamless marriage unless you happen to hold a doctorate degree in Aztec monsters and legends Faust sets this story mid Season 6 taking full advantage of the show’s rich story line to this point letting no opportunity pass her by to channel inside jokes and mine emotional terrain Her voices for Sam and Dean are spot on; I especially appreciate the fact that she is writing for soullessSam Dean’s response to his baby brother sans conscience is funny and heartbreaking Sam used to be the emotional one the brother with the impeccable moral compass now Dean’s soul has to fly right enough for two to make up for Sam’s emptiness One scene that had me laughing out loud is when Dean is in danger of becoming the Aztec euivalent of a zombie ”Sammy you’re not going to let that happen to me are you If it comes to that you’ll take care of it right” “Of course” Sam said “I’ll take care of it”“You weren’t supposed to answer that so uickly” Dean said“So that’s it We just sit here and wait for me to Romero out so Dexter here can pop a cap in my rotten brain and put me out of my misery” Another huge win for this installment is the introduction of Xochi Cazadora a kick ass hybrid of Salma Hayek and Rhona Mitra We’ve had some high octane warrior women demon angel and human grace the show over the years – Xochi could hold her own up against any of them She is AWESOME Faust already has at her disposal an entire canon of material to use when writing for Sam and Dean but Xochi she creates out of thin air I would be delirious if she actually showed up in a real episode I totally bought how Dean reacts to her and that in many ways he has met his match Faust doesn’t cheat on their chemistry; it’s earned with good writing and character development The target audience for this book is definitely fans of the show and to all of you I say READ IT

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Coyote's KissRous world that exists along the Mexican border They encounter a tattooed pistol packing bandita on a motorcycle who seems be everywhere they go before they get there Xoch. Hmm what to say about this book Well it started out good then it got boring then it got good again and then by the end it got boring againOnly some parts of this story kept my interest and once I was finished reading those interesting parts I immediately lost interest The person that the Winchester brothers is working with is kind of annoying She's almost too perfect and there's always something convenient when it comes to her Also towards the end of the book she gets telekinesis powers that come out of complete nowhereAnother disappointing thing with this story is the climax The chapters are extremely short but there are a lot of them and for so many chapters I thought the climax would be longer than it really was It only ended up being two to three chapters long which isn't long at all since the chapters are so short and then how the climax was solved was disappointing as well due to the shortness dullness and not much had to happen to solve it It was too easy for such a build up Throughout the entire story you're lead onto thinking that once they fight the big bad of the story it's going to be tough but it ends up being really easy It was kind of a let downAlso the tiny part in which Castiel shows up just irked me Cas was totally out of character and since Cas is my favorite character it annoyed me greatlyAnyways this gets three stars only for the few parts that kept my interest

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Summary Coyote's Kiss ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ↠ A truck full of illegal Mexican immigrants slaughtered with supernatural force is found by the side of a road Trying to find answers Sam and Dean are plunged into the dangerous world that exists along the Mexican border They encounter a tattooed pistol packing bandita on a motorcyI Cazadora draws them into a whole new world of monstersA Supernatural novel that reveals a previously unseen adventure for the Winchester brothers from the hit TV series . I enjoyed this book so much because for me Sam and Dean were very in characterSet between the season 6 episodes 'Caged Heat' and 'Appointment in Samara' Sam is still missing his soul which is cleverly pivotal to the plot when the brothers get embroiled in the stopping of another potential apocalypse this time brought about by ancient Aztec gods They are ably assisted by another hunter called Xochi a female version of Dean who I liked immensely and the attraction between her and Dean is handled very well by the author So well in fact that I even found myself hoping they would get together OOI would recommend this book to any fan of Supernatural