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Free read Scoop By Evelyn Waugh é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free » Lord Copper newspaper magnate and proprietor of the Daily Beast has always prided himself on his intuitive flair for spotting ace reporters That is not to say he has not made the odd blunder however and may in a moment of weakness make another Acting Ising little war in the African Republic of Ishmaelia One of Waugh's most exuberant comedies Scoop is a brilliantly irreverent satire of Fleet Street and its hectic pursuit of hot ne. We know that there will be general confusion by the people employed to keep it together Newspaper novel where are the machines the news the excitement Plot Character The main character gets confused a true staple of Waugh but it really doesn't matter at the end with these White Britons being interchangeable anyway This is my first wah wah wah experience by Waugh Handful of Dust Decline Fall Brideshead Revisited Vile Bodies these are superb in a way that this one just isn't

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Blunder however and may in a moment of weakness make another Acting on a dinner party tip from Mrs Algernon Smith he feels convinced that he has hit on just the chap to cover a prom. Second time readingFile this under guilty pleasures I'm well outraged isn't the right word made weary by the dreariness of the other reviews of this book plot summaries gestures towards its transhistorical narratives or towards its capturing that peculiar moment before the Nazis invaded Poland and hamfisted comparisons to P G Wodehouse different sort of writer entirely although hilariously Wodehouse does get a shoutout as the plot winds down And then well there's the fact that the book is terribly racist It's not racist in a Mein Kampf or Turner Diaries kind of way; there's no particular program Waugh wants to push; but the novel nevertheless goes hand in thoughtless hand with the postwar atrocities committed by Britain in Kenya Is this attitude inevitable Simply a record of its timeOf course not Don't be foolishThat said it's delightful I'm of course reminded of A J Liebling's war journalism The plot should be a model for plots everywhere The odd mixture of affection and contempt is characteristic of the best humor writing see for example Diary of a Nobody or Cold Comfort Farm I'm going a bit too far here it's clear that Waugh finds the expropriation of Africa's natural resources by European colonial powers distasteful And that's somethingI'd suggest however starting with The Loved One

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Scoop By Evelyn WauLord Copper newspaper magnate and proprietor of the Daily Beast has always prided himself on his intuitive flair for spotting ace reporters That is not to say he has not made the odd. Evelyn Waugh was a snob a racist an anti semite and a fascist sympathiser whose attitude was in the words of his biographer David Wykes Waugh's racism was an illogical extension of his views on the naturalness and rightness of hierarchy as the main principle of social organisation He was also jealous personally nasty and malicious had been a bully at school and as James Lees Milne said the nastiest tempered man in England Waugh was however absolutely devoted to his adopted religion Catholicism and generally friendly welcoming and generous to other Catholics Nancy Mitford asked him how he reconciled his often objectionable conduct and attitude with being a Christian said he replied that were he not a Christian he would be even horribleAll of this is on display in this absolutely hilarious farce of a book and right at the beginning the tone is set That’s Mrs Cohen” said Effie “You see how it is They’re Yids”“Sure it isn’t the nigger downstairs you want”Scoop is a satire on journalism and the newspaper industry in general based on his own experiences or rather that of a fellow war correspondent for the Daily Mail covering the Abyssinian Italian war Although the characters are so utterly defined by the mythical racial characteristics assigned to them by an unkind world it is still easy to laugh The snobbery which the non ethnic characters displayed was eually harsh and that is perhaps the key as to why such an ostensibly nasty book by such an unpleasant man is so funny he must have seen himself in all of this He was gifted with the sly sharp instinct for self preservation that passes for wisdom among the rich and so it's a bit of a send up and that's something we can all appreciate The writing is wonderful just as it was in his opus magnum Brideshead Revisited the humour extravagant the denoument ridiculous All in all recommended to everyone who likes period pieces that aren't uite nor ever will be classics