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N a lifetime Enchanting funny surreal and heartwarming David Whitehouse's novel presents one of the most thrilling and uniue voices to emerge from Britain in years Longlisted for the 2012 Desmond Elliott Pri OK this review contains some spoilers so be warnedI find it impossible to talk about this book without revealing something about the ending although I usually try not to do that This book is about a very eccentric guy used to be obsessed with taking off his clothes in public as a child who decides not to leave his bed on his 25 th b'day and then becomes morbidly obese It's a mystery for the entire book as to why and when I found out why I must say I was sort of irritated The upshot is the guy thinks he's some sort of martyr his mom is only happy when taking care of someone so she has to take care of him the dad is only happy having a project he builds a crane to lift the guy out of the house and his brother is only happy when he finally gets the guy's girlfriend to fall in love with him which he could only do if he became disgustingly obese and therefore she didn't want him See what a nice guy he is? Please I didn't buy it at all Not just because this is a ridiculous premise becoming obese and bedridden to make your family happy?? but also because of how spoiled and privileged he is how nice that he got to live rent free forever and have his mom cooking his enormous meals and waiting on him hand and foot A martyr?? Give me a breakHowever oddly I did like the book I thought it was very well written one of those books where the writing is so good that you savor it and re read paragraphs So I'm glad I read it and it was certainly food for thought but the last page irritated me

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Bed Author David WhitehouWHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH GETTING OUT OF BED FOR? Mal isn't like the other kids So remarkable is his childhood that his family wait for the incredible things he seems born to do Then one day he goes to bed never ‘Bed’ is about Mal a man who weighs a hundred stone and hasn’t got up from his bed for the past twenty years Yet the book is not about being fat Just look at the author’s photo – what would HE know about being fat?If you are looking for some sort of self help motivational book then I wholeheartedly recommend ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ by Ruth Fields Read ‘Bed' if you want a piece of good contemporary literature about people who are just not very good at life I know I could now say ‘but who really is?’ but that would just be a clever bon mot because really most people I know seem to handle this whole living business a little better The characters of ‘Bed’ mostly Mal’s family are weighed down literally and metaphorically by his heavy presence He has become their centre of gravity and they are not able to set themselves freeMal himself is less of a character and of an inanimate object casting shadow on the lives of everyone who comes close to him he is the elephant in the room so to speak impossible to ignore but not to be discussed or uestionedOf all the family members it’s the mother who is most devoted to him He is the apple of her eye It’s like in this Anne Sexton’s poem surely the world must be ending if I am uoting poems in my reviews“The unusual needs to be commented upon The Thalidomide babieswith flippers at their shoulderswearing their mechanical armslike derricksThe club footed boywearing his shoe like a flat ironThe idiot childa stuffed doll who can only masturbateThe hunchback carrying his humplike a bag of onions Oh how we treasuretheir scenic valueWhen a child stays needy until he is fifty —oh mother eye oh mother eye crush me in —the parent is as strong as a telephone pole”Mal has always been special to his mother wayward as a child difficult as an adult he gives her purpose Handling him has become the essence of her life And why does he decide to never get up after he’s turned twenty five? I suppose to escape the fate of his peers who ‘get older and start drinking They meet someone and get pregnant They work and work and work Buy a house and sit in it in silence listening to the baby cry Have another to keep it company Waking up early going to work packing lunch coming home watching the television paying the bills thinking they’re happy having another baby just in case No thanks”uite right “if this is life then why get out of bed?” Only this isn’t life Life is all that happens in between Life is what you make of it It is hard to be happy and it reuires greater sensibility It is easier to give in to nihilism and decadency but this is not a noble way out Mal might be convinced that him giving up on life will give someone else that is his mother a purpose in life and therefore he is a hero but he goes about it all wrong Lou Mal’s girlfriend has the same need to give meaning to the lives of her loved ones but she is doing it in a constructive way She brings people up rather than dragging them down with her‘Bed’ despite its grotesue tabloid hook is a uiet understated novel and I believe it was ghost written I happen to have met David Whitehouse and he is ironic blunt very fond of obscene gestures and generally uite obnoxious There is no way in hell he would ever write anything borderline mushy like this“I saw it on her face that day a look like her heart would float upward through her throat topple from her mouth clip her front teeth on the way out and drift into the sky”If this sounds like your cup of tea give this book a go; it’s a very strong debut My only minor complaint is that the first person narrator Mal’s nameless younger brother becomes omniscient at random It doesn’t happen very often but often enough for me to notice

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Download Bed Author David Whitehouse Book ✓ 297 pages Ó Reflectionslisburnltd ó WHAT MAKES LIFE WORTH GETTING OUT OF BED FOR? Mal isn't like the other kids So remarkable is his childhood that his family wait for the incredible things he seems born to do Then one day he goes to bed neverTo get out again Recounted by Mal's younger brother Bed is a coming of age story like no other It chronicles the metamorphosis of one extraordinary man and explores what love loss and family can do to you i Good writing? Give me a break This is one of the most appallingly over written books I've ever dragged myself through I don't know which editor approved this for publication but they should be sacked I uite liked the idea of the book; man takes to his bed on his twenty fifth birthday and stays there but everything about the way it is written revolts me Unconvincing dialogue Unappealing characters Implausible even Love interest Lou and the boys' mother are so ridiculously self sacrificing that I couldn't believe in them at all All the dads in the book spend their lives dozing in armchairs unable or unwilling to assert themselves over their domineering but doting wives Mal the Bedbound is too grotesue to contemplate; I had to skim several chapters of narrative describing his mounds of reeking flesh and the meals his stupid mother pours down his gullet And there's no story arc Mal goes to bed and stays there No one else in the book does anything much either And then there's Whitehouse's highschool creative writing class prose style every noun is saddled with an unnecessary adjective or inappropriate simile Metaphors pile up in great steaming mixed up contradictory heaps Sentences Lots of them Minor ones And grammatical errors Me and Lou I would have thought Whitehouse's background in journalism would have beaten the verbiage out of him but sadly not This is five hours of my life I won't get back