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Bound to Love review ✓ 3 ✓ Best Book, Bound to Love author Sally Clements This is very good and the main topic to read with book details 192 pages isbn 9781844719242 format ebook and others and has a text language like EnglishD the main topic to read with book details 192 pages isbn 97818447. Love at first sight Well it does exist in books and this novel should not be derided for setting up an ideal Tempest Mackenzie is a jewellery designer who is reckless and impulsive We can see this when she rushes to the aid of a handsome stranger who is being kidnapped Once thrown together they are now linked together until the mastermind behind the kidnapping is caughtThere is a steady pace throughout the book as they escape from the kidnappers and travel by helicopter to Tempest's sisters home The plan is to catch the kidnappers when they steal a valuable artefact the escape and the dramatic rescue and ending Although Jake is shown to be a family man in his concern for his mother and his grandfather the most striking feature of his character is his libido I guess this is a reuirement in a romance novel but it is a little wearing after a time The saving grace for this book is that it is not overly explicitThe language is generally functional rather than poetic with a good use of dialogue and plenty of action to keep the story moving forward I would have liked a little character development but overall it's a nice interesting read

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19242 format ebook and others and has a text language like English. Art thefts will just about always get me to read a book but I'm often disappointed Bound to Love started off with a bang and it felt a bit like my vague memories of Leslie Charteris's The Saint booksbut without the throwaway girlfriend who never lasted longer than one bookAnd thenI don't know what happened but I was just over it About a uarter of the way through the book continued to be fast paced but it started feeling fake Not that this type of book is supposed to feel real but a certain heart appeared to be lackingOr maybe I was just in the wrong mood

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Bound to LoveBest Book Bound to Love author Sally Clements This is very good an. This review in its entirety and other cool tidbits can be found on my blogElsie Loves FictionBound to Love Sally ClementsOh la la What a steamy dreamy thrill ride A romance rated on the 'softer' side meaning the details of the encounters between the main characters are juicy but not overly detailed ie erotica Yes I need to clarify not everyone reads according to how many roses or hot peppers or whatever ratings the publisher uses Well it sure got my juices flowing It Was Hot I enjoyed it It was fun It was hot It made me want to build a fire with my husband or jet of to ParisThere was a turn or two that wasn't over the top obvious to me which earns the book bonus points I hate knowing every twist and turn from page one I did find the beginning which is supposed to be the big draw you in part a little too cheesy Jake Tempest feel a connection that is so overpowering I would have liked a little conflict in the beginning working towards the intensity as opposed to instant attraction followed by uestioning Overall it was very well written story Kudos Ms Clements very nice work