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FREE PDF ☆ BOOK Personal Kanban ä JIM BENSON Î Machines need to be productive People need to be effectiveProductivity books focus on doing Jim and Tonianne want you to focus on doing better Personal Kanban is about choosing the right work at the right time Recognizing why we do the things we do Understanding the impact oM manufacturing that led the Japanese auto industry to become a global leader in uality and applies them to individual and team work Personal Kanban asks only that we visualize our work and limit our work in progress Visualizing work allows us to transform our conceptual and threatening workload into an actionable context sensitive flow Limiting our work in progress helps us complete what we start and understand the value of our choice As a consultant I want the flexibility to adapt my work to take advantage of opportunities that might arise in a given week–to write an article or blog post or to propose a project to a new client And while I try to plan a week’s worth work I need the flexibility to adapt my work on the fly I work in small chunks finishing work I like seeing completed work I have a great sense of accomplishment when I see completed workSure if I have the flu or a tough vertigo attack that lasts a while where I don’t have enough slack to absorb too many “incomings” I become overwhelmed But I can generally manage my work I can maintain a sustainable paceI tried to explain to my system to some of my executive coaching clients but it wasn’t until I read Personal Kanban Mapping Work | Navigating Life by Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry that I had the words and clearer definitions for what I was doing Before I read the book I didn’t know about “The Pen”The Pen is the place where you corral all those call backs that can pile up IMNHO The Pen is a magnificent invention It gives me the transparency I need to see that the people I need to talk to are–or are not–calling me back so I can decide what to do about it If the plumber is not calling back I might make one decision If a potential client is not calling I might make another decision What’s key is that I have all the data literally at my fingertipsWhat’s great about personal kanban is that I see all my work I use it along with one week iterations so I can track the work I don’t do That’s how I knew it was time to ask for help in redoing my web site It was clear to me that “redo my site” was going to stay in “ready” and never move into “doing”When I read this book I kept nodding saying “Yes that’s exactly how I work That’s how I think Why are Jim and Tonianne in my head? At least they are doing a good job there”Jim and Tonianne have written a conversational wonderful book to help you understand how to move away from todo lists to a system that helps you see your context your work and your work in progressPersonal kanban has two rules visualize your work and limit your work in progress That’s it Personal kanban is the way I manage my personal project portfolio Try it for yours

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Machines need to be productive People need to be effectiveProductivity books focus on doing Jim and Tonianne want you to focus on doing better Personal Kanban is about choosing the right work at the right time Recognizing why we do the things we do Understanding the impact of our actions Creating value not just product For ourselves our families our friends our co workers For our legacyPersonal Kanban takes the same Lean principles fro My wife is a life long devotee of Franklin Planners and that has worked well for her but I've never done well with to do lists Since reading this book I've started using a personal Kanban to manage my work at the office and after 3 weeks I now understand why to do lists never worked for me My problem is that I can think of 10 things I want to do for every 1 thing I have time to do With a simple to do list I soon become overwhelmed by tasks and eventually give up The Kanban approach allows me to enter all of my tasks in my backlog and then helps me focus on those tasks that are truly a high priority right now It also gives me the opportunity at the end of each week to see that I really have accomplished somethingIf you only have time to read a little bit read Chapter 2 and then try creating your own Kanban The remaining chapters are helpful but not critical and you can scan them as needed when you have a specific problem you want help with

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Personal Kanban S Combined these two simple acts encourage us to improve the way we work and the way we make choices to balance our personal professional and social livesNeither a prescription nor a plan Personal Kanban provides a light actionable achievable framework for understanding our work and its context This book describes why students parents business leaders major corporations and world governments all see immediate results with Personal Kanb This book did not work for me I had recently become interested in Kanban and read this book along with a selection of others on the subject I like to immerse myself in a subject and get a well rounded view Also as a GTD user of over 10 years I could see that Personal Kanban could plug a few holes in GTD so far so good Unfortunately the execution of this book missed the mark for me Firstly it seems bizarre that a book that constantly pushes the benefits of visualisation does so little to show us what the techniue looks like Early on there is a lot of philosophising but very little to show you what Kanban can and might look like Theres a lot of sell sell sell but very little tell tell tell Examples are shoved to the appendix and the illustration of one in particular is so small and useless and badly explained that I found it very frustrating Secondly there’s the rather irritating instances where ideas are introduced only to be shot down If you don’t think Covey’s UrgentImportant uadrant is useful then why are you wasting my time with it? If you think a study on students deadlines is nonsense without a similar study to refute it by the way why are you talking about it? There is a place for this kind of thing but how about getting me on board with your argument before shooting down other people’s work?All the way through this I just kept thinking why won’t you get to the point?I think the techniue is interesting and I intend to use it But coming out with a book with large amounts of padding and little in the way of practical advice isn’t helping anyone