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Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold Download ✓ 106 Ì Eyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional family Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violence explodes Can Anne and Cord use the freedom oEyes is a story of family conflicts set in Colorado in 1885 Unmarried at 28 Anne Wells is a disgrace to her rigidly conventional. SpoilersI discovered this little gem of a book from reviews by Danielle Lori and Val ⚓️ Shameless Bitchy Skanky ⚓️ Steamy Reads Mrs Danvers Tate Snow Thanks ladiesWhere to start with this book First off I savoured the reading of Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold prolonging the experience as much as I could Secondly everything I thought I knew about racial prejudice this story amplified to a thousand degreeAnnie and Cord our MCs Annie is white and Cord is half Comanche living in 1880s Colorado Theirs is a love that survived the most arduous of circumstance Annie was subject to a misogyny so evil it left her little choice but to rebel Cord was regarded as less human and beast all because he was half Native AmericanWhat this book most illuminated to me is the mindset of the racist individual How prejudices are formed without logic How even with overwhelming evidence to the contrary racists feel justified by their beliefs Actions that are judged innocuous if done by a white person have different nuances when done by a POC Ms O'Connell writes in the 3rd person omniscient giving this story a depth that would have been absent from a single perspective Placing the reader in Colorado making us wish we could reach in and slap some of the characters from their stupidityDespite EVERYONE's disbelief their love trumped all the hate thanks Hilary C Annie was unwavering in her love for Cord She believed in him fiercely and slowly Cord relented becoming less aloof and loving her with his allEventually the haters were silenced realizing that it was indeed possible for a white woman to love a Comanche half breed GaaaaaahhhThis was a great love story and Ellen has just gotten herself a new fan

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Family Cord Bennett is the black sheep of the Bennett clan When these two misfits are found alone together violence explodes Can. That was so awesomeI was really wondering why all my friends in goodreads think that this is a very good book – especially because most of them do not share the same tastes in books and especially in romance booksI think the main reason for the love for this particular book is that it is the book full of small satisfying victories Anne Wells and Cord Bennett have survived being different in a world of average people until they reached their late twenties Anne at this age is considered an old spinster and weird She has already broken up her relationship with a descent for the standards of that society man and destroyed their engagement without hesitation Now she refuses to marry the old unloving disgusting man that her father wants her to marry She is locked in her room and starved for weeks until she manages to escape and end up in Cord’s farm asking for helpNow Cord is considered an outlier in the respectable society of that small town in Colorado The son of a rancher and a Cheyenne woman; he is someone that almost everyone fears – including his own half brothers and sisters He has almost killed a few men he has almost killed his own brother he left the small town and apparently killed men; until he came back looking like a savage and started looking after his farm and his horses aloneWhen Anne and Cord met the morning of Anne’s getaway; Anne understood how brutal her father is; how much people do not care and how many hypocrites are around Anne and Cord almost died that morningAnne and Cord were reborn after a few weeks Mainly depending on each otherAnd then the problems begin Cord thinks that Anne is too good for him Anne thinks that Cord cannot love The small town thinks that Cord holds Anne hostage Anne's father wants Anne back and locked up Anne's mother wants Anne happy and back home Cord's family thinks that Cord is a savage and can snap any moment Eveyone is afraid of Cord Everyone ignores and feels sorry for Anne Gossips and insults everywhere Anne and Cord go Not enough money to survive the winter Too much pride to ask for helpAs I have said before this is a book of small victories that if you add them up you will have an out of proportion joy when you finish this bookWhile the civilized well mannered citizens and role models of the small town are busy hating; Anne and Cord are busy falling in love and gaining and friendsThe pages were flying when I was reading the book Although it is a fairly long book I could not put it down Anne is one of the most likable heroines Fierce determined lovable She radiates warmth and light Under the hesitant protection and unspoken love by Cord her inner strength will be multiplied and be offered freely to all the living creatures men women and animals that need her helpCord is definitely husband material He is loyal protective and brutal with the people who threaten the peace of his family He can only love once and foreverHighly recommended book by almost everybody

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Eyes of Silver Eyes of GoldAnne and Cord use the freedom of being condemned for sins they didn’t commit to make a life together in spite of their families. Not just a romance but a love story beautifully toldAt twenty eight Anne Wells should be too old to be running away from home But her wealthy controlling and abusive father wants her married even if it is to a man as old and as mean as he is After leaving home and sheltering from a storm in a barn overnight Anne wakes up the next morning to a familiar pair of unusual gold eyes watching her The long silence threatened to become awkward so she ventured Good morningMornin' His voice was deep soft and as expressionless as his faceI suppose you wonder what I'm doing here in your barnSet in Colorado 1885 Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold is Ellen O'Connell's debut Cord Bennett a 'half breed' with a white father and a Cheyenne mother has been shunned and misunderstood by family and locals alike The only person who has ever shown him any real kindness has been Anne having known each other since they were both tenThis is my fourth read of this book since it was published in 2010 and my appreciation for this story has grown with each reading I'm a huge fan of westerns and have read all the greats of the genre including Jodi Thomas Lorraine Heath Maggie Osborne Penelope Williamson Jo Goodman et al There is no doubt that Ellen O'Connell can be named among the greats of historical western romancesThere is a surprising depth to this story Though the romance is the focus Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold also deals with the details of life in Colorado in the 1880s particularly Cord's business of raising horses a marriage of convenience family drama and racial prejudiceHaving read and loved all Ms O'Connell's books one of the things that she does so well is write memorable couples Often for me it's only the hero who makes an impact but she's one of very few authors who writes heroines who are eual to their heroes Protective sexy Cord is the very embodiment of the strong silent type Anne is his eual and as strong and as resilient and likable as Cord A meant to be couple From the dialogue to the growing romance the sex scenes life on the ranch this story is believable If you're a fan of historical western romances or would like to read one you won't find better than Ellen O'Connell and Eyes of Silver Eyes of Gold Highly recommendedSteam 25 3