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doc º Men Of Tomorrow Geeks Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book ☆ Gerard Jones Y begins early in the last century on the Lower East Side where Harry Donenfeld rises from the streets to become the king of the 'smooshes' soft core magazines with titles like French Humor and Hot Tales Later two high school friends in Cleveland Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel become avid fans of 'scientifiction' the new kind of literature promoted by their favorite So before the review The author of this book is a convicted pedophile and child pornographer who is still alive though imprisoned iirc PLEASE do not buy this book new or borrow or buy it in electronic form Buying physical copies from used booksellers or borrowing it froma person that already owns it are imo the only ethical ways to read this because they're the only ways that definitely result in zero money being even possibly given to the author WHY READ THIS AT ALL THEN? Because it's a very good narrative history of a narrow subject that has only a few decent books of any depth written on it at all and because a fair amount of the book is based on unpublished interviews with now long dead subjects and because for now it's still available very cheaply on the used marketACTUAL REVIEW This is a history of the development of DC Comics as a company and Superman as an idea hero and icon Though many people seem only dimly aware of this the phenomenal success of superheroes as a pre eminent force in American and worldwide pop culture is based on a very long history of both DC and Marvel Comics ruthlessly exploiting the actual creators of the heroes and giving them their due only after public shaming by organized comic book fandom I'm a bit too young to remember the happy ending to the particular tale told here that of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster creators of Superman but I remember feeling indignant towards Marvel's behavior towards Jack Kirby publicized during the Marvel 25th Anniversary publicity push uite clearly and some satisfaction when he won back some of his workThis unlike most books on comics only really focuses on the creations secondarily and is much much about the men that created maintained and grew the businesses that spread this then new four color art form across the country in the 1930s particularly Harry Donenfeld the glad handing connected guy who smelled money on the wind and Jack Liebowitz who went from pornographer's accountant to board member of the fourth largest corporation in the country before dying at 100 It's also about their relationships with Siegel and Schuster creators of DC's golden goose Superman so to a certain extent the book is about superheroes but only in the way that a history of the Coca Cola company is about the beverage a welcome change from most books about comic books To say the business and its vital relationship with the creators it needs in order to profit is deeply tempestuous is a radical understatement Siegel particularly was too naive and trusting while a young creator and there's real disgust at the business hacks who ended up making millions off of Superman while Schuster sat blind in a cold water flat supported by his siblings but the real story here is the fascinating world of legal but disreputable business shown that flourished during the interwar period It's also truly great background for any one unfamiliar with the golden age superhero boom both in understanding the business the popularity of the characters at the time SO IF THIS BOOK WASN'T POTENTIALLY MAKING A CHILD PORNOGRAPHER RAMEN MONEY IN PRISON WHAT WOULD YOU RATE THIS? Oh four stars easily But fuck that guy

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Men Of Tomorrow Geeks Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book ePub ☆ 384 pages Download ✓ Animated by the stories of some of the last century's most charismatic and conniving artists writers and businessmen Men of Tomorrow brilliantly demonstrates how the creators of the superheroes g Pulp magazines The disparate worlds of the wise guy and the geeks collide in 1938 and the result is Action Comics #1 the debut of Superman For Donenfeld the comics were a way to sidestep the censors For Shuster and Siegel they were both a calling and an eventual source of misery the pair waged a lifelong campaign for credit and appropriate compensation The New York It is hard to praise enough this detailed perhaps an edge too much so in the very first chapters well researched well sourced well judged and readable account of the creation of the comic books industryJones balances the human creative and business stories and makes a convincing case for this being a peculiarly Jewish American phenomenon grounded initially though not today in a particular milieuComic book production in New York in the 1940s was a classic case of an urban centre of excellence feeding off its own pool of talent and networks And if you see a non Jewish name Kane Kirby Lee don't be fooled these are just second generation Jewish immigrants coming to terms with assimilation The American comic book is a Jewish invention to all intents and purposes and Jones has some important insights as to why that should be Creatively comic books might be seen as a Jewish re translation into fantasy of the dialectic between Protestant America and the attempt to configure a new identityThe book should be read as much as a history of the creation of American capitalism as anything else with a three way struggle between anarcho socialism unregulated capitalism and regulated capitalismThe role of organised crime aka unregulated capitalism and the Jewish mobsters as they shift into legitimate business is an essential part of this story and explanatory of much American exceptionalismOne of the reasons America is in trouble today in the wider world is that the necessity of regulation and moral fervour has become a habit upsetting peoples that really reuire neither Screwing over Swiss and French bankers is just an extension of WASP determination to tame the new immigrants into good conduct and moral conformity It's just how they are As for the books themselves they should be studied in and for themselves but the psychological origins of some key characters such as Superman are well argued forIt is fun to read again the polyamorous sado masochistic origins of Wonder Woman but the personal hurt behind the creation of Superman and Batman is very real and well argued by Jones The characters with exceptions such as Stan Lee are not very attractive There is a disproportionate number of neurotic losers and outright unpleasant bastards but that's American capitalism for youInvaluable social history this book is highly recommended

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Men Of Tomorrow Geeks Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic BookAnimated by the stories of some of the last century's most charismatic and conniving artists writers and businessmen Men of Tomorrow brilliantly demonstrates how the creators of the superheroes gained their cultural power and established a crucial place in the modern imagination This history of the birth of superhero comics highlights three pivotal figures The stor Smart concise history of how comic books became a thing and doesn't leave out any of the good stuff Re emphasizes the argument that all American forms of mass entertainment media in the 20th century are on permanent loan from the street culture of New York City a place that seems to own stock in every American cultural enterprise this side of the Civil War and will always get the big chair in the shareholder's meetings even if the product under discussion isn't their own Author is here to tell you that comic books were made by pornographers chiselers and tough guys of every stripe working in sober collaboration with geeks zealots and psychopaths to turn their most private desires into pictures of dudes wearing tights and speaking in bubbles Manages to distill that same hustling pre war optimism The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay did but its way grimier and even zany Protagonists are ostensibly Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster the creators of Superman and Harry Donenfeld and Jack Leibowitz the original publishers of DC Comics but behind every name author drops Jack Cole Will Eisner Jack Kirby Gardner Fox Gil Kane Art Spiegelman Charles Biro there is surely a biography worth reading As book isn't 1200 pages long author has used apposite discretion in what he picks and chooses Keeps the pace fast and in disciplined ratio to the inherent dorkiness of the story His perspective on the latter is another reason to read book The characters at the center of book Jerry Siegel and his arch nemisis Jack Liebowitz are compelling to watch author wisely sidesteps the temptation to characterize them as one dimensional big chinned characters in a meta comic as the respective heart and head of the first comic book boom When the excitement abates they find themselves in direct opposition to each other and the excellent chapters that follow the first comic book bust are as revealing about the nature of entertainment and the industry that supports it as any other book I know A great book about young Americans