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Once a CowboyNce and foralways But is Alex the type of woman who can take on astubborn man like him Because there's one thing abouthim that will never change no matter what they find outabout his past once a cowboy always a cowbo. Full of tropes and unoriginal Also problematic ideas about needing another person to complete you women being there to help a man heal from some trauma amazing sex on the first try everyone’s dream is to get married and pop out kids yada yada yada Additionally apparently these people don’t own cell phones because they are constantly driving to one another’s houses instead of calling There are moments where it’s clear the author is describing something that is unfamiliar to her and it’s very obvious to even a passerby If you want a uick read mindless romance and enjoy the word “cowboy” being worked in at very awkward moments to remind you that it takes place in Texas this book may appeal to you

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Alexandra Donovan is there to help him findthe truth about who he is Along the way he discoversthat even a man who thought he'd be alone for the restof his life can fall in loveFor Brodie love was something you did o. What happens when a baby is stolen from the hospital forty years ago and the mother believes she’s found her baby Once a Cowboy This is such a story but it is than that so much I loved this story and almost read it in a single sitting but sometimes we do need to get a little sleep Brodie Hayes is a world class bull rider and has the scars to prove it As a teen he saw his dream and went after it even though it wasn’t what his parents wanted but it was his dream and it was what made him happy He couldn’t go into the Army and follow in his father’s footsteps He felt that he disappointed his parents but he couldn’t pretend to be something he wasn’t just to please them Alex Donovan was a former police officer and currently working with her father in his private investigation firm She was a good officer but was too soft hearted and got emotionally involved in a missing child case that did not end well She left the force after that and began working for her father Now a woman has come into their offices and said she thinks the gentleman in a newspaper clipping is her stolen baby from forty years ago Alex knows that she should decline the case but one look at the picture and she knows she can’t Alex searches for the answers and gets than she bargained for I believe this was a story about self discovery than anything else It delves into the uestions about what makes us who we are Brodie and Alex both end up learning things about their lives their families and circumstances

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Read & Download Once a Cowboy ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ç Brodie Hayes is a former rodeo star now a rancher—acowboy through and through But when he finds outsome shocking news about the circumstances of hisbirth he begins to uestion his identity Luckily privateinvestigator Alexandra Donovan is there to help him findthBrodie Hayes is a former rodeo star now a rancher acowboy through and through But when he finds outsome shocking news about the circumstances of hisbirth he begins to uestion his identity Luckily privateinvestigator. I enjoyed the first half but in the second half things started to irk me The author put back story in the character's mouths and as soon as she did it stopped sounding like dialog and started sounding like a scripted info dump which it was The hero also related his two best friend's histories so completely that I suspect there is a book for each but since I now feel like I know all about them I feel no need to read their storiesI liked stories where the H h take their time falling in love but I didn't feel the transition here like I'd have liked to She especially seemed to just decide she was in love with him without any real build upI also thought the author missed an opportunity to foreshadow the surprise in the heroine's family It would have been so easy to do that through her father's dislike of the case she'd taken but his disapproval felt generic instead of case specificSo it missed the mark for me in little ways I did however love the heroine's grandmother What a hoot