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The Orphan of Awkward FallsWhen thirteen year old Josephine moves to Awkward Falls she can't help but snoop around the dilapidated mansion next door Inevitably she is captured by the house s strange inhabitants an ancient automaton who serves as a butler a cat patched together with a f. Originally Reviewed on The Book Smugglers year old Josephine Cravitz is determined to be mad Her parents have uprooted her yet again – just as she was getting used to life and friends in balmy Madison Wisconsin she’s forced to move to what she thinks of as the Arctic Circle aka the far reaches of northern Manitoba Canada In the small town of Awkward Falls renowned for its sauerkraut a strange smelling delicacy for which there is a festival each year and proximity to the Asylum for the Dangerously Insane Josephine fully expects to be utterly bored for the remainder of her summer vacation But when the family pulls up to their new home an awesomely foreboding and deliciously mysterious mansion full of secrets from the past Josephine has a hard time maintaining her act of sullen malaise The first night in the her home Josephine sees a strange figure from her bedroom window and decides to investigate only to be taken prisoner to the dilapidated neighboring mansion by a rusty automaton It is here that she meets her neighbor Thaddeus Hibble a paranoid boy geniusmad scientist in training with a penchant for too many sweets and no personal hygiene With no parents and only a robot butler named Norman and a talking reanimated cat named Felix as his lone companions Thaddeus has spent his days sleeping and his nights concocting mad and brilliant experiments Josephine’s arrival throws Thaddeus’s peaceful – if unhygenic and not exactly happy – life into a tailspin though when she volunteers to help him discover the truth of his parents grandfather and his pastAs if things weren’t bad enough there’s the matter of Fetid Stenchley – the most notorious and dangerous killer ever to be imprisoned in the neighboring Asylum The cannibal Stenchley has escaped his prison and has one destination on his mind the home of his former master whom Stenchley murdered and partially ate genius scientist Celsius T Hibble – Thaddeus’s grandfatherOf all the books in the lineup this week The Orphan of Awkward Falls was my most highly anticipated I love the blend of the macabre with comedy and Mr Graves’s novel had the promise of both in spades Not only did the book have promise however it also delivered The Orphan of Awkward Falls is one part Rick Yancey and one part Neil Gaiman with notes of Roald Dahl in the mix In short I loved this bookFrom a storytelling perspective The Orphan of Awkward Falls is both charming and gruesome and all the wonderful for its ability to temper darker themes with madcap hilarity From the opening scene this wonderful alchemy of the funny and the horrific sets the tone of the book as the novel begins with the truly horrific and darkly funny “treatments” being inflicted on our villain Fetid Stenchley in the Insane Asylum In the style of Roald Dahl who actually wrote some very scary stories when you stop to think about them The Orphan of Awkward Falls continues with this irresistible combination of darkness and comedy – it’s in the sadness of a very lonely boy living in a dilapidated home overrun with vermin and mold and all kinds of nastiness but also in the comedy that said lonely boy’s genius inventions and mad scientist in training crazy attitude providesFrom a pure plotting perspective there are many wonderful plot twists and turns over the course of the book – if you like me have a few pointed uestions that you can’t shake early on in the book I urge you to stick with it ALL is explained in due course and it’s all brilliant too I want to say but therein lie spoilers and I would not dream of depriving you dear readers of that journey Rest assured that there are revelations aplenty in The Orphan of Awkward Falls each one dramatic than the lastJust as the story was fantastic so too are the characters – in fact it is the characterizations that make this book sing I adored heroine Josephine with her true to tween calculated coolness with her wonderful aubergine hat appropriately named Eggplant with her love of yogaorganichealth conscious living and her love for her parents I loved Thaddeus and his hilarious petulance and his ability to simultaneously seem much older and much younger than his age surely a byproduct of growing up as a genius with only an ancient automaton and a cat for company I loved the slick cool cat Felix with his 1930s gangster voice and Norman the robot with a penchant for modern television and film I even loved Fetid Stenchley and his Cynthia the snake that lives in the hump on his back and urges him to eat people – in a ‘I love you cuz you’re a great character way not in an I love you way While Fetid Stenchley may be the most villainous insane criminal of all time Mr Graves gives him deeper layers and even some sympathy When we learn about Cynthia and when we learn about why Fetid is the way he is it’s a sad thingI honestly can’t think of anything that I didn’t like about this wonderful book The Orphan of Awkward Falls is a fantastic middle grade novel that delivers both laughs and chills sure to be a hit for reluctant younger readers and seasoned older ones alike Absolutely recommended

summary The Orphan of Awkward Falls

summary The Orphan of Awkward Falls ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ↠ When thirteen year old Josephine moves to Awkward Falls she can't help but snoop around the dilapidated mansion next door Inevitably she is captured by the house s strange inhabitants an ancient automaton who serves as a butler a cat patched togetherUnately for Josephine and Thaddeus he s headed their way Can these unlikely friends stop Stenchley before it's too late With a penchant for spooky details surprising twists and haunting illustrations Keith Graves delivers a suspenseful and engaging first nove. Very silly cute and a little gross I loved the main character Josephine but wish there had been resolution for the robot

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Ew odd parts and most surprising of all a boy named Thaddeus Hibble Meanwhile Fetid Stenchley the most feared patient in the Asylum for the Dangerously Insane is on the loose after making a dramatic escape and there is only one thing on his mindrevenge Unfort. This was a strange and odd book but in a very good way Starting a not graphic novel with a short sketch of a gruesome murder is an interesting if a bit jarring way to open a book The style reminded me a bit of Roald Dahl mixed with The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster mixed again with The Order of the Odd Fish by James Kennedy A whimsical potentially scary but things eventually turn out fine though not necessarily happy in the end type of story The sketches were a bit jarring but I think that was the placement of them in the chapters rather than the actual illustrations I enjoyed them much when they told part of the story the prologue and epilogue It was interesting how all the threads were eventually explained even though the ending was a bit open Odd but enjoyableReviewed ARC