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Fallen AngelAlls 22000 miles to land in remote Siberia US Sgt Major Eric Moyer and his Special Ops unit are deployed to find Angel 12 and keep its advanced nuclear fuel from enemy hands and there are many A Russian shadow government bent on restoring the former U This one was a bit hard to follow on why moyer wanted to leave it to the russians and the jumping between families and groups such as the Data and Tess and Moyer It was just like the first 2 books Easy to read has a watered down gory section but nothing that is over the top I was shocked at the ending when both Moyer and Sha were injured and then both retired which I knew MOyer would retire but not Sha

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Major Jeff Struecker a real life Black Hawk Down veteran and his award winning coauthor tell a space based intelligence story of intense extremes in their new novel Fallen Angel named for the Angel 12 American satellite that is ambushed by China and f More like 35 stars A gripping tale of a fallen American satellite and the three way competition to recover or destroy it Well plotted and written Credit given to co author Alton GanskyI normally don’t read this type of book but aside from a somewhat clunky beginning this one grabs the reader and drags him or her through a complex tale some of which parallel today’s headlines First published in 2011 One of the competing elements is a Russian splinter group unhappy with the depths to which post Cold War Russia has fallen intend to re establish the Soviet Union Too bad that description just as easily describes the narcissistic tyrant who currently leads RussiaThe heroic action is leavened with enough human interplay and family connections to give depth to what is often non stop action and gore in this type of story Undoubted Christian faith among some—not all of the team—but no hard sell religion Interpersonal humor is well presented and appropriateAngel 12 the object of all this mayhem contains several technologies of interest One its imaging system is admitted from the first Second the nuclear power plant is admitted early in the story The third reveal is held until the last pagesuibble The only area in Russia this could have played out is not where the story implies The American team land on a Zodiac and travel inland in a FedEx truck uphill The Chinese team is inserted out the back door of an MD 90 which has suawked emergency and flown over a corner of Russia The Russians of course could come from anywhere The satellite was originally supposed to land in China according to the Chinese plans All of which does not add up to Siberia as the characters kept saying This is book three of the series but the satellite angle attracted my attention A serious reader of this genre will want to start with Certain Jeopardy the first in the seriesA good read

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Fallen Angel Book î 381 pages à Jeff struecker à Major Jeff Struecker a real life Black Hawk Down veteran and his award winning coauthor tell a space based intelligence story of intense extremes in their new novel Fallen Angel named for the Angel 12 American satellite that is ambushed by China and falls 22000 miles to landSSR pursues the satellite as does the Chinese special forces group that knocked it from the sky A rash of military and domestic hostage concerns ensues as the stark truth looms three nations are racing to the satellite but only one will get there firs The Unite States China and Russia are in race against time The prize for placing first is an American satellite that has crashed from space With the odds continually mounting against them US Sargent Major Eric Moyer must take his team into a country they are not supposed to be in With the clock ticking down and the two other nations closing in on their target Moyer has to make it there firstthe President won’t allow failureStarting this book is like sliding onto the back of a wild bronco—once the gate opens and the horse takes off all you can do is hold on for dear life Fallen Angel begins with an intriguing prologue and jumps right into a fast paced plot There are many characters in this book but I never had any problem setting them all straight Moyer’s special ops team—Rich JJ Jose and Crispin—were a hoot All of them I loved the banter that was constantly flying While the situation was always serious and often life threatening their jokes never stoppedI liked the two different views Fallen Angel gave Not only was a special ops mission shown in wonderful detail but also their family’s lives It was sobering and a bit sad when the men had to call their family and let them know they wouldn’t be home anytime soon I can’t imagine not knowing where your husband or father is but knowing that wherever they are they were doubtless in a very dangerous situationThis suspenseful read is perfect for men and women alike For those who prefer action and suspense over romance—this is the perfect book Romance is left out and intense action and thrills are put in their place I found it very difficult to put down The last hundred pages when everything escalades to an intense and heart stopping climax was awesome So many things are going on in different parts of the world But Jeff and Alton keep everything in order There is uite a bit of torture in this book so I wouldn’t recommend it to readers who are uneasy or ueasy with that I don’t especially like reading about torture but I did like the different angle the authors gave by showing it from a prisoner’s perspective Sometimes I don’t think we fully understand everything our soldiers do for this nation All in all if you are a suspense fan I don’t think you can go wrong by reading this book At first glance I thought it was some sci fi space adventure but it is FAR from that Wow Fallen Angel reminded me of the Discarded Hero series by Ronie Kendig but in its own special and uniue style I would definitely read the other books in this series and anything else this writing team comes out with Keep comin’ with the adventures Jeff and Alton