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Operation Family Secrets review ¿ 100 Ã Operation Family Secrets is the chilling true story of how the son of the most violent mobster in Chicago made the unprecedented decision to work with the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office to incriminate his own father and to help bring down the last great American crime syndicate—the one hundred yearOperation Family Secrets is the chilling true story of how the son of the most violent mobster in Chicago made the unprecedented decision to work with the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office to incriminate his own father and to help bring down the last great. I heard an interview with the author on NPR a while ago and decided I should read the book I wasn't disappointed at allThe author with help writes a clear clean description of what it was like to grow up with his father a made man in the Chicago Mob He shows how the different groups interact and how some people actually switch allegiances not always with retributionBut the best part is his own personal story Basically his father groomed him to join the ranks most of his life He started by picking up and counting uarters from peep show machines and then picking up insurance money from protected businesses He helped his father balance the books each week and began to accompany his father on larger assignments He never claims that his life is representative of mob life His father was a sociopath if not a psychopath and beat his children all the time Then he would turn around and give them small gifts or forgive them something that they were sure would land them in the grave He had a look that scared the heck out of both his family and his customers He was THE hit man for his branch and always made sure the job was done right He enticed his brother into joining also but we see from Frank Jr that Nick his uncle was never really comfortable with the roleServing time in prison with his father and other members of the gang Frank Jr decides to turn his father in He had been promised he would not serve his time in the same prison as his father but something went wrong and he was He knew his father who had sworn that he would go straight when he got out was still handling Mob business from inside Although he had kept thinking most of his life that his father WAS going to turn over a new leaf and become a real father he finally realized that was not going to happen and that he needed to do something that would keep his father in jail for the rest of his life So he turned He wore a wire for the FBI Eventually his uncle Nick did also The information from the 2 of them gave the FBI enough to solve several long ago murders as well as recent illegal activitiesIt's not a spoiler to say that Frank Jr and his uncle succeeded Nick however had to admit to his part in several murders and take the conseuences He did so willingly and served his time Actually he is due to get out in 2012Frank Jr has turned his life around and lives in Arizona with his family running a legitimate business He knows that he is constantly watched to see if he has returned to the life but he understands that's necessary because of his previous lifeAnd he doesn't really feel guilty about jailing his own father for life Read the book and you'll be glad

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Am All three sons forge a bond with their controlling father Frank Sr and their soft spoken favorite uncle Nick As a boy the oldest son Frank Jr realizes that his father and uncle are also “made” members of another close knit family the outfit     I. Oh wow what a great book My focus was to find a book on Frank Calabrese Sr so who better can tell a detailed story of it He has an ability to recall the past in high detail its pretty incredible and he only says what he knows or what is known as a fact Nothing in this book is a guess He covers the hits as best he could I read it in less than 48 hours

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Operation Family SecretsAmerican crime syndicate the one hundred year old Chicago OutfitThe Calabrese family of Chicago is a close knit middle class multi generational Italian Irish American clan They operate family businesses They work day and night striving for the American Dre. Frank Calabrese Jr one of the sons of infamous mobster Frank Calabrese Sr talks about life under his father and how both he his other son and his uncle got dragged into working in illegal mob activities thanks to fear physical violence and emotional intimidation on his father's part Frank Sr after a rebellious childhood went into making money via juice loans and extortion first on his own accord then the Outfit forced him to deal with them Though he was never made or even lived a wild lifestyle he became an unofficial tool of the Outfit even participating in murder and assassinations not only of criminals but sometimes innocent people as wellFrank Jr tried to rebel and go straight but his father was always stronger and even willing to kill his son for stepping out of line Finally father son and uncle got arrested and imprisoned and Frank Jr was contacted by the FBI to spy on and record his father's speeches and activities would he really do it and what would be the conseuencesFrank Jr tells his story matter of factly and tells of his emotions and feelings throughout all phases of his life as well as how his own father was such an excellent manipulator who made life difficult for everyone around him We also learn who certain mobsters such as the Spilotro brothers were killed as well as others such as John Fecarotta I knew his son briefly in high school There are plenty of other people with their own stories but this is definitely one to investigate