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mobi ✓ Under the Banner of Heaven ð Paperback ´ A Story of Violent FaithA multilayered bone chilling narrative of messianic delusion savage violence polygamy and unyielding faith This is vintage Krakauer an utterly compelling work of nonfiction that illuminates an otherwise confounding realm of human behaviorJon KrakaueN Krakauer’s literary reputation rests on insightful chronicles of lives conducted at the outer limits In Under The Banner of Heav This book makes a lot of big promises but it suffers from several serious flaws1 Lack of focus2 Too long3 Preposterous claim4 BoringThis is a true crime novel maybe set against the history of the Mormon Church but not really trying to tie in a couple of murders committed by a couple of sickos all too common into an historical and political climate of post terrorist millennial religious revival unsuccessfullyFor true crime it's shockingly dull and the crime is committed by the middle of the book but you already know it's going to happen because it's committed in the prologue too The characters aren't interesting their motivations are the ordinary motivations of religious sickos and the detail is presented tediouslyThe Mormon Church is presented as entirely to blame for the murderers' thoughts and the victims and for Elizabeth Smart's abduction and captivity It's crammed full of historical detail that might be interesting but it's presented in such a snide disrespectful tone that it's just a rip on the Church At one point the author grudgingly admits that Mormonism is no stranger or objectively odd than any other religion once you get right down to it but he nonetheless mocks it and its adherents He continually harps on its sexism as if every other religion in the Western World were a paragon of euality and political fairness Odder still is the fact that his murderers and enablers aren't even Mormon They invented a religion based on Mormonism but it's taken to such an extreme that the Mormon Church has disassociated itself with them and is cited freuently by the author as denying that what these guys practice is the same religionI made it to page 175 where the murders happened and then the book jumped to another overly detailed of the history of Joseph Smith and friends and I was only halfway through the book I guess the rest of it is how the Mormons got to Utah and the court case but considering everyone knew who committed the murder they'd told maybe ten people they were going to do it and they confessed immediately and you knew this already from the book there was no suspense about that The psychological profile of a religious killer is known already I can't imagine what you would need to keep writing aboutThere are also too many footnotes on diverse and vaguely interesting tidbits some of them half a page long It adds to the lack of focus It's just a scrambled book about a tragedy Everything seems to be coming up polygamy of late down to the HBO series Big Love So perhaps this was shocking and provocative and informative a few years ago but the fundamentalist polygamist sects are very much in the public consciousness now and this book doesn't give any new information What I found most interesting were the similarities to some of the characters in that television show to some of the fundamentalist profiles in the book None of them were similar to the point of being inspired by I don't think but things like the Romanian immigrant becoming a plural wife reminded me of Ana and the daughters of prophets all over the place reminded me of Nikki and the Mormon wives of Mormon men who adopt polygamy reminded me of Barb Of course this is in circumstance only Bill Paxton's family makes me wish I had a sister wife sometimes I'd certainly get a lot done

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A Story of Violent FaithA multilayered bone chilling narrative of messianic delusion savage violence polygamy and unyielding faith T I read this book for the book club at my local library Afterwards I felt indignant confused intrigued and disgusted about all forms of faith So I sincerely hoped that a Saint or two would show up at the book club meeting to nullify my extremely negative view of the church Alas no LDS believers showed so I am left to my own conclusions about the book and faith in general Here are some of my conclusions and uestions after reading this sprawling fascinating account of the history of polygamy and violence within the Church of Later Day SaintsThere is a certain appeal to having no choices Sometimes religion is comforting because obedience to a provided list of rules removes personal responsibility Strict adherence to a religion removes personal doubt When you believe so fully in a church you are no longer forced to uestion your own actions after all if you carefully follow the directions of your spiritual leaders you will gain your own paradise regardless of what your personal conscious says about right or wrong This leads me into my next point I will never be a Mormon for many reasons First in the Mormon faith if you realize the highest echelon of Mormonism you will get your own planet to run after you die If you're a man that is If you're a woman you can join your man on his planet if he invites you No no no Please I deserve my own planet Wives and children are property at least in the fundamentalists sects of Mormonism I am a person an event not chattel Second remind me to never join a religion that condones killing See blood atonement as typified in the Mountain Meadows Massacre Third I don't want to be a believer in a faith that tells me I have to earn love least of all God's We are all holy I think We all have goodness and grace within us no matter how many veils of earthly existence have descended Finally I will never follow a religion that doesn't encourage me to uestion everything Information and education are my life blood I must be able to use my brain to get closer to God Otherwise why the heck would she give it to me?So now that we have the comments specific to the Mormon faith out of the way let's move on to the uestions about faith in general I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is going through a personal crisis It will boil your blood and make you think What could you want? Here are my uestions1 Why does listening to the divine in each of us produce such different results? It can lead to peace and pacifism or killing Who is speaking? God or ego?2 Is all fundementalism mired in violence or do certain faiths promote it? 3 Does God always speak in King James' English? It seems so according to the Book of Mormon4 Would all religions seem this crazy if we were only 200 years out and had intimate dirty details of each guru's life?5 Is there anything inherently wrong with polygamy? Do we have a gene for monogomy? I don't care as long as no one gets hurt And marrying 13 year olds sometimes when they're your own daughter is inherently hurtful6 Is faith the opposite of reason? Is education the cure for religion?7Is religion a distraction from the humdrum of our everyday lives? Opposite of BuddhismOk y'all sorry about the long review But seriously read the book It's excellently chilling and will keep you up late at night writing your comments furiously on post it notes At least that's what it did to me

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Under the Banner of HeavenHis is vintage Krakauer an utterly compelling work of nonfiction that illuminates an otherwise confounding realm of human behaviorJo 40 to 45 stars For non fiction this book had me absolutely riveted from the very beginning This true crime narative has three main themes all of which I think Krakauer accomplishes extremely well First this is a true crime story of the brutal double murder of Brenda Lafferty and her 15 month old baby girl at the hands Ron and Dan Lafferty the older brothers of Brenda’s husband Second is a survey of the origin and early history of Mormonism and the basic doctrines of the Mormon faith Third the book details the deep divide and animosity between the Mormon church and the various fundamentalist Mormon sects including the one to which the murderers belonged These three story lines are not broken down into sections but are interwoven throughout the book However for simplicity I will address each separately THE MURDERSOn July 24 1984 Brenda and Eric Lafferty wife and daughter of Allen Lafferty were brutally murdered by Allen’s older brothers Ronald and Dan Lafferty The book begins with an account of the murders and several of the newspaper articles that covered it and then layers in the story of Ron and Dan and the events leading up to the killing throughout the rest of the book One uote from the book that still haunts me occurs in the first few pages when Dan describes the murder of his 15 months old niece He describes how he found his fifteen month old niece Erica standing in her crib smiling up at him ‘I spoke to her for a minute’ Lafferty recalls ‘I told her I’m not sure what this is all about but apparently it’s God’s will that you leave this world; perhaps we can talk about it later’ And then he ended her life with a ten inch boning knife For me as a father of two little girls this is one of the most disturbing passages I have ever read THE HISTORY OF MORMONISM The second component of the book is a fairly detailed overview of the founding and early history of the Mormon church I am not joking when I say that before I began reading this book almost everything I knew about the Mormon faith came from watching South Park I thought the early history of the church was fascinating especially the descriptions of the tension and actual armed conflicts between LDS supporters and 1 Missouri residents and militia in 1838 aka the Missouri Mormon War 2 the Illinois Militia in 1844 aka Illinois Mormon War and 3 the US Government in 1857 58 aka the Utah War For those not familiar with these conflicts or this period of American History I think you will find it very interesting FUNDAMENTALIST MORMONISMThe most compelling aspect of the book for me was the description of various fundamentalist Mormon sects including their basic beliefs and the amount of influence and control they maintain over their followers Krakauer goes on to describe the deep animosity that the fundamentalists have for the mainstream Mormon church and vice versa While there are many points of contention between the two the major theological difference is over polygamy which the fundamentalists believe is a sacred duty reuired by God He states in the Prologue of the book Mormon authorities treat the fundamentalists as they would a crazy uncle they try to keep the polygs hidden in the attic safely out of sight but the fundamentalists always seem to be sneaking out in public at inopportune moment to create unsavory scenes embarrassing the entire LDS clan Krakauer also describes how the fundamentalist Mormons view the US Government as Satan and believe that stealing from the government either in the form of educational grants for cities which they control or in the form of welfare for their numerous wives and children is their sacred duty He says “Fundamentalists call defrauding the government ‘bleeding the beast’ and regard it as a virtuous act” For example the largest fundamentalist sect is the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints also known as the United Effort Plan UEP At the time the book was written the UEP was run by Rulon T Jeffs aka Uncle Rulon out of the town of Colorado City AZ on the border between Arizona and Utah Colorado City has a population of about 5000 all of which belong to the UEP and the town gets between 4Millon and 6Million a year in public education funding and other grants The power base of the town stems from Uncle Rulon who had approximately 75 wives many as young as 13 14 and over 65 children BTW no member of the town is able to watch TV read a newspaper or have any interaction with the outside world FINAL THOUGHTSI thought this was a compelling read Krakauer does a great job of layering in a ton of interesting background while keeping the narrative of the events leading up the brutal murders moving forward I was impressed with how well Krakauer avoided letting the narrative get bogged down although that could just be my fascination with the subject matter HIGHLY RECOMMENDED