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Read Curse of the Elfs ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF î Can a delirious curse destroy the saintly elfin race Zolotan has ideas of his own and creates beings without souls for the sole purpose of doing his bidding His colleagues do not like the possibility of a wizard having an army of creatures at his command The head sorcerers judCan a delirious curse destroy the saintly elfin race Zolotan has ideas of his own and creates beings without souls for the sole purpose of doing his bidding His colleagues do not like the possibility of a wizard having an army of creatures at his command The head sorcerers judge the wavering wizard and their sentence is just The transgressor is to undo his madness by destroying all his creations immediately All seems right until he joins his creations and instead attacks the wizard stronghold After a magical battle that. ReadersFavoritecom Debra GaynorThis review is from Curse of the Elfs PaperbackI have read reviewed and enjoyed all of Anna del C Dye's books In my opinion this one far surpasses the rest Normally when I review a book I give a summary It is difficult to summarize Curse of The Elfs without giving too much away Curse of the Elfs is a love story The tale begins with the love of Lathenyl an elf and Katelynn a human Their love story is beautiful The plot moves forward twenty years; there is a curse upon the Elfs many are dying An old wizard told them to search for one who served royalty one that could reject them and could only heal them if he loved them Yasmeen and her father traveled the realm searching for the one that could heal the elfs Along their journey they meet Lath Sometime later Lath and Yasmeen are reunited Could Lath be the one Could their love survive mistrust and cultural differences What will lie ahead for Lath Will he find happiness Curse of the Elfs is an exuisite blend of romance and action The book reads a bit like a fairy tale I love fairy tales with a happy ending Lath is the Cinderella in this story Dye is a master at characterization This book is suitable for all ages The story is not filled with sensuality or with vulgarity Dye's stories do not need that sort of thing The plot is strong the characters are lovable and the settings are superb This book could have almost been two books We move from the romance of Lathenyl and Katelynn to the romance of Yasmeen and Lath I hope Dye writes a seuel I would like to take another moment to comment on Dye's writing skills Few can surpass her With each book she sets the bar higher I am always amazed that she finds another way to improve what I consider perfection She uses visually rich language The action scenes come alive on the pages without being revolting Dye gives just the right amount of detail without over doing it Excellent job

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Devastates the land surrounding the wizard community he is defeated However the old sorcerer's unrepentant deeds cause the wizard council to chastise him severely It is shortly afterwards that elfs cross paths with the dying wizard On his deathbed Zolotan asks the elfs for help He wants to be moved to a faraway land to heal but the unsuspecting elfs knew he wouldn't survive so they wait Losing patience in his delirium he curses them to a slow dead It is a threat the elfs never take seriously until a hundred years later. I love fantasy literature I love it when authors unapologetically create amazingly original worlds and invite us to escape to them for a while And this is just the sort of book I enjoy most with fully developed elf and mankind folklores peopled with intriguing characters with wonderful names It positively oozes romance between Lathanyl and Katelynn then Lath and Yasmeen all set in an ethereal utopia which I suspect is one big metaphorUnfortunately the language jarred somewhat for me The elfs I had always thought the plural was elves and so does my spellchecker sometimes spoke in an approximation of old English with the occasional thee thrown in apparently at random and phrases like Forget it not daughter but were also uite likely to say For starters and It's awesome I'd have liked it better if they could either speak consistently in old fashioned language or be entirely modern The book was also extremely dialogue heavy At times I wondered whether the author would be comfortable writing a screenplay since much of the action came through the speech There was some very poor editing with a summersault and undo attention surviving the cut and similar cringeworthy errors on almost every page Whoever edited this book they are being paid far too much for a job they really cannot doIt was a sweet story however with some interesting twists like killing off the narrator partway through and ultimately was very satisfying if predictable with an overall sense of wonderment and a beautifully created atmosphere of mystery and enchantment

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Curse of the ElfsWhen their people come down with a strange sickness they can't explain There is nothing they can do about it If they return to their motherland they might spread the curse to the rest of their race and have it disappear forever Their only glimmer of hope lies in a servant of kings who must learn to love the elfs before he will attempt to save them But no one elf or mankind has ever heard of this man Nor does anyone know where to find him Can the best healer in the land find this savior before their race is gone forever. I loved this book But it was not just the story that had me captivated it was the writing It was beautiful flawless and well crafted I was completely lost in the relationship of Lath's parents The story was eually wonderful with great imaginary and flow You fall in love with the characters and WILL NOT want the story to end I am grateful I had the chance to read this novel and can't wait to read from AnnaThank you Anna