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kindle ✓ Cat Coming Home ´ Paperback read ↠ shirley rousseau murphy ´ “That was no accident”Escaping Los Angeles and theugly memories of her son’s recentmurder Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of Molena Point with her orphaned grandson facing the upcoming Christmas holAt the small seaside village is being plagued by a series of brutal attacks on single women orthat the heartless fiend who shattered her world hasfollowed her hereFeline sleuth Joe Grey and his cat pals have a lot on their dish this holiday season and it overf Maybe I just don't like cats enough even cats that can talk? I wanted a light Christmas read but I had to drag myself through this Oh well Maybe I will find different feline detectives someday

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“That was no accident”Escaping Los Angeles and theugly memories of her son’s recentmurder Maudie Toola returns to her childhood home of Molena Point with her orphaned grandson facing the upcoming Christmas holiday with trepidation But she is not aware th CAT COMING HOME is an excellent addition to the mystery series featuring feline Joe Grey and his pals in a small town nestled among the hills next to the sea Molena Point California is home to a uniue breed of cat one that is capable of reading and speaking the human language Please don’t jump to the conclusion that this must then be some implausible cutesy tale of talking cats; it is not The ability of Joe Grey his lady love Dulcie and their young friend Kit to speak is kept private and hidden from all but a few chosen humans The cats choose to anonymously help the local police department using their uniue skills and instinctsThe Joe Grey series focuses on a different individual or family in Molena Point in each book However the community is still very much involved with their own set of skills Each entry can stand alone yet the reader’s enjoyment is so much richer when the books are read in seuence Even though this is 16th in the series none of the charm has been lost with longevity rather it has been enhanced as we watch how the people and cats interact and grow Maudie Toola has just returned to Molena Point along with her orphaned grandson Benny They are trying to start life anew following the horrible shooting deaths of Benny’s father and new stepmother It is almost Christmas but Molena Point is having trouble of its own isolated individuals are being attacked in their homes The lone women are then roughed up and their homes ransacked with the perpetrators fleeing just as uickly as they arrived With nothing of substance stolen Chief of Police Max Harper and his men can’t seem to get a handle on how to catch these criminals or get a clue on where they might strike next They have determined that the attackers plan a diversionary break in which captures the police’s attention while the invaders go on to attack their chosen victim Trying to cover the entire town for both possibilities is stretching the small police force very thin Joe Grey and Dulcie are as frustrated as the police After all how can two cats survey the entire town at once? Kit is helping but is distracted by a large yellow tomcat who seems to know about these crimes Could he be another speaking cat? Where did he come from and why is he here? Ryan Flannery is building a studio onto Maudie’s home where she can make her award winning uilts Ryan isn’t the only one worried about Maudie being alone with all those new windows through which she is so visible Maudie has a secret one that only reveals itself at sly moments when she thinks no one is looking Maudie and Benny both admit that they did not see the killer in those brief flashes of gunfire yet if the killer thinks otherwise he could have followed them from Los Angeles putting them at great risk Maudie is unclear who she can trust Her sister and nephews live just up the street but they haven’t offered any assistance or support Maudie has become fond of young teenager Lori who helps Ryan in construction Yet Lori’s father is in prison for murder and one of Maudie’s nephews has just stabbed him in jail Perhaps Lori is in just as much danger as MaudieWho is behind the vicious newspaper attacks against police chief Max Harper and the entire department? Ownership of the paper recently switched hands and what used to be news coverage has become twisted and opinionated uasi editorials Most residents read the paper and some actually believe the drivel printed every day Max needs to calm everyone down and prove he is still capable of doing his job There is a particularly amusing scene when Ryan sneaks Joe Grey into town hallShirley Rousseau Murphy’s writing has taken a step forward with her agility in twisting many storylines together Plot lines that seem unrelated come together effortlessly Mrs Murphy has a way of weaving all the events together with strings of friendship I suppose one of Maudie’s award winning uilts could represent the various factions and plot lines patched together so seamlessly I am certain that CAT COMING HOME will be an award winning addition to this heart warming series It absolutely deserves to be on everyone’s “TBR” piles this fall Just in time to celebrate the holidays along with Molena Point once Joe and pals help Max and his crew put the violence to rest Highly recommended

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Cat Coming HomeLows when an elderly wandering tomcat appears on the scene bearing an important message from a state prisoner for the chief of police But this lonely old cat also has a personal agenda as does Maudie Toola who knows than she’s telling about her son’s kille #16 Joe GreyDulcie Molena Point Northern California; fantastical cosyPI With a title like this and with such a cute Christmas y cover you'd expect the latest in Rousseau Murphy's long running series about the talking cats of Molena Point to be extremely sweet adorable in fact and possibly the stories reminiscent of the later cat who books simple sweet cute right?DON'T BE FOOLEDYes the time frame is just before Christmas and the setting is that impossibly beautiful nearly improbably nice small town in California Molena Point a peculiar place that's home to several cats with unusual talents But not only are the cats not sugary confections they're pretty much 'real cats' except for one special bit the town and its people are experiencing some pretty bad times This is a rather dark story with rapid pacing and rather frightening if you expected an extremely sweet cosy but her writing is so good it sweeps you alongA small boy lost his parents in an auto accident that appears to be tied to a murder plot He and his grandmother come to Molena Point to start a new life in this beautiful place but full review at Reviewing the Evidence