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review Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart

review Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook à Sarah MacLean is a rapidly rising historical romance superstar already rocketing to the stellar heights of Julia uinn and Suzanne Enoch She burst onto the New York Times bestseller list with her enchanting debut novel Nine When Romancing a Rake and with her third wonderful Regency Era romp Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart the divine Sarah solidifies her position as a romance writer to watchand to read The story of an impulsive and rebellio. I received this wonderful book as an ARC from NetgalleycomI adored this book I fell in love with Juliana in Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake and in Eleven Scandals the young woman she becomes does not disappointWhen we first met Juliana in Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake we met an impetuous unsure young lady who wasn’t sure she wanted a place in society Juliana was fantastic and passionate and so desperate to prove she didn't care what the ton thought of her But too bad she kind of did care Simon Duke of Disdain wanted nothing to do with Juliana and her scandalous behavior Everywhere Juliana went scandal seemed to followand Simon kept getting caught in the aftermath Poor duke with a pristine reputation felt he could ill afford to be associated with such a common girl sister of a maruess or not I loved when Juliana called him an ass in Italian but then repeated it for him in English The banter between the two was always engaging and well done Oh And we got to find out what it was Simon said to Juliana at the ball in Nine Rules that had her finally deciding on staying in England to prove how wrong everyone was about her I want this to be spoiler free so I can't go into much detail but I think the point when Simon finally realized that Juliana did not purposely create scandals just to irritate him really made me fall for him And the scene leading up to that epiphany Oh man I was soo furious for the St John family and for especially for Juliana Bravo for Simon checking up on Juliana after all that I think that is really where I began to want less of a putting Simon in his place and of a true romance between them Speaking of romance oh the romance in this book The magic that is Juliana and Simon had me frantically flipping pages to see how they would overcome their obstacles And the way that they did was so sweet and wonderful and I wanted to be Juliana so I could feel that way The Guy Fawkes day bonfire was so romantic andsad Yep I said sad I think that was where both Juliana and Simon realized they were not going to have their happy ending But the way Simon came back to Juliana was so wonderful and it broke my heart to see how the ball ended But their story amazes and enthralls and wraps the reader up and holds you until the end At that point I was so sad that the story was over I wish I could forget this book just so I could have the wonder and amazement of reading it for the first time again Sarah MacLean brings the magicSarah MacLean has created such a fabulous and vivid cast with her Love by Numbers series and I know I will re read this book many times In fact netgalley only lends the ARC out for 60 days and I’ve read it twice even though I have my own deadlines and other responsibilities

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Sarah MacLean is a rapidly rising historical romance superstar already rocketing to the stellar heights of Julia uinn and Suzanne Enoch She burst onto the New York Times bestseller list with her enchanting debut novel Nine Rules to Break. Beautiful Absolutely loved it This book has it all Two wonderful main characters a great story witty dialogue sensual and hot love scenes swoony and break my heart emotional moments and a beautiful happy ending A great storyRunning away from a drunken idiot trying to maul her Juliana tries to hide in a carriage But she is soon discovered not by the drunken idiot but by the Duke of Leighton aka The Duke of Disdain He thinks she's there to trap him in marriage and that only lessens his opinion of her Soon after Simon finds himself promising Ralston to look after Juliana in hope he might prevent her from starting any scandals That of course doesn't work Juliana issues a challenge 2 weeks in which she can show Simon that passion is important than reputation Who will win Two wonderful main charactersJuliana is fiery and temperamental she always says what's on her mind and doesn't follow etiuete that much Being the daughter of a woman who abandoned her and her brothers thus making the scandal of all scandals Juliana fears that she may be like her mother because she too although unwillingly causes heaps of scandal Simon is than ever forced to protect his reputation now that his sister is about to give birth and cause the scandal of the year He can't afford anything to blemish his status in society and that's why he must marry someone with impeccable reputation Someone that ISN'T Juliana If he could only convince himself of it He's drawn to her and her passion and although he wants to prove that life isn't all about having fun he finds he likes it especially if it involves Julianna's kisses Witty dialogueI just love SM's writing And this was just wonderful to read their banter and fights That's why I know I'll read everything this author publishes in the future No matter the story I know I'll enjoy the writing Sensual and hot love scenesThe chemistry between them was great even though there weren't that many love scenes they were still very hot and sparks were flying all over in this book Swoony and break my heart emotional momentsBest swoony scene was when Simon saves Juliana from the lake just lovely break my heart emotional oh there were a few of those but the one that most stuck to my mind was the one when view spoilerJuliana's mother returns hide spoiler

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Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's HeartUs English miss the source of endless society gossip with improper intentions towards a handsome British lord who abhors even the hint of scandal MacLean’s Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke’s Heart is a pure unadulterated deligh. FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED You are beautiful and brilliant and bold and so very passionate about life and love and those things that you believe in And you taught me that everything I believed everything I thought I wanted everything I had spent my life espousing all of itit is wrong I want your version of lifevivid and emotional and messy and wonderful and filled with happiness But I cannot have it without you I love you Juliana 5 scandalously shiny stars Scandalously entertaining Gloriously good Miss Juliana Fiori is in some serious trouble After leaving her sister in law's autumn ball in favor of the poorly lit gardens of Ralston House she is unintentionally running into a fat disgusting and drunken man She barely escapes and is hiding in a carriage Well our heroine is in for a bad surprise It's the Duke of Leighton's carriage He believes that Juliana wants to trap him in marriage The Duke of Disdain is enraged and is convinced that in a battle of reputation with Juliana he would most certainly win Ah yes Simon is such a prime example of an aristocratic British snob at least that's what Juliana is thinking Juliana is such an outspoken person cough The man was infuriating It is amazing indeed because I'm sure the seal on the outside of your carriage rivals your conceit in size I assure you Your Grace she spit the honorific as if it were an epithet if I were after a husband I would look for one who had to recommend him than a fancy title and a false sense of importanceJuliana lives for passion and she is convinced that Simon could do with a heavy dose of passion in all areas of his life Simon has a title a family a secret and a reputation to protect though and he thinks that he is far above such common desires And then Juliana is challenging him Let me show you that not even a frigid duke can live without heatSimon agrees and is giving Juliana two weeks to play her game of passionWow Ms MacLean can do no wrong Every single book I've read so far was a winner And Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart was mesmerizingly good too Compelling characters witty dialogue an interesting plot and some seriously hot and sensual smexy times make this book so delightfully intriguing If you haven't read her books then do yourself a favor and give this author a try She brings her stories and characters right into a reader's heartIt happens not all the time but the time was definitely right for another story featuring a very memorable heroine Juliana is bold brash feisty wild utterly adorable and oh so full of passion She is truly magnificent and shines throughout the whole story And Simonwell our hero is such a conceited and pompous asshat I really disliked him My oh my these two gave one another a piece of their minds Simon you are in for some serious trouble Ultimately Juliana brought the Duke of Disdain to his knees Irrevocably Oh I loved the way he fell for Juliana And he fell very hard grins Juliana the very beautiful heroine thoroughly ruined Simon's reputation This story was a pleasure to read from the very beginning and Simon and Juliana's HEA was a pure joy to witness Please Ms MacLean I want much What I dislikedI totally devoured this book however I have a minor complaint Simon was kinda exhausting I get it that he had to worry about his family especially his view spoilerpregnant sister hide spoiler