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The Mob is notorious for its cruel and immoral practices but its most successful members have always been extremely smart businessmen Now former mobster Louis Ferrante reveals its surprisingly effective management techniues and explains how to apply them legally to any legitimate business As an associate of the Gambino family Ferrante relied on his instincts to pull off some of the biggest heists in US history By the age of twenty one he had netted millions of dollars for his emplo. I won this book through Goodreads First ReadsWhen I first entered the giveaway for this book it was simply because it had something to do with the Mob I've been fascinated by La Cosa Nostra for uite a few years and I try to get my hands on pretty much anything that will enable me to learn about them That being said I don't think I really anticipated getting very much out of Mob Rules What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman However I was pleasantly surprised to find myself proven wrong Mob Rules is divided into three parts Lessons for a Soldier Employee Lessons for a Capo Middle Management and Lessons for a Don Boss; and each of these sections contains lessons that will help a person in their respective position With this book Louis Ferrante a former associate of the Gambino crime family attempts to show the reader that there are many principles of the Mob that can carry over into legitimate business practices I believe that he does an excellent job of showing this Ferrante uses real examples of Mob life to prove his points many of the stories being about himself And not only that but he applies world history to these practices also showing a precedence long before modern timesHowever it's not just the fact that Ferrante is able to support his ideas with evidence that makes this book and his advice great It's the fact that many of it can be applied to your everyday life I'm certainly not a businessman or businesswoman as it were but as I was reading this book I was able to see that many of the things Ferrante said could be applied to my life There are the general things of course like loyalty trust patience modesty hospitality and charity but there are also lessons like listening to every opinion and idea accepting anyone no matter their race or religion or sexual orientation watching what you say not holding grudges and realizing that everyone is important If you take the time to actually appreciate and cultivate these lessons in your everyday life you could better yourself And really who wouldn't want to do thatAs I was reading this I found myself very impressed by Louis Ferrante and wanting to learn about him From the get go when he tells a little of his story in the Preface I just knew he would be an interesting man and I loved and enjoyed his wit and humor throughout the book I admire his accomplishments as a writer considering the fact that the first time he picked up a book was when he went to prison in 1994 and I admire the fact that he has made a life for himself outside of crime and the Mob The stories he told about himself with some of the lessons continued to peak my interest so I sincerely look forward to reading Unlocked A Journey from Prison to ProustSo while I originally entered the giveaway for this book as a joke not expecting much from the book I am so glad that I read Mob Rules I believe it gives one a uniue perspective on life and business and everyone would benefit from reading it Favorite uotes I personally loved being a mobster It drove my whole being Today I love being a writer even a job where I can read and write every waking hour Force me to do something I don't like and I'm a lazy son of a bitchFerrante page 14 Some things never change for Italians their love of art architecture opera pasta and cutting people's balls off when they misbehaveFerrante page 40 Life is a bunch of decisions If your first bunch sucks and lands you in the shithouse start making new decisions until you've gathered up a fresh bunch that brings you to a brighter place All the mistakes you've made along the way weren't mistakes at all but experiences LessonsFerrante page 84 Great men accept responsibility for their own mistakes as well as the blunders that occur under their commandFerr

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Mob RulesYers His natural talent for management led Mafia bosses to rely on him After being arrested and serving an eight and a half year prison sentence Ferrante went straight He realized that the Mob's most valuable business lessons would allow him to survive and thrive in the real world Now he offers eighty eight time tested Mafia strategies including Go get your own coffee Respecting the chain of command without being a sucker The walls have ears Never bad mouth the boss Is this phone t. I will confess that I enjoyed this book much than I anticipated that I would It is likely not a book I would have bought myself though I do enjoy many businessleadership genre books but I did receive a copy through the Goodreads giveaways and thus read it The strength of this book is in the very refreshing take on business obviously from the perspective of an ex mobster The book sections itself in short 'lessons' gleaned from a life lived inside la costra nostra then reflected upon with a few years of jail time and produced with a turn to the straight life It provides many stories of first person second person and historical mob events that help shine light on the lesson as well as explain why this lesson was learned in the mob Thus many times the book reads like a history of the mob told as you sat for coffee with an ex wiseguy The book further provides other examples sometimes insightful and other times at somewhat of a stretch of historical events from ancient times to modern Finally the book is full of uotes that help to hammer the point being made At times the big is a little rough but really it would seen not very genuine when considering the writer spent most of his life in the mob and in jail and many times the weakest area of the book is that it is light on 'how' to do something eg one lesson is on the importance of developing your memory but yet there is not very much offered in how you accomplish this yet the entertainment value of the book sufficiently covers up this minor flaw Finally the lessons offered are many times things that you will find in other businessleadership type of books However Ferrante on several occasions will make you stop and reflect I think someone who has read many businessleadership books will enjoy this fresh take as well as anyone that finds entertainment in the mob life such as a rabid Soprano's fan

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Mob Rules Read & download ë 2 µ The Mob is notorious for its cruel and immoral practices but its most successful members have always been extremely smart businessmen Now former mobster Louis Ferrante reveals its surprisingly effective management techniues and explains how to apply them legally to any legitimate business As an associate of the Gambino Apped Watch what you say every day How to bury the hatchet but not in someone's head Don't split yourself in half The wrong decision is better than none at all Don't build Yankee stadium just supply the concrete Spotting new rackets Leave the gun take the cannolisand beware of hubris Ferrante brings his real life experiences to the book offering fascinating advice that really works and sharing behind the scenes episodes almost as outrageous as those occurring on Wall Street every d. Louis Ferrante is a former member of the mob He read a book for the first time when he was in prison and eventually got himself out Mob Rules is a book with a slew of rules that apply both to the mob and the business man The concept was interesting but I thought his writing was too formulaic He said he taught himself the art of writing By constantly reading he taught himself how to write Writers are artists but Ferrante's writing wasn't art It is all relative I suppose Many of the rules are common senselike getting it right ahead of time duh accompanied with a mob story with maybe a uote or two While some of the stories were interesting at times I just wanted to put the book down and not pick it up again Ferrante comes across as cocky and occasionally annoying I'd recommend maybe reading a rule or two at a time instead of reading it in a couple of sittings like I did Maybe I would have liked it better if I had read it that waymaybe not I received my copy of this book through first reads Initially excited about this book overall I was disappointed