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Climate Change Denial Read & download Ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook î Humans have always used denial When we are afraid guilty confused or when something interferes with our self image we tend to deny it Yet denial is a delusion When it impacts on the health of oneself or society or the world it becomes a pathology Climate L arguments from attacks on the integrity of scientists to impossible expectations of proof and certainty to the cherry picking of data Climate change can be solved but only when we cease to deny that it exists This book shows how we can break through denial accept reality and thus solve the climate crisis It will engage scientists university students climate change activists as well as the general public seeking to roll back denial and act. This provides a good overview of the arguments against the acceptance of the reality of anthropogenic climate change and the science behind it The book also strongly advocates individual and community action which is fine Some of the philosophy of science in the first chapter is oddly probabilistic particular in the context of historical sciences of which geology is certainly one Those are some of the weaker arguments There also appear to be some unusual forays into social philosophy in latter chapters including a peculiar straw man argument about postmodernism not providing an appropriate philosophical framework for recognizing and fighting climate change No one who knows anything about postmodernism which essentially rejects any form of objective truth would seriously argue that it can help address issues whose entire basis is in objective observable empirical truth The book does offer some of the most common sense and practical prescriptions I've seen for dealing with this crisis Its greatest failing is one that its authors are uick to recognize the people who really need to read and understand it are the ones least likely to do so conservatives who have convinced themselves that anthropogenic climate change is a hoax or a greatly exaggerated issue and who live in an echo chamber designed to support and nurture those false beliefs

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Humans have always used denial When we are afraid guilty confused or when something interferes with our self image we tend to deny it Yet denial is a delusion When it impacts on the health of oneself or society or the world it becomes a pathology Climate change denial is such a case Paradoxically as the climate science has become certain denial about the issue has increased The paradox lies in the denial There is a denial industry funded by. Worth reading just for the criticism of post modernism a philosophy that points out the problems with modernism but fails to offer any solutions In fact post modernism makes the problems of denial worse since it fails to give the tools to cut through self deception and instead tends to promote the specialness of a particular individuals narrative But the book really isn't about postmodernism and focuses on the larger societal issues surrounding the discourse and politics of climate science There are lots of references including to competing views and a fairly comprehensive analysis of the major themes at play The book falls down in its use of overly dogmatic language just a tinge of irony there The authors could have augmented a work on denial by examining their own thought processes and types of ideas in the intellectual malaise of climate science denial that they find difficult to cognitively represent and further what that means The truth isn't always at one of the extremes of one ideology or another and it is even rarely in between so it really is an interesting uestion why we find so many different thoughts difficult to comprehend Nonetheless criticisms aside Washington Cook have given us an important and fairly robust book on what will become the defining political issue of the coming century It is well worth reading no matter what position you hold on environmental issues and is of general interest to anybody wanting to understand environmental governance issues

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Climate Change DenialThe fossil fuel companies that literally denies the science and seeks to confuse the public There is denial within governments where spin doctors use 'weasel words' to pretend they are taking action However there is also denial within most of us the citizenry We let denial prosper and we resist the scienceClimate Change Denial explains the social science behind denial It contains a detailed examination of the principal climate change denia. John Cook and Haydn Washington give a fleshed out overview of climate science and why people deny it The core arguments of this book remain relevant even though it was published in 2011 It's well sourced and presents its arguments in a sound fashionThe book starts off by describing the distinction between skepticism and the psychological process of denial and how it may impede on one's assumptions Then it moves on to communicating what the greenhouse effect is and how science knows climate change is happening and the common tactics that denialists use why they do it how we let it prosper and what we can do about climate change I felt it ends with a positive but stern messageI'm also going to mention one of the most helpful things I found in this book which was an identification of the five common types of climate change denial arguments1 Conspiracy theories;2 Fake experts;3 Impossible expectations;4 Misrepresentations and logical fallacies; and5 Cherry pickingI've seen many deniers use these tactics on the internet and I think it's worthy of mention as I'm sure many people have also seen such tactics Overall this is a well rounded book