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read & download Ê eBook or Kindle ePUB ß Walter Isaacson честная и непредвзятая В 2011 году права на экранизацию абсолютного бестселлера Айзексона приобрела компания Sony PicturesВ основу книги Уолтера Айзексона Стив Джобс легли беседы с самим Стивом Джобсом а также с его родственниками друзьями врагами соперниками и коллегами Джобс никак не контролировал автора. Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson From the author of the bestselling biographies of Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein this is the exclusive New York Times bestselling biography of Apple co founder Steve JobsI wish I had written their biography myself he was a myth maybe then I could mix my words with the scent of Roses and mix them with the sound of nightingales so that they would always be fragrant and audibleتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز یازدهم ماه سپتامبر سال 2016میلادیعنوان استیو جابز زندگینامه استیو جابز موسس و مدیرعامل شرکت اپل؛ نویسنده والتر ایساکسون؛ مترجم مهدی پاکنهاد؛ تهران، ستایش، 1390، در 703ص؛ شابک 9786005184419؛ موضوع سرگذشتنامه استیو جابز از سال 1955میلادی تا سال 2011م سده 21ماین دل میخواست، کاش سرگذشتنامه ی ایشان را، خود مینوشتم؛ اسطوره بودند، شاید آنگاه واژه هایم را میتوانستم، با عطر گلهای سرخ نیز بیامیزم، و آنها را با آوای بلبل نیز آجین میکردم، تا همیشه خوشبوی و شنیدنی باشند، از نخستین سالهای دهه ی 1980میلادی، با نمونه کارهای سخت افزار، و سیستم عامل ایشان، برای نخستین کامپیوترهای شخصی، یا همان پرسنل کامپیوتر «اپل مکینتاش»، و نرم افزارهای طراحی شده ی ایشان، آشنا بودم؛ از همان روز نخست آشنایی، نیز برایم آسمانی بودند، آسمانی آسمانی؛ همیشه در خیالم بالای ابرهای پنبه عسلی بنشسته اند، و مردمان را از آن بالا مینگرند؛ روانشان همیشه و هماره شادمان و خوشبوتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 15061399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Steve Jobs review Ý eBook or Kindle ePUB à Эту книгу журналисту Уолтеру Айзексону предложил написать сам Стив Джобс когда ему уже был известен страшный диагноз Биография отца цифровой революции была созд Он откровенно отвечал на все вопросы и ждал такой же честности от остальных Это рассказ о жизни полной падений и взлетов о сильном человеке и талантливом бизнесмене который одним из первых понял чтобы добиться успеха в XXI веке нужно соединить креативность и технологии Книга вышла в США в октябре 2011 года. Never expected to find this much enjoyment reading a biography Isaacson has truly done a wonderful job with this book For those who are too busy to read the entire book please try to grab a uick read of the last two chapters of the book at a book store or airport or someplace These chapters are a concise summary of the entire book as well as the thesis Isaacson builds up to throughout the book Besides it will probably make you buy and read the whole thing anywayTo call this man a Great Marketer is probably a great disservice to him and Steve would probably have had a fit about that I used to think of him as an epitome of modern marketing as well but he would probably classify marketing as 'evil' in his radar He hated the idea of any company focusing on marketing and emphatically states that is the whole problem with most companies today This is probably a difficult idea to get to grips with but is essential tooI hope every Management Guru and CEO is studying this book and drawing the right lessons We could truly be in a better world if they do Just to clarify I am not a fanboy of all apple products though I am sure the Mac is the best tech device till date but I do I fall on the android side of the fence But Jobs' philosophy on running companies and driving innovation is the best in the modern age and should be copied shamelessly if not their product features I am looking at you Samsung

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Steve JobsЭту книгу журналисту Уолтеру Айзексону предложил написать сам Стив Джобс когда ему уже был известен страшный диагноз Биография отца цифровой революции была создана при его непосредственном участии однако от какого либо контроля за содержанием Джобс уклонился в результате книга получилась предельно. Update This is a very interesting view of Steve Jobs by the mother of his daughter Lisa although he denied he was her father despite paternity tests and his childhood sweetheart She doesn't think the film goes far enough in depicting his character truthfully I am sure that what she writes in her book The Bite in the Apple A Memoir of My Life with Steve Jobs is absolutely true Apple's lawyers would sue her out of all existence if there was even a word that they could latch onto But still her feelings and opinions are her ownThis is a fantastically well written and exhaustive biography of a brilliant if flawed man with no holds barred Jobs great achievement was to marry an uncompromisingly zen creativity to electronically advanced products when all around built boxes The art of form following function taken to its extreme where even the innards are as beautiful as the case has an authenticity that appeals to all even those who won't pay for an Apple productThey say that when you are dying you regret not what you did but what you didn't do Jobs scarcely regretted a thing his ego was so vast he could hardly contemplate that he might actually have been wrong and since a young age he only ever did what he wanted and could not be swayed or persuaded by anyone else to even do something as small as hold his acerbic tongue I was once an electronics designer I made uite a lot of money and essentially retired at 25 Sir Alan Sugar the originator of The Apprentice and a friend and business acuaintance asked me to come to work for him as his personal assistant I didn't I decided to sail around the world instead More fool me The book made me wish and not for the first time and not because I am now uite poor all booksellers are except the crew that I hadn't left electronics because my head is again full of ideas and that is where they will have to stay So I have regrets even nowI took the road less travelled and it turned out to end up in a tropical mangrove swamp where I sit pleasantly bogged down Jobs took the highway the one with a good surface and plenty of signs He overtook everyone and reached his destination of unualified success excellence money and credibility in a very short time and the world would be a lot poorer without him RIP Steve You were a true artist and visionaryI haven't got a Mac myself Because as the advert said I'm just not cool enoughEdit May 2014 I went to dinner on a 93' yacht with a chef hostess and a couple of crew and the captain gave me an iPad for a present He said it was only a first gen one and I was too cool not to have a Mac This is true ; I did't see the captain for about three or four months We were in the same marina bar He asked me how I liked the ipad and I said great and went to get it out of my bag It was gone Someone had stolen it from my bag within the last ten minutes I'd only been there that long But who in a crowd how can you tell I have a really cheap under 100 Chinese tablet now It does everything that the ipad did but it isn't thin and cool But then neither am I Finished March 1 2012