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SUMMARY ↠ Breaking the Code ✓ On his 81st birthday without explanation Karen Alaniz's father placed two weathered notebooks on her lap Inside were than 400 pages of letters he'd written to his parents during WWII She began reading them and the she read the she discovered about the man she never knew and the secret role he played in WWIIThey began toOn his 81st birthday without explanation Karen Alaniz's father placed two weathered notebooks on her lap Inside were than 400 pages of letters he'd written to his parents during WWII She began reading them and the she read the she discover. I saw this book on the GR First Reads giveways and was instantly intrigued and signed up for it And then the next day I was at the library and it was sitting there prominently displayed So I got it and I'm glad I did I would still love to own a copy of this bookIt's a much easier read than I was expecting and still really interesting as the story progresses And it's a TRUE story which makes it all that interestingThe author Karen tells the story of how she learned about her father's contributions during World War II Growing up she had known he was in the war but didn't know much about what he did and was often too busy with her own life to really care to listen As her father ages he begins having night terrors and showing signs of PTSD and she begins to uestion what may have happened to him during the war To answer her uestions rather than talk to her about it which he is very uncomfortable doing at first he gives her a big stack of letters that he had written to his mother while he was in the serviceThat's the best part of this book reading the letters first hand and seeing the photographs he sent along with them And it's especially interesting when we learn about his story and see which parts of it he wrote about in his letters and which parts he never mentions at all It was also interesting to see how the military guys were able to turn a war situation into something tolerable with their little games friendships and outingsI also learned a lot about how the war affected normal people at the time Tales of rationing of women drawing seams on their legs with eyeliner because the panty hose that were in style were extremely difficult to find of how the mail worked of how people kept themselves busy until their sons brothers and fathers came homeOverall it was a uick and informative read It's not the best written stuff but then when he was writing the letters he wasn't intending them for a public audience And Karen isn't really an author she's just a daughter who wanted to get to know her father better and was really amazed by what she learned I'm glad they decided to share this story with the world


Er began to suffer making their meetings as much about healing as discovery Thus began an unintended journey one taken by a father and daughter who thought they knew each other as they became newly bound in ways that transcended age and ti. This is a Reading Good Books reviewI’ve always loved reading stories about war may they be from history books or personal memoirs Two of my favorite books ever are from the military non fiction genre We often see it on the news; we see the boots on the ground as one “force” But each member of that team has his own story to tell Stories of survival brotherhood strength and braveryBreaking the Code is a journey A journey of a father and a daughter through memories On his 81st birthday Murray Fisher gives his youngest daughter Karen the author notebooks filled with his letters from World War II Karen grew up hearing her father’s stories over and over until she outgrew his tales of conflict and combat As she began reading through and transcribing these letters she realizes there was to her father’s storiesIt started out as a trip down memory lane As Karen reads her father’s letters it paints a picture of his time in the Navy She remembers her stories but together with the letters she begins to appreciate them Then it becomes of Karen’s journey of discovery What really happened out there What are the things her father hasn’t told her What is the story behind the storyIt would have been great to see some of his family’s letters to him One of the most touching parts was where Karen realized why her grandmother kept all of Murray’s letters in an album It could be her last correspondence with her son What did she write to her son You can tell so much in what a person writes the tone the feelingIt was very well written And honest I loved that the most about this book There were so much emotion And you can tell that there is a lot of love in these pages It is not just a war memoir it is a personal family historyRating 45Recommendation It is a deeply touching journey of a father and daughter If you know someone who has been through a war – WWII Vietnam Afghanistan Ira etc – this will definitely hit close to homePS My grandfather was in the Philippine Navy Although he did not see much combat he had his stories As a kid I thought his travels were great adventures FUN times But as I grew older I realized what a war is and how it affects not only the boots on the ground but the families the men and women leave behind I also realized that he was sugarcoating some parts of his stories for my young ears My grandfather didn’t have letters but his stories live on in my memories It means a lot to me that I post this today because exactly one year ago he passed away He is sorely missed and will never ever be forgotten

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Breaking the CodeEd about the man she never knew and the secret role he played in WWIIThey began to meet for lunch every week for her to ask him uestions and him to provide the answers And with painful memories now at the forefront of his thoughts her fath. Why was her father suffering from PTSD if he only had a desk job during WWII Daughter Karen forges a closer relationship with her reticent father through pushing him to tell stories about his service in WWII Somewhat slow but well written and beautifully done with personal WWII photos and scans of letters postcards documents and bits of ephemera Readers will live through Karen’s journey of discovery hoping to find a happy ending for her father