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Download Bride By Mistake Book ç 309 pages À Anne gracie ↠ Eight years ago Lieutentant Luke Ripton made a hasty wartime marriage in name only to protect a young girl from a forced union and left her protected in a remote mountain convent Now Luke is Lord Ripton but he has been unable to obtain an annullment WhicBut to claim a wife he doesn't wantFor nearly a decade Isabella has waited like a princess locked in a tower dreaming of her handsome dark haired prince Her dreams are shattered when Luke reveals himself not as a prince but an autocratic soldier expecting her unuestioning ob At one point in my HR reading life I would actively seek out new Anne Gracie novels I remember for example reading her Perfect series and especially liking the first one THE PERFECT RAKEBut since then they're a bit been there done that plotwise and even that would be OK in a Regency romance because what really happened during that period in English history except for war with the French and apparently really handsome young dukes falling in love with really beautiful upper or even lower class women? So the trick of writing a good Regency HR is in the romance and character developmentAt least Gracie has given us a baron not a duke as hero Guess the ton ran out of unmarried dukes And the heroine is Spanish and attractive rather than beautiful And the story takes place in Spain So there we have a bit of deviation from the usual setting and characters And how often does a heroine in an HR have churros with chocolate for breakfast?Unfortunately this difference is not put to good use The story romance and character development is not very good Everybody is cookie cutter Our baron is a whiny petulant jerk the heroine is immature silly and thoughtless Lust is the only attraction I could find between the two Who could love either one of them? How could they love each other? And the secondary characters are no better They're cartoonish in their characterization Baddies and good folk alike fall on their faces in their flatnessIMO the love story is unbelievable and the mystery about spies is weak and somewhat silly Really only a good read for a diehard Gracie fan and even at that it's not worth purchasing That's what libraries are for

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Edience which is something Isabella's fiercely independent nature will not tolerateAnd while Luke and Isabella's fiery personalities clash at every turn they remain bound to their vows never expecting that the passionate fury they share could become passion of a different kin Endearing pair of characters lovely change of pace with the Spain setting it felt very steeped with history and such vivid descriptions of the landscape factions and impact of war The gypsy dance was intense and almost a visual it was so vividly described This book had so many detailed accounts of food and delicacies that I was constantly feeling hungry for things I couldn't have while reading in the am hoursI also liked the portrayal of all the side characters who somehow did not seem one dimensional It started a bit slowlycheesily but it was well worth the time Only complaint I have is that the ending was a wee bit pat I mean seriously did we have to tie everything up so very neatly? Things from the past were dredged up and placed in the most unlikely proximity for the most fake overly convenient denouement possible The author ripped out curved seams forcibly restitched them straight double stitched for strength zig zagged and overlocked the edges Talk about overkill Not everything needs to be that neatly aligned the whole castle seuence could have been skipped and the book stronger for it She even got rid of his traumatic past token reminder Smh Still a fun read And I enjoyed how much time they spent together with no interruptions from outside forces or persons It remained engaging and entertaining throughout Even with its unscheduled stop at Crazytown Station

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Bride By MistakeEight years ago Lieutentant Luke Ripton made a hasty wartime marriage in name only to protect a young girl from a forced union and left her protected in a remote mountain convent Now Luke is Lord Ripton but he has been unable to obtain an annullment Which leaves him no choice Very good book Luke married Isabella when she was thirteen to protect her from her cousin who wanted to marry her for her fortune It was the middle of a war so he took her to her aunt who was a nun intending to get the marriage annulled when the war was over When he finally got around to it he found out that it could not be annulled so he returned to Spain to claim her He didn't want to be married but figured he'd deal with it Having been raised in the convent he expected a uiet obedient girl who would be no bother Isabella had been left at the convent for eight years part of that time during the war She had been raised almost like a boy by her father so she was intelligent and independent She had also been waiting for Luke to come for her dreaming of the time she would be his wife for real She was devastated by his attitude when he did arrive She stood up to him insisting she wanted to return to her old home to check on her half sister When Luke refused she sneaked away intending to go on her own When he followed her they ended up doing as she wanted As they made their trek Luke was drawn to Isabella in a way he didn't expect He found himself wanting to be nice to her and to take care of her But he is tortured by memories of his wartime experiences in Spain memories that make him feel unsuitable to be anyone's husband I loved Isabella's independence Her escape from Luke to go find her sisters was hysterical I loved the way she turned the tables on him I also liked her realistic attitudes She had accepted Luke's statement about not loving anyone and decided she would make the best of her new life after she was done in Spain I liked the way that she could see Luke's pain and wanted to help him deal with it She wasn't whiny or obnoxious she was simply determined Her method of dealing with his shirt was clever and it worked I enjoyed the way they worked together to deal with her sister's situation and again when they met up with Luke's nemesis The conclusion was great and I loved the events leading up to his sister's ball