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Read & download ☆ The Pledge 102 ✓ In the violent country of Ludania the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak The smallest transgression like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking their native tongue results in immediate execution Seventeen year old Charlaina has always been able to understand Sses and she's spent her life trying to hide her secret The only place she can really be free is the drug fueled underground clubs where people go to shake off the oppressive rules of the world they live in It's there that she meets a beautiful and mysterious boy named Max who speaks a language she's never heard before and her secret. This had so much potential Kimberly Derting had the right idea came up with some nice details to her dystopian society she had everything she needed to make a great story And then it all went downhill in this jumble of cliches and boring storytelling that came together in one snooze festival in which you're left as that one bored person wondering what the hell are you going to eat for dinner tonight since you haven't gone grocery shopping ever since Jesus died the second time So the story of The Pledge takes place in a war torn country in which each class is segregated by the language they speak; each class has its own language and the higher you are on the hierarchy of Ludania some crazed medieval matriarchal society that is supposedly in a futuristic US the the people beneath you on it can't look you in the eye Or else Sabara the ueen rules the whole ueendom yes Derting we see what you did there with cruelty rigidity and um dark magic Anyway in the midst of all this mess lies this very dull girl with a very special gift yep another one of those They should all start a club or something Now don't get me wrong I didn't buy this book because I wanted to read it for the shits and giggles Neither did I buy it for it's uber gorgeous cover although that was a contributing factor I mean come on am I right But my point is I thought this here was going to be good As the linguistic enthusiast that I sometimes am I thought the concept of different classes speaking different languages and this one girl who understood them all was a really good idea And it would've been had Derting totally not messed this one up All the stereotypes pretentious writing laced with bits of awkward out of place slang here and there and cliches than any movie of Adam Sandler to ever be released is able to contain contribute to make The Pledge a terribly slow train wreck happening in front of you right now and yet you can't seem to stop glaring at it disapprovingly while you wonder how was it that it went wrong Basically what happens is the following ueen Sabara Omfg I'm a total bitch see how I'm a total bitch since I just sucked the soul out of a six year old Do you Charlie Oh noes none of us can look up when the rich people are talking Sometimes people get hanged because they do it This place is awful Brook Let's go to a club I know this is practically a dictatorship and we're minors and we could both get killed for this but omfg let's go to a club Charlie Ew ok Max Hey there hot stuff Charlie electrical currents coursing through body O M G Max Yeah I know I'm hot and mysterious Meanwhile ueen Sabara This is tedious Kill all the servants I am mean Charlie thinks about Max gets wet Max stalks Hey I'm not stalking you or anything I'm just really hot and really mysterious Charlie wet Charlie WAIT YOU LIED TO ME OMFG U SUCK Max I'm really mysterious though And also really hot Charlie wet ueen Kill all these bastards I wish for it to be done and so it shall be; for I am the ueen and I'm mean Charlie stands there ueen Sabara dies Charlie I live in this huge castle; I abolished some terrible laws; I have a hot boyfriend All of this sucks though because I get so many freaking nightmares And the worst is I'm not even kidding Oh wait it gets worse than that forgive me the sole reason why this book came to be is because Derting interviewed this woman who was a child during the holocaust So yeah all the historically inspired plot that you see in this book Totes like the holocaust You guys it doesn't get any better than that Seriously I gave this book two stars because sometimes it gave me slivers of hope Sometimes But hope doesn't make for good plot and great characters so unfortunately The Pledge will forever be a huge disappointment to me seeing as how I love the Body Finder series Sigh Oh well

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Is almost exposedCharlie is intensely attracted to Max even though she can't be sure where his real loyalties lie As the emergency drills give way to real crisis and the violence escalates it becomes clear that Charlie is the key to something much bigger her country's only chance for freedom from the terrible power of a deadly regim. The YA books I see being released amidst the continuing dystopia trend a fad that seems to have a lot mileage than I originally anticipated although the sales figures are a mixed bag the I find myself uestioning what makes a book dystopian With “The Body Finder” author Kimberly Derting's latest the first in a planned trilogy I hesitate to call it for lack of a better term pure dystopian since it mixes fantastical elements into the story This discussion aside what elements that the book uses that are clearly in a dystopian vein are unsuccessful The setting the country of Ludania is freuently described in terms of its oppressiveness and constant threat of danger but neither of these things were shown on the page For a supposedly highly guarded society there was a lot of freedom allotted to its residents There seemed to be no real adult supervision of the secret club visiting teenagers except for a few guards now and then but when one of the characters is described as using heavily guarded security check points as an opportunity to practice her flirting techniues it sort of detracts from the sense of fear and urgency This is an issue I've had with a few dystopian YA novels in recent times We're freuently told of the dangers and need for constant vigilance but what we are presented with is a series of plot convenient instances and loopholes that detract from the atmosphere needed to create a truly tense story A strong sense of urgency and fear is a must for dystopian set stories in my opinion On top of all this Derting includes a fantasy oriented element that is the driving force behind the central premise of the story Charlie can understand every language a dangerous skill in a world where social groups are broken up by which language they speak As a student of semi dead languages this premise was a potential gold mine for me and I think there is a genuinely interesting world to be built from the idea of using language as a device of socio political matters Unfortunately this book isn't it The strong idea is never fully built upon a matter made all the frustrating thanks to the complete lack of detail given when it is used The book was a step away from saying “It's magic we don't have to explain it” which is never a good answer The characters are as shallow as the plot in particular the heroine Charlie and the first designated love interest Max there are at least 3 men in the story who I thought could be potential love interests because they are constantly described by way of their handsome looks and enticing aura by Charlie She may have claimed that her friend Brooklynn was the boy crazy one but she seemed just as single minded Neither rises beyond the stock YA romance traits with Charlie's passiveness being extremely grating but not as much as Max's freuently rude condescending and smug behaviour being written off as okay because he's so enamoured with a girl he's known for barely a few weeks – the book has a very short time line – and makes her so weak at the knees I'm surprised she could perform basic human functions It's yet another YA where the breeding pair fall into the typical gender roles Maybe it's because I'm jaded and I've been reviewing these sorts of books for what feels like an era but when the romantic hero who has only personally known the heroine for a couple of weeks there are references that he's had his 'protective' eye on her for longer and he says “All I want is to keep you safe it's all I've ever wanted” alarm bells go off in my head His case isn't helped by his freuent grabbing of Charlie as if he's allowed to do this because we all know they're going to end up together “The Pledge” is a slow mediocre book that shows a glimmer of promise for the rest of the series in the final few pages but it's not enough for me to feign further interest To see such potential wasted is a disappointment made all the worse by the continuing trend for the sort of romances that make me want to pull my hair out While the prose itself is serviceable the constant switching of narratives from Charlie's 1st person to several characters's 3rd person points of view felt unnecessary given the lack of distinguishing features given to them My biggest issue with the book is that it's so shallow Nothing is given the depth reuired to make the story fully engaging – the world building is slack the characters are stock the romance is tired and predictable and the much needed tension is nowhere to be seen 25

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The PledgeIn the violent country of Ludania the classes are strictly divided by the language they speak The smallest transgression like looking a member of a higher class in the eye while they are speaking their native tongue results in immediate execution Seventeen year old Charlaina has always been able to understand the languages of all cla. Kimberly Derting's The Pledge has a lot going for it it has an interesting and original concept fascinating albeit mostly lacking world building great writing that allows the novel to flow easily and makes for a uick read some interesting relationship dynamics and an explosive ending making way for an interesting seuel However that being said The Pledge also has a lot that is not going for it most prominently the characterization the predictability of the plot and last but certainly not least the romance each of which I guess you could say I deducted about a star or so for The characterization in The Pledge much like the world building is lacking for the most part We're never really given any depth into who the characters are and what they're like and because of that I never cared much for the characters and their struggles Each character was just their own little cardboard cutout there's Charlie the protagonist who is special and doesn't realize her beauty and power; there's Brooklynn the sexually promiscuous incredibly gorgeous and rebellious best friend whom our protagonist lives her sexual and really any other life through; there's Angelina the protagonist's cute innocent and loyal younger sister who doesn't speak considering I just finished Delirium and it was fresh in my mind that direct comparison was a bit too much to get over at first; and lastly Max the mysterious love interest to Charlie who has secrets and is broody and overall just a 'meh' at best characterThe predictability of The Pledge's plot wasn't as big as an issue for me as I expected it to be because while I did have most of the story and plot twists sorted out by the very beginning though there were one or two twists to surprise me it wasn't as detractive of an element to my enjoyment in The Pledge as the characterization or lack thereof or the romance which I will get to next were While the predictability of the central plot in The Pledge was not a huge issue for me as I still enjoyed the story it was a bit frustrating at times and I would have liked the plot to have taken surprising turns so the least I could do was detract5 stars from my final rating for that The romance in The Pledge is without a doubt the most detractive element to my enjoyment overall The romance between Max and Charlie was as rapidly escalating as unfortunately most romances in YA as of late Max is immediately 'intrigued by' come on I couldn't have been the only one who found it creepy when he said that Charlie and the same goes for Charlie towards Max Soon after they say a few words to each other a few people A few Charlie finds she can't take her mind off of Max and even thinks He frightened me just as much as he intrigued me It seems that comments exactly like that or at least similar to that have been running rampant in young adult novels lately and I really wish for it to stop Whatever anyone may think saying that the love interest frightens the protagonist as much as he intrigues her is not going to sell your romance nor does saying that the protagonist could 'feel his the love interest presence as surely as she could feel her own' just after knowing the love interest for two days It's not romantic it's not cute it's creepy and clingy and it needs to stop The romance detracted one star from my final rating and that's me being nice As a whole I definitely enjoyed The Pledge and look forward to seeing where the story could go in the second installment Derting definitely has talent and it shows clearly in her writing style I just wish that in The Essence the characters are provided with a bit character development and the romance takes a backseat because if there were character development and the romance were fleshed out and steadily developed in The Pledge it would have gotten at least four stars from me