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DOC Õ READER A Thousand Lives The Untold Story of Hope Deception and Survival at Jonestown ☆ 9781416596394 FREE ì A Thousand Lives by Picture Tuxedomoon compilation en Compilation de Tuxedomoon sorti le la playlist de A Thousand Lives by Picture est composeOcuments and audiotapes as well as rare videos and interviews to piece together an unprecedented and compelling history of the doomed camp focusing on the people who Fahrenheit book review author – ray bradbury A thousand lives | Etsy I have lived a thousand lives shirtenglish teacher shirtbook lover shirtGeorge RRMartingift for english teachergift for book lover PersonalizedTouch From shop PersonalizedTouch out of stars reviews FREE shipping Favorite Add to A thousand years At A Thousand Lives Pop Kingdom At A Thousand Lives Started by EVIL June posts in this topic EVIL you are in my dreams half human half machine Post Count ; Reputation Favorite Genre Post Hardcore; Favorite Artist Crumb; Preferred Audio Format FLAC REPORT POST For a Thousand Lives Be Human Photos | Facebook Affichez les photos les photos de profil et les albums de For a Thousand Lives Be Human Obviously some of my nonfiction tastes aren't for everybody; this work is fascinating and disturbing The author had access to a huge trove of documents audiotapes photographs and relating to Jonestown soon after they were declassified by the FBI Jonestown was the ex pat American settlement in Guyana where 900 people died in a mass murder suicide in November 1978 Scheeres' book strikes a careful balance in avoiding hype believe me this story doesn't need any and sensationalism and she wrote a well researched and still compelling account of the Peoples Temple It's truly chilling; I remember hearing the news about Jonestown I was about 11 at the time and lying in bed wide eyed and terrified This book made me feel a lot like that all over again Jim Jones the God of the Peoples Temple had some kind of genius instinct for subjugating common sense and reason breaking the iron strength of bonds between parents and their children of siblings of spouses and leaving in some cases nothing but slavish devotion to him and his cause Meanwhile he evolved from an apparently charismatic preacher determined to build a world free of racism or sexism into a monstera drug addled paranoid megalomaniac bent only on fulfilling his psychotic fantasy of revolutionary suicide a term he completely misappropriated from Black Panther Huey Newton It is a masterful work of research and of helping you understand or at least understand a little better an utterly incomprehensible story

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R attirer l’attention Sheol A Thousand Lives Home | Facebook A Thousand Lives Vector likes Monzer AbouElYazeed He lived at many social levels tried almost everything he could find His consistent change in his lifestyle Gave him a wide experience and A Thousand Lives The Untold Story of Jonestown A Thousand Lives is the story of Jonestown as it has never been told New York Times bestselling author Julia Scheeres drew from tens of thousands of recently declassified FBI documents and audiotapes as well as rare videos and interviews to piece together an unprecedented and compelling history of the doomed camp focusing on the people who lived there Download PDF A thousand lives by Julia Scheeres A Thousand Lives is the story of Jonestown as it has never been told New York Times bestselling author Julia Scheeres drew from tens of thousands of recently declassified FBI d this review refers to the audiobook versionnot the sort of book you can get some lively party chat out of if you plan to get invited backJulia Scheeres has some uniue credentials for writing about Jonestown she and her adopted black brother were incarcerated in a fundamentalist Christian reform school in the Dominican Republic as adolescents i can't think of another experience that would have so many resonances with Jonestown coercion powerlessness religion racial issues sexism being trapped anybody who recognizes the word Jonestown can tell you that a lot of people died there but not really so many know what the residents of Jonestown had gone there to build an egalitarian race blind gender blind age blind socialistcommunist society where everybody was free and everybody was eual i doubt they expected utopia because they went by and large willing to work very very hard to achieve the society they envisioned there's a lot in that that's completely admirablei wanted to read the book because i wanted to know why why did so many commit suicide why did they not run for help why didn't they tell Jones to go fuck himself i just could not wrap my brain around the whys not at the time of the massacre and not now i hoped that Scheeres could shed some light thereand she did she did there are still some very dark corners but what Jones and his henchmen and women did now makes a great deal sense to meScheeres spends a great deal of time recounting Jones' planning of the mass suicide on that in a moment how he convinced his followers to rehearse it how he harangued them until they must have felt it was not just a possibility but an inevitability but what she ultimately convinces me of is that it was not a mass suicide at all it was mostly coercion and murderthe children who were killed at Jonestown were simply murdered a child cannot accede to his or her own destruction the parents of those children did not just give them up to death; the children were often taken from them and killed and what parent seeing that would not wish to go with the children i wouldi cannot imagine the horror of that last night it would break anyone's mindbut i do have a uibble with Scheeres' final statement in the book that the residents of Jonestown were victims betrayed by Jones and the Temple leadership they were of course both but one cannot relieve them of all culpability there was a lot of evidence in Jonestown that Jones was losing his shit that he was drunk or drugged or just plain deranged most of the time the endless rehearsals for revolutionary suicide surely made it plain that something was rotten at Jonestown's core it's not by a long shot for me to shake a finger at the Jonestown dead or at those who survived and that's not my intent i just think there is only one salutary lesson to be learned from Jonestown and that's that one must never give one's autonomy away to paint the dead of Jonestown as mere victims is to give Jones power than he was rightful possessor of which makes it seem inevitable that some other Jones will come along again and some other horrible event will happen because this next Jones wills it i understand the only memorial to the Jonestown dead is in Oakland i don't believe in gods of any stripe nor any afterlife but i might just stop by and send some kind thoughts to those poor gentle dreamersre the audiobook version the narrator does a than competent job of it she sounds as if her compassion for the Jonestown members runs deep and i appreciated that it does seem something of a missed opportunity however to have not included some of the original source recordings made at Jonestown it would have been so very much piercing to hear the Jonestown members themselves speaking to us ghosts across the yearsview spoilernow i read some of the other goodreads reviewers comments on this book and a good half of them run to how could people be so weak minded sighi can only think those reviewers didn't pay careful attention to the book or don't know how coercion and terror workcoercion works in tiny steps every time you agree to something against which you feel a ualm you ratchet up to the next step first you agree to give a percentage of your money to the church tithing for good works and so on not difficult right next you agree to sign a loyalty oath to the church but you already feel loyal so even though the signing is irksome you do it because it's not such an imposition and everyone else is doing it anyway next you agree to write a confession to an imaginary crime as further proof of your loyalty the church to which you've sworn loyalty is you are told being threatened; the leadership needs to know without doubt who is on their side and anyway it's a made up crime right it cannot possibly be proved you sign it; you get a rewardand so on and so on each step ratcheting up threats and rewards particularly when intermittent are powerful powerful motivators people who are fundamentally good have a deep need to have that recognized people who perceive an external threat knit tighter together; it's a positive bond if you still think ya that could never happen to me think again how many have thought if i just work harder and keep my nose clean the next round of layoffs will skip me even though you're already working 60 hours a week 20 of which are unpaid you probably believe all the chemicals in your dish soap in your shampoo in your vegetable wash have been tested for ill effect on humans hint they haven't the entire advertising industry floats on telling you lies even when the lie is only that you need this toothpastelipstickcologne to be attractive do you believe that if only the democratsrepublicanslibertariansgreens got into office everything would be ok and if you keep firmly to positive thoughts your cancer will go into remissionthe point is we all are lied to and coerced every stinking day we lie to and coerce ourselves our children our coworkers every stinking day whether we know it or not humans are social animals we take our cues from others we learn what to believe from others we gauge how to act or react from othersand if as in Jonestown those others all have had their thinking distorted by endless abuse coercion and terror that's still where you get your cuessome reviewers have fumed that Jonestown parents gave up their babies and their small children to nurses who then injected the cyanide into the young one's mouths well yes they did; but they were surrounded by armed men and they had probably convinced themselves that the whole exercise was just another drill there had been many by then not all parents gave up their children willingly anywaysome have said that there were nearly 900 against a small number of armed security; the Jonestown residents should have just overpowered them but this is incorrect math in Jonestown trust among residents had been so corroded that the euation was always one against 899 nobody knew who if anybody they could trustok end of rant i do understand the impulse to just shove Jonestown and all knowledge of it under a neat locked box in the subconscious labeled i would never do that but if you truly believe that you are fooling yourself utterly hide spoiler

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A Thousand Lives The Untold Story of Hope Deception and Survival at JonestownA Thousand Lives by Picture Tuxedomoon compilation en Compilation de Tuxedomoon sorti le la playlist de A Thousand Lives by Picture est compose de chansons en coute gratuite et illimite ii A Thousand Lives couter sur Deezer coutez A Thousand Lives par ii Lighthouse Deezer musiue en streaming gratuite Dcouvrez plus de millions de titres crez et coutez vos propres playlists et A Thousand Lives on Vimeo 'A reader lives a thousand lives the man who never reads lives only one George R R Martin A boy who finds the book of 'A Thousand Death Remains – A Thousand Lives metalchroniuesfr A Thousand Lives n’est pas un mauvais effort non c’est un EP ui place le uintet londonien juste dans la moyenne il n’en faut pas plus pour se noyer dans la masse et se ranger aux cts de tant de groupes du mme acabit Pour rsumer Death Remains nous propose l un EP bien trop classiue pou Update I finished the book I don't think it was the definitive story of what happened in Jonestown even though it is probably the most exhaustive There was too much personal interpretation by the author that was based on her emotional interpretation of the evidence of which there was plenty rather than any proper analysis This isn't necessarily wrong it's her book But it doesn't to me explain how and why the majority of people committed murdersuicide and why the church in San Francisco was so uninvolved Sheeres' attitude towards Jim Jones was that he was an evil controlling Hitler character whose front persona was that he was a Christian pioneer of true racial and gender euality who deteriorated into fake paranoid madnessI felt he was even as a young man suffering from grandiose delusional disorder The DSM IV TR criteria for this include grossly abnormal exaggerated beliefs ofself worthpowerknowledgeidentityand an exceptional relationship to a divinity or famous personEvery single one of those fits Jim Jones from the time he became a preacher gathered a congregation built a church and told them he had a direct line to God had been sent by God and knew God's will That rather sounds like an awful lot of preachers doesn't it Before the event many people wanted to leave and were punished in horrible ways drugged locked in isolation chambers violently beaten and But some people did leave They just walked out and turned up in the US a few days later Even on the night of the massacre some escaped Some Why not They killed their children and watched them die horrible agonising deaths and then killed themselves If they really believed in revolutionary suicide why was the church in San Francisco so uninvolved It was an interesting book a bit too interpretative rather than factual in parts and as the cliche goes raised as many uestions as it answered And still that sentence jarred on me and I never found the author objective or as credible after I read it as before 35 starsYou know how when you are reading a single sentence can jar on you and make you doubt the veracity or at least the direction of book I'm about three uarters of the way through A Thousand Lives; Jim Jones' life can be summed by the cliché power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely Just as in reading Leah Remini's Troublemaker Surviving Hollywood and Scientology and thinking this is yet another hatchet job on Scientology was it all just threats and fear that keep people Scientologists I was thinking the same about Jonestown Maybe Jones kept their passports semi starved them due to lack of agricultural knowledge for tropical rainforest and threatened them with death if they should leave But then I read the sentence The lack of roughage gave Edith and many others chronic constipation Because Jones was too cheap to buy real medicine health workers passed out green papaya or plantain as a laxative but this did little to helpThe too cheap is the attitude of the author Also her attitude towards the reader Did she not think some of us might be from the tropics and well aware of these fruits and their health benefits Green papaya makes the most delicious salads and pickles and plantains are a staple of West Indian cooking and well known especially green papaya as a laxative view spoilerGuyana is geographically in South America but its culture is entirely Caribbean hide spoiler