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review Î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ñ Lydia Davis Ory as she attempts to organize her memories of a love affair into a novel With compassion wit and what appears to be candor she seeks to determine what she actually know. I always cry at endingsThis is the way in which we learn to let go while holding onBecause when loss lessens us to the point that love's lessons leave us spent less is Sometimes it takes a certain sort of numbness—time work drugs sleep food— to know how to begin to feel againBecause there are parts of the heart which are always crying and that is the fountain of compassion Sold this book because I thought some other thing would take my mind off of that which this book elapses Didn't really work It seems that moving on means actually processing emotional trauma—not reliving one's memories but rather recollecting the reasons for one's actions and analyzing suppositions as to the reasons for the other then ultimately coming to terms with being unable to know in full what the other was thinking to only know the outer signs what was said and done and fun and not and what is remembered and what is not to wish that other well and all the best and try to forget what pain may remain — not filing it away as easily as one does junk mail This sparse account is Davis's own way of coming to terms with the sorrow of parting

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The End of the Story characters ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Mislabeled boxes problems with visiting nurses confusing notes an outing to the county fair such are the obstacles in the way of the unnamed narrator of The End of the Story as she attempts to organize her memories of a love affair into a novel With compassio S about herself and her past but we begin to suspect along with her that given the elusiveness of memory and understanding any tale retrieved from the past must be fictio. I made it than half way through this basic retread of some short stories Lydia Davis has previously written and published Seems she writes a bit here and there about a boy and her relationship and perhaps a bit about a girl and her relationship and sometimes about both of them and her relationship with them all and by the time I get to where I am I am so tired and too tired of reading this boring tale of nothing Ray Johnson the artist whose last act was a performance piece in which he leaves a trail of friends who all know a piece of him but no one knows his all goes and kills himself by drowning in a river Ray used to do performance pieces in the city and called them plays about nothing He had a loyal following and somebody made a movie about his life that was very interesting It was called How to Draw a Bunny Let me give you an example of how Ray operated If a buyer of his hard art only could afford to pay say three uarters of what Ray's asking price was then after a bit of haggling back and forth Ray would graciously accept the deal collect the money and send the buyer three uarters of the piece Whatever became of the leftover pieces of Ray's art remain a mystery at least to me In this novel by Lydia Davis I often noticed a short story of hers that I had already seen elsewhere in other of her collections For example Story from her first collection of short stories titled Break It Down tells how the narrator's boyfriend couldn't see her before she was to embark on a trip very early the next morning so she stays up all night in her obsessive search to find out why She makes several trips back and forth to his apartment several phone calls and she meets him or talks to him but never uite believes his story and she shouldn't The names in this story were changed in the novel but the story is the same story as the text entered into her novel This happens often in here Too often for me It is lame and is a poor way to garner loyalty from me I had already purchased from the The Collected Stories based on the one superb story I read in the collection Fakes An Anthology of Pseudo Interviews Faux Lectures uasi Letters Found Texts and Other Fraudulent Artifacts edited by David Shields and Matthew Vollmer The Lydia Davis Funeral Parlor story was about a letter she wrote to a funeral home about the attendant naming what was left of her father after his cremation his cremains I thought the letter so clever and brilliant and so well written that I bought the entire Lydia Davis collected short story work and now I almost wish I hadn't The book arrived in the mail today and it matched the description online so I can't send it back I guess I will see of what is in it when I have time and space to do so this coming mid winter But the few stories I have already read in my perusal of it as I have had the book on loan to me from the library and I have decided to return it to the library tomorrow in addition to returning the novel which I also borrowed from the library is that Davis is at the very least a re treader and not at all an original novelist Or she is senile Or she has dementia In the meantime I have to abandon her novel today because it is driving me crazy trying to read it It is even a daunting prospect to pick the book up to read when I have Extinction now taking a back seat In fact just a few moments ago I did try to pick the book up to continue on with my reading and the feeling of dread was killing me My eyes floated down below that novel to see EXTINCTION resting there so elegantly and noble at the bottom of my pile of now four books I am currently reading that sit on my end table by my chair in my personal reading library To think I had temporarily set down this particular novel by Thomas Bernhard in order to read this drivel ahead of finishing this great one I am so sorry Thomas I got excited Forgive me I thought I had discovered another living genius in our midst But it is possible she is the real deal of short story writers Just don't tell me I should have stayed with her and the novel until the end because the novel gets so much better later If that is the case and I really do not doubt that this may be true then she should have started there

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The End of the StoryMislabeled boxes problems with visiting nurses confusing notes an outing to the county fair such are the obstacles in the way of the unnamed narrator of The End of the St. Fuck That's really all I can say