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review Cold Touch Extrasensory Agents #2 Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB Õ Since being gifted or cursed with her ability to touch a lifeless body and relive the victim's final moments Olivia Wainwright has died a hundred deaths She hears the screams tastes the fear; feels the excruciating pain and every glimpse into this darknDangerNow though she's met a man who offers a glimmer of light Savannah Detective Gabe Cooper might look like a sexy good old boy but his laid back attitude hides a sharp mind and a protective heart He doesn't believe in psychics until he meets Olivia and sees firsthand how he. Cold Touch is a book in the awesome ParanormalRomantic Suspense series of Extreme Investigations a group of people with different abilities Julia their boss a former cop who has a ghost of her ownher former partner Mickwho can touch objects and tells it's history Derekwho can tell where people have died Aidana psychic from the first book and OliviaOlivia comes from a wealthy Southern family but she was kidnapped from her own bed when she was fifteen and held for ransom She never saw her kidnapper's face but she saw a little boy extremely scared and abused who told her that she would be killed as soon as the ransom was paid She doesn't believe it then she is drowned and is dead for two minutes ten seconds When she comes to she sees the little boy gave CPR to her apologized and told her to run away Olivia did vowing to save the boy She then receives news that her kidnapper was killed and despite trying to they never found the boyOlivia's ability which she has been using for the past three years for Extreme Investigations is the ability to touch and tell how someone died It is a terrible ability that causes her pain and takes a part of her away every time She first discovered it at her grandmother's funeral One day she sees a news report of some remains found nearby she was rescued about a small boy that makes her think it was the boy she remembers Jake She goes to the site where she almost gets crushed by a car and is rescued by Gabe who is the detective on the case She finds him attractive but walks awayA few days later when she sees the sketch of the boy found she is sure of who he is and goes to the station to talk to Gabe and tells him her story Gabe is skeptical but understanding and then when he finds out what she does ushers her outGabe and Olivia come from opposite backgrounds and he does consider himself not suitable for her for a momentOlivia sets him straight He is a skeptic but when he sees what she can do gets outraged that nobody sees the toll it takes on her and cares for her There are sparks between them and I loved how they gradually talked and then fell in bed The book was amazing I hated what happened to Gabe's partner I saw some possibilities with Olivia's sisterI loved everything about the book and I felt so bad for Julia and what she feels for Morganher ghost Excellent book

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Since being gifted or cursed with her ability to touch a lifeless body and relive the victim's final moments Olivia Wainwright has died a hundred deaths She hears the screams tastes the fear; feels the excruciating pain and every glimpse into this darkness draws her deeper into. A murdered woman gets a chance to solve her own murder I am not normally much for suspense but Cold Touch worked for me on so many fronts I loved both of the leads Liv who has the 'cold touch' and works for a pyschic detective agency and police detective Gabe who is not really open to all things 'woo woo' I thought that the romance between them was well done with a uick attraction but no uick hook up The Gabe's character is honorable and the author doesn't leave that behind to go for the easy fast life affirming sex ploy to get the pair in bed before they have a chance to get to know and admire each other I also found the psychic detective agency angle to be very intriguing and with the assortment of powers gathered together in that group those folks are a force to be reckoned with To top it off the writing just really grabbed me the murder hook sucked me in and I just had to know how that was possible and the suspense part was also very satisfying it doesn't revel in the bloody or stick you interminally in the murderer's mind and since we are in on all the clues as they are uncovered I figured out things pretty much right as the characters did which was a nice stroke to the old ego The story also has some really emotional moments including one in particular that was really very sad but fortunately the epilog makes it a little easire to accept Bottom line is that I really really liked Cold Touch and the supporting cast as well as the leads Even with the size of my TBR mountain I am definitely going back to read the first book Cold Sight Extrasensory Agents though this one did standalone just fine in case you were wondering and I also will be checking out an old harleuin freebie romance that I have by this author under her other pen name Leslie Kelly

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Cold Touch Extrasensory Agents #2R dark gift ravages her spiritAs their bond deepens Olivia will have to choose between her cold gift and the warmth Gabe provides But her past is catching up with her and Gabe can't refuse when she needs his help solving a crime that's haunted her for over a decadeher own murde. Olivia Wainwright has a terrifying gift When she touches a dead body she can live the last 2 minutes and 10 seconds of their life The ability first showed up after she was kidnapped at the age of 15 It was an awful experience she barely managed to escape with her life intact The only reason she succeeded was Jake a boy who worked with the kidnapper who saved her life So when she sees his face on the news as an unidentified Jimmy Doe she knows she must do whatever she can to repay her debtAnd that's when Detective Gabe Cooper comes along Gabe is in charge of the murder investigation When he first sees Olivia he's enchanted by her and her story damn near breaks his heart but her ability makes him skeptic and not so glad to meet her But he sees the light soon enough And together they decide to do anything in their power to catch the killerOlivia understandably has a lot of issues that stem from her abduction In the following years she felt like a freak but when three years ago she started working for EXtreme Investigations she finally felt like she belongedAnd now there's this wonderful man in her life a man with whom she can imagine a future The only thing they need to do is stay aliveGabe is a great hero patient understanding and willing to protect Olivia from everything including herself The whole solution to her job was great I like how the mystery got tied up It wasn't easy to guess and it made awful senseI love all the employees of EXtreme Investigations Starting with Julia and her ghostly partner though guy Derek and his bike Mick and lastly Aidan I'm looking forward to reading their books I particularly want to see how Julia gets her HEARating5 stars