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ePub Ñ 'Salem's Lot 483 pages ✓ Stephen King ✓ Thousands of miles away from the small township of 'Salem's Lot two terrified people a man and a boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must return to 'Salem's Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on A boy still share the secrets of those clapboard houses and tree lined streets They must retu VampiresYears after I first read it I can truthfully say that this is still on a short list of scariest books I have ever read King at his best An American re telling of Dracula King stays close to the vampire myth but with some of his own storytelling thrown in and some subtle changes that make for an original novel I cannot help but think that Barlow helped to usher in a new generation of vampire literature of which we have now been inundated for the past few years

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Thousands of miles away from the small township of 'Salem's Lot two terrified people a man and 45 starsI feel like there has been a lot of debate over Stephen King's last few books about what genre he might be considered any Mystery sci fi fantasy general fiction etc etc etc you just don't hear Stephen King horror all that much any Well if you want to get back to the roots Salem's Lot is pure raw old school Stephen King horror at its finestI am doing a re read of most of Stephen King's books chronologically and Salem's Lot was the next after Carrie I read it originally sometime back in the 90s I am so glad I did because honestly I don't remember any of it Salem's Lot is a vampire story influenced by vampire fiction like Stoker's Dracula as well as vampire horror flicks The influence of both these mediums is very evident while at the same time King crafts a new uniue and terrifying vampire story of his own If you are a fan of the original raw pure evil vampire not ones that sparkle you need to make sure and read this bookThose of you out there who have heard about King haven't read him before and are wondering where to start this would be a great place to do so I think many would agree that this is up there with King's horror fiction at its best

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'Salem's LotRn to 'Salem's Lot for a final confrontation with the unspeakable evil that lives on in the to Salem’s Lot by Stephen King is a 2011 Anchor Books publication Originally published in 1975I read a decent amount of horror novels when I was a teenager My first introduction to Stephen King was with ‘Carrie’ But it was the heyday of pulp horror novels with lots of books to choose from out there and long story short I never got around to reading this book until the early eighties I had read other King books by that time and if memory serves I’d watched the made for TV movie before I read this book Eventually I got around to getting a paperback copy of the book and while I’m sure it would have given me a few restless nights under ordinary circumstances I had a uniue humorous and unforgettable experience while reading this book which was truly nightmarish I was only a little way into the book when my roommate invited me to stay at her parents’ house one weekend Apparently her family had just purchased a fixer upper Victorian and were eager to show off their latest renovations As it turns out the house was located out in the middle of nowhere which is great during the daylight hours My room was on the top floor and as always even way back then I’d packed a paperback with me As everyone settled in for the night the uiet the inky pitch black dark an unfamiliar house out in the middle of nowhere and reading Salem’s Lot by Stephen King made for a sleepless night spent tossing and turning and jumping at every little sound I kept imagining Danny Glick floating outside one of those second story windows This book scared the crap out of me And I loved it 🦇🦇When I joined Goodreads I automatically slapped a five star rating on the book but I have only read it the one time With Halloween approaching I was in the mood for an old school horror novel one from ‘my era’ Several books were up for consideration and this was one of them Remembering my experience while reading the book grinning at how scared silly I’d been I had to wonder if the book would have the same atmosphere now or if I would find it dated and maybe even a little cheesy? So I decided to find out Thankfully my library had a copy of the book and Scribd came through with the audio something I thought might be fun to try The audio is read by Ron McLarty a veteran narratorThe book gets off to a good start and as the story progressed my memory kicked in and many details I’d long forgotten started to come back to me King follows the traditional vampire lore in the novel An old house rud to be haunted is purchased by a wealthy man whose assistant is seen a lot often than the owner Meanwhile a boy goes missing then his brother comes down with strange anemia like symptoms and pretty soon the entire town is gripped in terror Crucifix’s stakes through the heart and all the customary vampire traditions apply here For its time this was a gripping updated spin on the conventional vampire tale Through the years vampires have morphed into something less confined with the power to enjoy light and withstand the sight of a crucifix and some of them even sparkle 😁😁But I miss the time honored folklore of bloodsucking vampires the scary undead creatures who never age kill indiscriminately can’t walk around in the daylight and can only be conuered by beheading them and driving a stake through the heart King’s vampires are ruthless and are in no way conflicted or remorseful They are pure evil This second reading of the book was a different experience of course Although I had both an e book and the audio version the story was bit too long and lost momentum on several occasions Of course a book written back in 1975 will have some references that are dated now but by no means was the book cheesy The story is as atmospheric as I recall and stands the test of time and yes it still scared the crap out me 😨😓😱45 stars