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MOBI ´ Njáls saga ✓ Anonymous Landic religious practices amid stirring tales of war and conuestThe finest English language version available this volume includes an informative introduction editor's notes and a complete chronology of event An amazing tragic family drama and one of the greatest works I read in college In fact as you will note from my shelving it's one of my favorite books of all time This has everything romance heartbreak action legal drama And it introduced me to Njal's son Skarp Hedin the greatest warrior of all time Full of snappy one liners able to decapitate five men with one blow I tried to name my firstborn after him but my husband said no Alas

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PDF ↠ BOOK BrennuNjáls saga FREE ¶ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD é Instigated by a spiteful and selfish wife a grim blood feud between the families of two well to do Icelandic landowners spirals out of control claiming lives and property Widely regarded as the capstone of Icelandic literary achievement this gripping th Instigated by a spiteful and selfish wife a grim blood feud between the families of two well to do Icelandic landowners spirals out of control claiming lives and property Widely regarded as the capstone of Ice ”Gunnar got ready to ride to the Thing and before he left he spoke to Hallgerd ‘Behave yourself while I’m away and don’t show your bad temper where my friends are concerned’ ‘The trolls take your friend’ she saidGunnar rode to the Thing and saw that it was no good talking to her” The events of Njal’s Saga took place between 960 and 1020 in Icelandic society and were written about in the thirteenth century What was so unexpected for me was to discover in such an ancient culture the power that women had in what I assumed was a patriarchal society Before I started reading Icelandic sagas I had the image in my mind of the stereotypical he man Viking Icelander who ruled his home with an iron fist That was not the case at all Hallgerd was famous to scholars of the sagas because she was such a diabolical character She took any slight against her honor very seriously meddled in others affairs without fear of impunity manipulated connived and ultimately cost seven men their lives in a feud with Bergthora the wife of Gunnar’s friend Njal There was an inordinate amount of goading by women of their husbands in the sagas to push men into conflicts to defend family honor The women for the most part did not really come off that well They were depicted as shallow petty and uite willing to start an all out blood war over some perceived insult even if the slight was unintended If a man did raise his hand to his wife he risked having her burly male relatives appearing on his threshold to give him an attitude adjustment Most disagreements between men some of them caused by women were settled at a gathering called Althing Men would get together and discuss who did what to whom and how much compensation was expected to be paid to make up for the loss of a life or of property Again surprisingly civilized than anything I would have expected Because of the alliances between people either through blood or marriage or friendship blood feuds were taken seriously If things were not settled amicably between families all of Iceland could find themselves in a civil war In these sagas there were several moments when things became very precarious As Hallgerd and Bergthora sparred with one another and convinced either their relatives or men who worked for their husbands to kill someone from the other family the possibility of a savage blood feud erupting became precariously plausible If not for the peaceable nature of their husbands even lives would have been lost as these women conducted their own bloody chess match where the pawns were men’s lives Njal and Gunnar kept passing the same bag of silver back and forth as compensation for the deaths of their kinsmen to keep the peace Njal was considered one of the wisest men in Iceland but though many came to him for consul including Gunnar his own sons freuently avoided asking him for advice which eventually led to disaster ”’I’m not in their planning’ said Njal ‘but I am seldom left out when their plans are good’” Gunnar was level headed and anticipated problems before they actually materialized but found himself often unable to stop the conseuences He was so mild mannered but once his ire was raised he could become a fierce and formidable warrior I really grew to appreciate his character as his story was toldThroughout the sagas were foreshadowings or prophecies of what the future would hold When Thorvald son of Osvif decided to marry Hallgerd yes that Hallgerd the future wife of Gunnar his father couldn’t help but feel the match would be a costly one for his son ”’Her laughter doesn’t seem as good to me as it does to you’ said Osvif ‘and the proof of this will come later’” Indeed it did Hallgerd had a couple of marriages before Gunnar and was known for being difficult to get along with but she was beautiful and men continued to be dazzled by her appearance and thought they could handle her conniving and manipulations Despite the very civilized manner with which compensation was handled in this society there were still plenty of points in the saga where bloody conflict broke out and there was much lopping of hands arms legs and heads off Skulls were split Torsos were skewered Scars were made One of my favorites was when ”’This is the first time I have laughed since you killed Thrain’Skarphedin said ‘Then here’s something to remember him by’ TerminatoresueHe took from his purse one of the molars he had hacked out of Thrain and threw it at Gunnar’s eye different Gunnar from the main character and knocked it out onto his cheek Gunnar then fell off the roof”Or how about this encounter with THE Gunnar ”Gunnar saw a red tunic at the window and he made a thrust with his halberd and hit Thorgrim in the waist The Norwegian lost his grip on his shield his feet slipped and he fell off the roof and then walked to where Gizur and the others were sitting on the ground Gizur looked at him and spoke ‘Well is Gunnar at home?’Thorgrim answered ‘Find that out for yourselves but I’ve found out one thing that his halberd’s at home’Then he fell down dead”I’ve heard that some people find these sagas tough to read Within a few pages I found a rhythm with the way the stories were told and within a few chapters I was caught up in the lives of Gunnar and Njal The introduction was a great prep for reading the sagas and provided me with insights that helped me enjoy my reading even There were many creatively described bloodthirsty moments as well as some detailed legal proceedings that confirmed for me the importance of laws to balance the scales between the strongest and the weakest This Icelandic culture around 1000 AD was a society trying to evolve away from their bloody barbaric past and move toward a civilisation where every life was precious and the arts could be appreciated as much as the glitter of a sharp sword blade Also see my review of The Saga of the Volsungsand my review of King Harald's SagaIf you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Brennu Njáls sagaLandic literary achievement this gripping thirteenth century saga not only recounts long and costly battles but documents Viking civic and legal institutions as well It also presents a cogent exposition of Ice Njal’s Saga is one of the classics of the medieval genre of the Family Saga if not perhaps the classic It has everything you could want in a saga extended genealogies of multiple families inter family conflict between said families through the generations shifting loyalties intrigue bloody battles crazy nicknames sardonic witticisms and enough legal jargon to keep Perry Mason happy It is populated with characters that seem real and often multidimensional even when they are larger than life and gives an intriguing insight into the way of life of medieval Iceland with its uniue culture and political legal system Despite being named after Njal Thorgeirsson the saga is wide ranging and seems to support a fair number of protagonists We start not uncommonly for a saga of this kind a generation prior to the ‘main events’ and see how the marriages and relationships of a completely different set of families will come to bear the seeds of destruction for others After this brief introduction centring around the families of Mord Fiddle and the brothers Hoskuld and Hrut and importantly their daughters Unn and Hallgerd we meet the titular Njal a man known for his keen legal mind tendency towards prescience and the fact that he cannot grow a beard and his best friend Gunnar Hamundarson This segment of the saga could actually be said to be about Gunnar who is in many ways the consummate saga hero good looking rich and unbeatable on the field of combat think Chris Hemsworth as Thor Many adventures and events ensue but the most important part is that Gunnar is smitten with the aforementioned Hallgerd a beauty known also for her ‘thieves’ eyes’ and her pride and enmity with Njal’s much staid wife Bergthora leads to a feud not to mention a few murders that tests but does not break the friendship of the two men Hallgerd is an intriguing figure a woman of wit and complexity generally something of a villain though not without cause or some elements of sympathy She is also an excellent motivator for much of the action in this section of the saga sowing the seeds for the ultimate climaxWe come to see that both Gunnar and Njal are pre eminent men no one can beat Njal in the law courts a fact that he often uses to his and his friends advantage while Gunnar is a peerless warrior of high reputation In the end they are virtually unbeatable when they work together and this of course leads to jealousy especially given the fact that neither of them is an actual chieftain despite the fact that they effectively lord it over their region and much of Iceland The tensions this causes can only bear so much strain and in the end Gunnar is made to pay with his life for his high position when he refuses to abide by the terms of an exile imposed upon him The next section of the saga centres firmly on Njal and his family especially his sons and their feuds and misadventures Suffice it to say that these boys do not lack in pride and manage to make enemies enough to bring trouble down upon their house Add to this the manipulations of the wily Mord Valgardsson the enduring spite of Hallgerd and the jealousy and enmity of large and powerful factions and we have the makings of a tragic end for the family This is barely scratching the surface of everything that is going on in the saga and the number of interesting characters is impressive most noteworthy to me were Njal’s ill starred and sardonic son Skarp Hedin who you would not want to meet in a dark alley and Njal’s son in law Kari Solmundarson a swashbuckling hero much in the mould of Gunnar The main storyline is peppered with many side adventures and digressions some of which a reader will likely find entertaining while a few othersnot so much such as a fairly long digression on the introduction of Christianity to Iceland or the chapters at the Althing centring on the legal minutiae of the case against the burners of Njal and his family Characters come and go and things can occasionally feel disjointed and take away from the narrative pace but overall this is an excellent read and for the most part the narrative pulls you along with it If you’re looking for a saga to read you probably won’t find a better one than Njal’s Saga