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Summary D'autres vies que la mienne é PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¾ From the acclaimed Emmanuel Carrère an act of generous imagination that unflinchingly records devastating loss and eually vividly the wealth of human solace that follows in its wakeIn Sri Lanka a tsunami sweeps a child out to sea her grand faFrom the acclaimed Emmanuel Carrère an act of generous imagination that unflinchingly records devastating loss and eually vividly the wealth of human solace that follows in its wakeIn Sri Lanka a tsunami sweeps a child out to sea her grand father helpless against the onrushing water In France a young woman succumbs to illness leaving her husband and small children bereft Present at both events Emmanuel Carrère sets out to tell the story. Devotees may have noticed that I’ve been reading Carerre this summer – there’s something hypnotic to his styling a suspense in seeing how his life unfolds This is a great distillation of his auto biographical essay form and the best of his “minor” books far superior to MY LIFE AS A RUSSIAN NOVEL As I consider his output since 1999 it seems that he spends years on books about his complex enigmatic men with his memoir briefly shining through and then suddenly explodes with a connective tissue book that tells his own storyLIVES is not as nasty as the other ones which says something given that it opens with Carrere contemplating divorce before the horrid tsunami destroys his vacation in Sri Lanka We immediately veer with the twists of a great novel into life and death as we explore morgues the reek of corpses the devastation on the island A lesser memoirist would not have kept his focus on his own pettiness his sexual needs Far from seeming petulant I found insight in the egoistic idea that he would become closer to his wife once a natural disaster tore the families around him asunderThe other thirds of the work though less potent than the masterful opening are similarly canny as Carrere tracks the life of his sister of law who is dying of cancer through the eyes of a man who loves her platonically Both are lawyers both are physically infirm from childhood illnesses It is another “weird” coincidence and one that we believe and I was again impressed with how frankly he explored how the illness drew him closer to his own wife I could have done without some intervals of legalese but these mundanities were really about establishing contrast One of these stories is a huge crisis a global trauma; in the other a sick woman passes on Both make us think about our own lives our own loves I would not start here if you’re interested in Carrere but it makes a lovely follow up to THE ADVERSARY

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Of two families shattered and ultimately restored What he accomplishes is nothing short of a literary miracle a heartrending narrative of endless love a meditation on courage and decency in the face of adversity an intimate and reverent look at the extraordinary beauty and nobility of ordinary livesPrecise sober and suspenseful as full of twists and turns as any novel Lives Other Than My Own confronts terrifying catastrophes to illuminate. Experiments in empathy and portraits of overcoming horrific grief Engagingly written and structured in a slyly sophisticated manner to maximize the emotional impact without devolving into sentimentalism Recommended

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D'autres vies que la mienneThe astonishing richness of human connection a grandfather who thought he had found paradise too soon and now devotes himself to helping his neighbors rebuild their village; a husband so in love with his ailing wife that he carries her in his arms like a knight does his princess; and finally Carrère himself longtime chronicler of the tormented self who unexpectedly finds consolation and even joy as he immerses himself in the lives of othe. Familiar with the phrase 'truth can be stranger than fiction'; here I am left with the feeling that 'truth can be as compelling as fiction'Emmanuel Carrère was on holiday in Sri Lanka with his girlfriend when the tsunami struck they had been considering separating and then found themselves in a whirlwind period where the relative significance of these reflections was crushed by that incoming wave and the devastation it wreaked on othersEverything that has happened in those five days and was ending then at that precise moment washed over us A dam opened releasing a flood of sorrow relief love all mixed together I hugged Hélène and told her I don't want to break up any not ever She said I don't want to break up any eitherThe couple return to France only to learn that Hélène's sister is on a downward spiral with the return of a cancer that she had thought she was rid of when she was a teenager Juliette now in her thirties is a juge d'instance a judge of small claims and grievances and has three girls the youngest only fifteen months old Through Juliette Carrère meets her colleague Etienne a cancer survivor who shares with the author an insight into both the world of being a cancer survivor and their realm as judges in the small town of Vienne where they strive and indeed succeed to make a differenceWhat makes this recount all the extraordinary is the sense of the author's narcissism long time chronicler of the tormented self he readily admits this and while I wouldn't say that being witness to these events resulted in an absolute cure it certainly lead him as the book title suggests to explore and find some empathy in lives other than his own