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1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is a highly readable list of the best the most important and the most influential pop albums from 1955 through 2003 Carefully selected by a team of international critics each album is a groundbreaking work seminal to the understanding and app. Just a short note I thought this was a solid book of important album with only two flaws including a Limp Bizkit album should have chosen Deftones' White Pony or something even Linkin Park would do and I don't think Britney Spears fits in but this one is just my opinion anyway at least the former should've been taken off Otherwise great book with reasonably good taste

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1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You DieReciation of music from the 1950s to the present Included with each entry are production details and credits as well as reproductions of original album cover art Perhaps most important of all each album featured comes with an authoritative description of its importance and influence. This book made me check out many CD's from my local library mostly to stroll back into bands I know and trusted with good music I've bought an albumweek since I first started a paper route But I've diversified into world and jazz in the last 20 years as I'm not too impressed with the US music scene lately So I tried some of the recent bands listed in this book Sorry to say IMHO the eual respect this book gives to each decade is not worthy of the music uality I'm sure the 1001 paintings book is similar ie if you like impressionism then you like those paintings included and if you don't like modern then you won't like the modern art listed So for this book if you focus on the genredecades that you like you will most likely agree with the selections

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review 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die 103 Ü 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die is a highly readable list of the best the most important and the most influential pop albums from 1955 through 2003 Carefully selected by a team of international critics each album is a groundbreaking work seminal to the understanding and appreciAmong the critics involved in selecting the list are some of the best known music reviewers and commentators including Theunis Bates music writer for Time and urban editor at worldpopcom Jon Harrington staff writer at MTV Seth Jacobson writer for Dazed Confused as well as many othe. Inevitably a compendium like '1001' will mean different things to different folk merely because of combinatorial maths let alone age parents' children's and friends' influences when and if you had your own family surrounded by boys or girls which country you lived in and so on; not to mention eclecticism audiophilia or simple 'good taste'; or whether you read the NME or Melody Maker both none or others It will have glaring omissions harrumphed inclusions substitutions begging hundreds of unknowns and happily many many old loves Just revisiting some of those old loves is several afternoons of sheer pleasure Life was never better than on these essential nostalgic trips But there's yes there's always Opportunities for discoveryNot a book you will read from cover to cover it's the covers which ignite the lights in your heart and fire the brain's flood of nostalgia But it appeals and repugns on many levels not least nostalgia I'm in the process of recapturing so many lost and missed albums of the '70s the decade when I grew up musically and this album of albums enriches this journey in a sedimentary wayMy 2016 version with contentiously the best LP cover of all time waiting in the wings Bowie's Aladdin Sane on the cover included amongst 9 of his 30 studio albums the longest tribute in this list starts with Frank Sinatra's Wee Small Hours and ends with Bowie's Blackstar And already I'm arguing; BlackStar instead of Diamond Dogs Wee Small Hours over Strangers In The Night for Summer Wind alone Well at least Songs For Swingin' Lovers is here if only for the incomparable Under My Skin and the eminently swingin' Nelson Riddle arrangement Such esoterics are the foibles of us all when it comes to music when it comes down to these albumsBut most enjoyably already I'm in imaginary discussion with hundreds of thousands of others with similar passion for what is the medium without which I simply could not existThe first thing I did when I unwrapped this delicious gift this Xmas was check out the inclusion of an armful of personal musts those I consider uintessential coffee table albums Firstly the big 3 Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon obviously; then Genesis Selling England and then Yes Tales And shock horror the last was omitted This is simply inexplicable; perhaps some earlier version of the compendium included it And where was Tangerine Dream's Rubycon over Phaedra Todd's Todd alongside the two rightly included Cocteau Twins's Blue Bell Knoll or Four Calender Café with Evangeline Bluebeard and the awesome Pur Eagles without Desperado Who are these peopleBut there were also a host of sighs of relief Rod Stewart's Every Picture Abbey Road What's Going On Joni's Hissing Supertramp's Crime Simple Minds with New Gold Dream 81 ABC's Lexicon Prefab Sprout's Steve Mcueen Radiohead's OK Computer Coldplay's Parachutes And there were a ream of bandsalbums which were huge at the time but soon forgotten Slade and Sparks Joan Armatrading Television Ian Dury XTC Scritti Politti And if Scritti Politti why not Black Where's Andy Williams there's Frank or Neil Diamond; Streisand there's Sade Bread Carly Simon China Crisis Elbow make it in but not Ed Sheeran Goldfrapp are in here for Felt Mountain but not for the gorgeous Seventh Tree There's no Grace Jones no Hall Oates What is going onTime was though my mind was open Now I've a brain with too much hard wiring and the likes of Kanye West and Jay Z leave me agape though Outkast make me laugh I can't get Beyoncé or Taylor Swift but my friend who had girls does Though Mariah Carey now I can see why Robbie Williams but no Andy Neither 21 nor 25 move me yet although I missed Björk I'll look her up I don't like any of Prince's offerings after 1999 the single but I'm happy that The Avalanches made it if just for the title release I agree wholeheartedly with all of Led Zeppelin's inclusions and agree with the exclusion of The Song Remains The Same It's a shame the Lighthouse Family didn’t make it for Ocean Drive nor Thomas Dolby for The Flat Earth Nor U Roy who I enjoy much than Marley though I can see why the latter just as I can Black Sabbath for their historic reference if not the musicThere were the omissions by artists which I thought could be better represented aside from Tales and why not Relayer just as superb and yet so different to Fragile Why not Todd although the two given are great yet not uite so great Iggy Pop's Blah Blah Blah instead; Roxy's Avalon; Talk Talk's It's My Life 10cc's How Dare You or Original Soundtrack for Une Nuit as well as I'm Not In Love Indeed what makes one album a 5050 in my book Rubber Soul is so uneven even if Nowhere Man and Norwegian Wood outshine Drive My Car and Girl or Michelle is so worn now I can't listen to it any where another Abbey Road is phenomenal And the one album I've played every year of my life since it was released though I've played Rubycon at least as often The self titled Blood Sweat and Tears was my very first album at the age of 10; I won it in a disco raffle and swapped it for Abbey Road five minutes later while Sgt Pepper was still reverberating around the airwaves and Abbey Road is the best Beatles album by far in my book But probably not yoursSome personal loves don't even make it Sting but okay Synchronicity Barry White instead of Jack No Apollo 440 whereas The Chemical Brothers and Orbital; no Neil Diamond but Randy Newman and Billy Joel So much missed out so many to contend All of Steely Dan's given except Aja Really Suede's Coming Up or Head Music but the two given No Aztec Camera Love But Haircut One Hundred Are you really seriousBut how do you get a roomful of fans to agree which of even the best artist's albums should be included Can you separate the merits of Faith Older or Listen Without Prejudice when they are that close that good Yet Older does not appear How many of Bowie's albums would you include given the radical differences in styles and genres yet so many brilliant masterpieces All of those 9 mentioned might be eually worthy but not to me I haven't been able to get into The Next Day or BlackStar at all and I'd have Space Oddity or David Bowie if you like and Diamond Dogs there instead Plus Scary Monsters And probably Black Tie But I agree that of the Berlin Three Lodger doesn’t touch Low or 'Heroes' If I have a middle of the road it's Michael and Bowie not the Carpenters nor Bee Gees though I'm glad they made it in and although ACDC's Back In Black sits between Michael Jackson's Thriller and Pink Floyd's DSOTM and Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell between Whitney Houston's Bodyguard soundtrack and the Eagles' Greatest Hits in the all time album sales list on Wiki they ain't my bag at allYet I'm not a jazz man either; I'm a prog rock fan I'm not into the Blues but Sticky Fingers should be in here for Wild Horses and You Gotta Move alone I love space rock but Kraftwerk Aretha Franklin yes but no Gladys Knight The Temptations and Isleys but no Four Tops or Supremes Stevie Wonder yes yet no Smokey Dusty yes but not Barbra Metallica no but not Muse Black Holes And there's a flotilla of folk funk and indie I'll almost certainly not have the time let alone the inclination to explore House and Garage will not be in my home After that the genres elude m