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The Hotel New Hampshire characters à PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ “The first of my father’s illusions was that bears could survive the life lived by human beings and the second was that human beings could survive a life led in hotels” So says John Berry son of a hapless dreamer brother to a cadre of ecceReud the animal trainer and vaudevillian that is and playthings of mad fate they “dream on” in a funny sad outrageous and moving novel by the remarkable author of A Prayer for Owen Meany and Last Night in Twisted River. The Hotel New Hampshire John Irving's Fairy Tale of Life A dream is fulfillment of a wish The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund FreudOne of the benefits of having your favorite professor of psychology as your next door neighbor is learning that he is a very widely read man We are an odd pair I suppose He is 76 I am 59 But through the years we have known one another we have become best friends We freuently exchange books the other has not readIt is safe to say that Howard is fond of literature that some might find uirky That's fine with me That which is uirky can be uite fascinating Howard can also be subject to a touch of hyperbole So when he handed me his copy of The Hotel New Hampshire declaring it the finest book written in the English language I graciously accepted it not revealing the grain of salt I reserved for his high accoladeWhile I would not proclaim The Hotel New Hampshire the finest book written in the English language it is a book I came to love with the passage of each page uirky Oh there's no uestion about it Iowa Bob Berry is the football coach of Dairy Prep School in Dairy New Hampshire The school doesn't uite make the top tier of preparatory schools in New England but it serves its purpose for the wealthy whose children don't fall into the top tier of students that attend the top tier schools It comes then rather a surprise that Iowa Bob's son Winis Harvard material The problem is that although he has been accepted to attend it's going to take hard work to earn the money to afford the tuitionNowDairy Prep is an all boys' school It comes as no surprise that Win's girl of his dreams is unknown to him although they live in the same town However after graduation the two nineteen year olds spend their summer working at Arbuthnot by the Sea a resort in Maine Nor does it come as a surprise that the two fall in love over that wondrous summerThere is definitely a fairy tale uality to the courtship of Win Berry and Mary Bates the daughter of a very scholarly family Another employee at Arbuthnot is Freud not Sigmund of course but Freud a mechanic who entertains the guests with the antics of pet bear State O' Maine who rides a 1937 Indian Motorcycle At the end of summer 1939 Freud announces he's returning to his home in Vienna not a wise thing to do He sells the motorcycle and the bear to Win for 20000 for Win's promises he marry Mary attend Harvard and one day will apologize to Mary for an event Freud does not revealWin makes good on the first promise uickly Win and Mary begin to be fruitful between the entertainment seasons during which Win is earning his tuition at various resorts with the use of the Indian and the Bear World War II puts a hitch in Win's enrollment at Harvard However he returns safely graduates from Harvard and takes a teaching position at Dairy now a coed facilityThe Berry children are Frank Franny John Harvard Lilly and the youngestknown as Egg John the middle child narrates the novel in first person Win uickly becomes dissatisfied with his teaching position He buys the now vacant female seminary to convert it to a hotel as there is no other in DairyI've mentioned that Irving's novel has a fairy tale uality to it It's necessary to remember that there are the lighter tales of Hans Christian Anderson and there is the darker side of the genre by the Brothers Grimm As the story of the Berry clan proceeds it is evident that Irving has chosen to follow the Grimm routeFrank is gay He is targeted for humiliation by the backfield of the Dairy football team uarterbacked by Chip Dove The same backfield rapes Franny She refuses to report that she has been raped but minimizes the attack by saying she had been beaten up Lilly has a rare disorder which prevents her from growing Egg is practically deaf following a series of ear infectionsWin receives an offer to sell the Hotel And who should appear to offer the Berry family a change of scenery but Freud now the owner of a hotel in Vienna Austria Win is his pick to help improve his gasthaus to the level of a fine hotelFreud could use the help It's an odd establishment One floor is occupied by prostitutes who may ply their trade legally in Vienna Another floor is occupied by a group of radicals despising the old order and anything smacking of tradition Win has his work cut out for him Freud has obtained a smarter bear Susie She's considerably smarter than State O' Maine She happens to be a young woman who does a divine impression of a bear not only serving as an entertainer but a body guard for the ladies of the evening upstairs And oh yes Susie was the victim of sexual assault as well She considers herself ugly and is content to hide behind the bear suit The Hotel New Hampshire was written and directed by Tony Richardson for the screen in 1984The radicals upstairs are a dangerous group They plan to set off an automobile bomb which will cause a sympathetic bomb under the stage of the Vienna Opera House on the premiere night of the fall season I leave it to the reader to discern whether the attempt is successfulor not and who lives and who dies The Vienna Opera HouseThe Berry family return to the United States Lilly has written a best seller Trying to Grow This deus ex machina allows the Berrys to live a comfortable life though all of life's normal travails continue to follow them through out their livesAs Irving tells us sorrow love and doom float through each of our lives It's how we each handle those unavoidable currents that determine the satisfaction of our livesIowa Bob training John Harvard to be a weight lifter put him on a strict regimen of exercise You have to be obsessed Obsessed Keep passing those open windows Having lived approaching sixty years I'd have to say you can't live just standing still Some dreams become wishes which are fulfilled Some are not Just persevereI have read a number of reviews of The Hotel New Hampshire You will certainly find its detractors here Those unfavorable reviews note the dysfunctional nature of the Berry family Similar reviews find Irving's emphasis on sexual assault unnerving While I've noted Irving's fairy tale nature of storytelling in this novel life isn't a fairy tale The events described in Irving's novel happen all too freuently As a bit of a post script I have to say Irving did his research on the dynamics of sexual assault and its effects on survivors Yes sorrow also floats

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Ther to a cadre of eccentric siblings and chronicler of the lives lived the loves experienced the deaths met and the myriad strange and wonderful times encountered by the family Berry Hoteliers pet bear owners friends of F. I've never much liked fancy dress I've never been very good at it either It's my mum's fault really Every Halloween when I was a child my mum would throw a black bin liner over me colour in my nose with her mascara and attach a sock she’d stuffed with newspapers to my bottom before declaring my costume complete Even at seven I was aware of how ridiculous I looked Sometimes I decided to throw on some additional make up or attach a couple of ears to my head just to avoid confusion but that was hard work most years I just wrote ‘CAT’ on a sheet of paper and pinned it to my chest for everyone to see My baby sister had less need to explain her identity to our neighbours but her Ghost disguise – one sheet two eye holes – was another classic in the shite costume genre You know another example of crappy costume A bearskin And by that I mean the skin of an actual bear which let's face it would look incredibly stupid on a human especially a skinny female human And yet according to this novel a skinny female human automatically becomes a dead ringer for a bear when dressed in this enormous animal's skin and faced with any idiot hotel guest In the real world nobody with a single brain cell would fall for this trick but idiot hotel guests fall for it here Continually It's very annoyingAlso sibling incest Ugh

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The Hotel New Hampshire“The first of my father’s illusions was that bears could survive the life lived by human beings and the second was that human beings could survive a life led in hotels” So says John Berry son of a hapless dreamer bro. It’s been forty years since I read this book It put me on a course that would take me thru almost the entire then extant Irving opus back in those depressing doldrums they called the eightiesSo Irving’s offbeat book helped this offbeat guy through its deification of Murphy’s Law to a murky hilarity that totally reflected my thirtysomething life and yes in the evenings I watched the classic Thirtysomething TV series so go figure how down I was at that sad timeA Time of reflection and angst after the passing of my dear MomDare I revisit the old hotel nowStay tuned in the warmer time of year after I’ve reread this book it showed me back then I’d only escaped from the seismic shock of the seventies to be met by a muddlesome mid age crisisI have now some several months of unanticipated though virus mandated isolation later acuired an 80’s edition of this book in mint conditionThat copy I will probably give to a young friend who has long wrestled with this selfsame contrariness of happenstance throughout his life as I did Because I believe I now see the key to dismantling that contrariness in my life or in yours which key I’ll now beueath to your common goodThough my friend will relish its topsy turvy world it would now be deleterious to my own well being Why do I say thatSimply because the world as it is is much simpler and workable than Irving’s and all it takes is the clarity that is gained by a lifetime of fortitude in the adverse yoke under which us seekers labour in a world ruled by Murphy’s Lawuantum physics might say the Murphy’s Law life is a parallel and antecedent world to a world that simply and uite peacefully amid the nose of eternal conflict IS In such a way Parmenides saw the world it just IS immutably And its trajectory is eternally circularYou see the phony world is TRYING to habituate us to endless defeat in a Murphy’s World as Irving is in the following suggestion to himself Give it up As the gatekeeper tells Franz KafkaGet this the phony world no matter what age or aeon you live in wants to sell you ITS version of itself Got it Not the straight and narrow world of pure unprejudiced ISNESS Only its mere fabricationSo it wants us to admit defeat and accept its version of lifeI don’t buy that I KNOW life is simple pure uncluttered Being because I have LIVED that experience And intend to continue doing soAnd that’s why I can no longer read this bookLife is at the same time much simpler and much difficult than that Cause you gotta fight it every inch of the way if you want to reach the summit and “the Road goes on Forever”So I continue to fight just trying toredeem the DreamThe unseen token of the Higher DreamOur Dream takes dedication but it’s real So’s the battleThis is my uest to follow that StarNo matter how hopelessNo matter how FARAnd the end of all our searchingWill be to arrive at the place where we startedAnd KNOW the place for the First TimeBut you know it’s a book my young friend Matthew and YOU might LOVE if you’re in those Sturm und Drang younger years when happenstance is NEVER on your sideAll is now well as the chill winds of imminent fall weather blowAnd I in the late September of my years have made penultimate Peace with a world that always went against my expectations simply by not refusing to bear my Lifelong Cross peaceably as I ALWAYS should have doneAnd another happy ending Irving’s long and hilarious conundrum is now in the permanent possession of my fruitlessly uestioning young friendMay Irving’s ideas fall deep into his fertile spiritual soil