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REVIEW Ø Breakdown à Carmilla ueen of the Night is a shape shifting raven whose fictional exploits thrill girls all over the world When tweens in Chicago's Carmilla Club hold and initiation ritual in an abandoned cemetery they stumble on an actual corpse a man stabbed through the heart in a vampire style slayingThe girls include daughters of some of Chicago's moTer than the answers Is the killing linked to a hostile media campaign against Sophy Durango Or to Chaim Salanter's childhood in Nazi occupied Lithuania As VI struggles to answer these uestions she finds herself fighting enemies who are no less terrifying for being all too huma. VI Warshawski is Nancy Drew for grown up girls down to the chores she does the wardrobe and grooming the meals she consumes and of course the chances she takesthe way she takes charge of her own life But then there is the story The twists the turns the caring about people the familiar Chicago locations that bring this homesick girl back again and again I assume she doesn't get her readers from the evangelical right but I am so glad to hear her biases her points of view her lambasting the pompous people who hold the power the people who tell lies long enough and loud enough and often enough that they become well known fact Thank you Sara Paretsky for writing those books that I love to wait for and devour They entertain catch me into them and make me feel not so alone in the world And I love that with each successive book a little of Sara 's own self and history perhaps comes through Thanks

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Carmilla ueen of the Night is a shape shifting raven whose fictional exploits thrill girls all over the world When tweens in Chicago's Carmilla Club hold and initiation ritual in an abandoned cemetery they stumble on an actual corpse a man stabbed through the heart in a vampire. The 'VI Warshawski' books by Sara Paretsky were one of the first mystery series that I began reading years ago I'd stopped reading for a few years then when I picked 'em up again I'd somehow forgotten this one I added it to my TBR and recently decided to get caught up this summer After the first chapter I thought 'oh no this isn't very good' But I persisted and forced myself to finish it while procrastinating about packing for a trip By about 10% in I was hooked again I'm happy to share my feedback on this book and if you've struggled with the first few chapters push yourself to get past them It'll be worth it Warshawski is a tough as nails Chicago private eye reminiscent of the Golden Age detectives from nearly a century ago with one difference VI is a woman Tougher than Kinsey Millhone but with a feminine side and a tenderness for some of her family Victoria Iphigenia is the person you'd want to find the killer It doesn't matter if she gets beaten up shot drugged tortured or stabbed VI always pulls through in the end In this novel her cousin Petra is running a book group for preteens and the latest craze is a YA vampire paranormal series When some of the girls act out a ritual in the nearby cemetery they're unfortunately in for a lot than expected Another private eye is stabbed with a stake by a murderer who reminds the girls of a vampire Throw in a few parents with political ambitions a wealthy international business mogul some Nazi Polish immigrant histories and a few vengeful but loving mothers and you've got uite a storyAt first the vampire angle threw me off I felt like it was gimmicky and silly not the Warshawski I knew But once it began settling out and I ignored the way the preteen girls behaved seriously one was just a witch because she didn't want to get in trouble and with a murder ten feet from her what kind of parenting led to that abomination of a child who thought it acceptable to act so spoiled and lie for such reasons Then the subplots began to take over and I felt like the meat and substance were front and center I enjoyed the twisty path the historical connections to wars of the past and the methodical approach to solving the crimeI'm glad I picked up the series again and will order the next one when I return from vacation There are 4 before I'm current so I can finish them this summer then what will I read if all my tough female detective series are up to date If you haven't read these before you don't necessarily have to go in order as VI's life is fairly low key A few people that die in later books might be alive in earlier ones so the order could be confusing but never in regard to the main mystery Onward I go

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BreakdownStyle slayingThe girls include daughters of some of Chicago's most powerful families the grandfather of one Chaim Salanter is among the world's weathiest men; the mother of another Sophy Durango is running for the United States SenateFor VI Warshawski the uestions multiply fas. Picking up the latest Sara Paretsky book is like sitting down with an old friend to hear a new story Paretsky penned her first book featuring private investigator VI Warshawski in 1982 Nearly thirty years later the newly released Breakdown is the fifteenth book in this long running seriesVI receives a frantic call from her cousin Petra late one night a group of girls holding a initiation ceremony based on their favourite author's vampire books get than they bargained for when they stumble across a corpse staked through the heart And these aren't just any teens they're the offspring of some of Chicago's wealthiest and politically powerful families Rescuing the girls makes VI late for a meeting with her old friend Leydon Ashford By the time VI makes their meeting it's too late either troubled Leydon has jumped from a balcony or she was pushed In a coma she is unable to let anyone know what happened As VI decides to investigate further into both of these seemingly disparate occurrences she is warned off by than one party Of course that only fuels VI's fireWhat has made this such an enduring series VI has aged and her life has progressed in real time She was a character I liked from the first book and my opinion hasn't changed She's true to her principles and beliefs always with an eye towards justice Now that's not to say that she won't bend the rules just a bit to get the results she needs And she's tough having taken than her fair share of hard knocks But she gives as good as she gets She says what she thinks she's smart loyal and someone you'd want on your side sometimes you are so single minded in your search for answers that you don't always think of the conseuencesParetsky's plotting is always good the mysteries are intricate and not easily solved It is the personal issues and plot lines that elevate this series beyond a simple whodunit It almost feels like VI and her friends and family are real people The writing and reading flow effortlesslyYou can certainly read Breakdown without having read any of the others in this series but I bet you'll be hunting down her backlist once you discover this fantastic female protagonist