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review Swordbird ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ë The blue jays and cardinals of Stone Run Forest have turned against each other According to legend only Swordbird son of the Great Spirit has the power to conuer evil and restore peace to the land But is he real or just a myth Can Swordbird arrive in time to save the forest or will it be too Ld author Nancy Yi Fan has woven a captivating tale about the birds of Stone Run Forest and the heroism courage and resourcefulness in their uest for peace. This book was very cute and the world was pretty well built The tone of it was sort of confusing it felt pretty formal and didn't mesh for me in the way I normally like but that may also be a side effect of me like Not having read an MG book in about 100 years I think if you've got a kid who likes birds or animal stories in general they might really like this As an adult some of it seemed a little weird as like a person who cannot turn their brain off the sort of Biblical allegory seemed to really hit me over the head and I wasn't sure I was super comfortable with it but obviously the message is positive and it doesn't go much further into that allegorical territory that I possibly just made up

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The blue jays and cardinals of Stone Run Forest have turned against each other According to legend only Swordbird son of the Great Spirit has the power to. I've been wrestling with what i am going to say about this book for a day or so nowOn one wing this is one of the worst books i've ever read and i want to go into extreme detail to warn away others from reading itOn the other wing this was written by a tween in their second language and i don't want to be a jerkSo here's what i settled on i'm reviewing it twice once as a book by a 12 year old and once as a bookHere we goAs a book by a 12 year old this is pretty good like a solid A as a creative writing project in school when i was 12 i can honestly say i couldn't have written something like thisThere are a lot of characters a great diversity of birds and the illustrations are beautifulAs a book This is really really bad you guys I honestly don't know how this was published it clocks in at just over 200 pages but that's not the reality because every chapter starts at like the middle of the page the spacing of the margins is insane and there is so much illustration in it Sidenote in all fairness i want to say again i love the illustrations there's this one of a theater group of birds that travels by hot air balloon no don't try to make sense of that that i would have framed and hung on my wall combine all these things and this book is honestly less than 100 pages of actual writingAnd the writing besides all of the bird lingo like look out somebird is coming and giving your friends a 'wing tip up' that get old really fast just the actually descriptive text is some of the worst i've seen Nancy takes a sentence likeJim turned to Sarah where shall we go and makes it into After contemplating for several moments Jim whipped around to look at Sarah who looked at him as well he was nervous what she would answer to his uestion Where shall we go He asked her in a hushed whisper wondering what her answer would beSo maybe this book is actually 50 pages when you cut all that out too which would make it a mercifully uick readThe world building is also sloppy and poorly thought out like i said before there are bird that ride around together in a hot air balloon who made that and why do birds need a flying vehicleoh that's right to transport there tiny GRAND PIANO Where did birds get a bird sized grand piano They never say can birds in this world build pianos and even if they could why would they when they play the piano in the book they play it with their feet using their wings to hoover at the keys That sounds exhausting why wouldn't they instead have an instrument designed with birds in mind to play itThe book also talks with extreme freuency about the clothes the birds are wearing but these clothes are almost never depicted in the illustrations often they are shown just as birds regular birds Once it does show a cardinal in battle attire and a bird named shadow in a black handkerchief It is for sure not a full 'cloak' as describedAnd not to beat a dead horse about the dialog but here's a taste also hey if you were still thinking about reading this book which i still advise against but that doesn't mean i would spoil it for you this next paragraph is mildly spoilery so you can skip down to where all the money signs are cheers for context 'Miltin' has been held captive in a slave camp for over a month he's been beaten and starved and then attacked upon his escape and then attacked AGAIN on his way home When he arrives home he's bleeding through several bandages and looks like death then he collapses and this happensThe medicine bird uickly came Miltin is in danger I'm afraid he reported gravely after the examinationMiltin's mother burst into tears How can you be in such a state Miltin She wailed You were healthy and well before you were captured How can you be so sick after just over a monthYes i'm sure before his internment in a work camp Miltin would fly laps around the tree every morning always drink his bird orange juice ect but i guess a month long imprisonment and being turned into an arrow pin cushion TWICE can just maybe affect one's healthA big plot point in this story is the War going on between the Blue Jays and the Cardinals who used to be friends but that has since fallen apartThis is written like a big obstetrical that will need to be overcome maybe like in the third act they'll have to set their differences aside and what Really oh ok I've just been told that that actually wraps up way back in chapter six like totally wraps up they even have a party together a little bit later and hey about that party they have that party AFTER they learn there are a bunch of woodbirds being kept as slave labor and they were asked to help but you know Party first THEN help that's the hero's way actually no i think it went party first Then wait until the villain attacks you too making it personal Then fight the villain when he attacks a SECOND time and THEN save the slave birds from the work camp because THAT is the hero's wayEven the name and Title character SWORDBIRD doesn't make sense when i hearread the name SWORDBIRD i think of a Braveheart style master warrior bird like a rambo bird like if i called a human GUNMAN But here's a twist SWORDBIRD is their deity of peace He's bird Jesus and i really honestly mean that they even call him the son of the all light or something to that effect he was born to a mortal bird and everything They pray to SWORDBIRD they have holy texts that tell stories about SWORDBIRD this is a very unsubtle Jesus allegoryThe over all message of this book is even naive and trite Peace and friendship are good Slavery and eating people are badno i mean it the villain bird was straight up eating other birds To summarize Nancy Yi Fan Wrote a book and like i said at her age that is pretty cool but when you publish a book and have it sit next to other books it will be measured against them and this book just does not measure up I do feel bad for lambasting this book and i know a lot of people would say it's for kids it wasn't written for you But i feel like you're underestimating kids i read a lot of J fiction and i know that while yes a 10 year old could read this book the truth of the matter is there are so many better books for them to read than this one even with its clunky and simple writing the characters have names that are hard to pronounce so it isn't even a good fit for struggling readers so why sugar coat it this isn't a good book

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SwordbirdConuer evil and restore peace to the land But is he real or just a myth Can Swordbird arrive in time to save the forest or will it be too lateTwelve year o. It’s hard to believe but the author was only 12 years old when she wrote this thrilling beautifully crafted fantasy about evil Lord Turnatt a hawk who has enslaved birds to build a fortress and has set the cardinals and bluejays to fighting each other She creates vivid characters with wonderful names Flameback the cardinal Dilby the loon and other cool words like “nobird” “somebird” and “everybird” There’s a hummingbird circus birds dining on raspberry pie and fending off invaders with scalding bean soup Best of all each chapter starts with a uotation from some book of bird lore including the Book of Heresy which promises the terrible Turnatt eternal life if he eats the egg of one woodbird every day Nancy Yi Fan is a talent to watch Jean Westmoore The Buffalo News