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Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse Review ´ 102 Ø David W Orr looks at the causes and conseuences of the coming climate destabilization which he argues is the result of the largest political failure in history While better technology and smarter economics are important to limit the eventual scope and scale of Result of the largest political failure in history While better technology and smarter economics are importan. This book is about consumption Man 's consumption of raw materials in an unsustainable manner What's interesting is that the disease consumption AKA tuberculosis was a slow death for those afflicted until modern antibiotics Mankind's addiction to and stuff is also a slow death for the planet Modern day tuberculosis has now developed resistant strains that once again leave the victim with a slow wasting death I digressThe first 120 pages are a great breakdown of how the political system corrupted by corporate money and K St influence peddlers has allowed climate science to be degraded and obscured for short term profits Orr offers solutions corporations aren't people and have no rights publicly funded elections with NO corporate money at all fix the education system by putting critical thinking back into public education and demand that the FCC enforce the lack of balance that pollutes our airwaves as reuired by law establishing the FCC By putting critical thinking back into schools the public would actually be trained to see the politicians lies and half truths Most educated people today believe because they do not have the critical thinking skill sets reuired to cut through the lies that are being hoisted on us by politicians and corporations This goes hand I n hand with the FCC forcing balance on the airwaves The law establishing the FCC reuires those who use the airwaves to present balanced points of view during there broadcasts Balance does not mean Rush Fox News etc bring on Bill Nye and then ambush him Balance means a discussion that meets the standard of HS Debate competitions Not a yelling match with Nye not getting a word in edge wise These new yelling matches have replaced thoughtful discussion today thanks to Fox and the rest of the Rt wing yellers This discussion is reuired by law and is why PBS is on the air AS I said the First 120 pages go into depth on what is wrong and ways to fix it The last 20 pages also look at ways to fix the problems with our discussion today How we reasonable people need to take back the public commons of debate and demand thoughtful discussion real facts and common courtesy by those taking part in the discussion or debate Again we need to educate talk and listen to each otherThe pages in between get tedious If you read this volume they can be skimmed with out lousing very much of Orr's argument and talking points If you want to know how the GOP led by Karl Rove and the Bush 43 hijacked the climate debate in favor of corporate tax's getting lowered and fighting wars in Ira Read this one you will be mad afterward but you will be better informed

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T to limit the eventual scope and scale of the problem climate change will reuire basic changes in governance. Lots of good information and some chapters absolutely engaging Other chapters full of redundant commentary Better editing would have helped At times the author instills hopelessness other times he is not so dire although with the recent conservative mid term elections his worst predictions sound like they are the most likely to happen Still it was definitely worth reading

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Down to the Wire Confronting Climate CollapseDavid W Orr looks at the causes and conseuences of the coming climate destabilization which he argues is the. In writing Down to the Wire Orr has produced not only one of the best books on the social issues related to the long emergency of climate deterioration confronting our generation but also an impassioned call to action filled with well reasoned and specific steps we need to take if we and our children are to survive the century I am impressed by the writing skills of the author a rare uality in writers in this field and by his well structured arguments He has identified the necessity of a major metanoia on the part of the world's ever growing population which will enable us to engage in a meaningful program to prevent further damage to the climate mitigate the fallout from the damage we have already caused and adapt as well as possible to a world that will never again be the same at least in the human scale of time The author does a wonderful job of explaining the realities of the crisis in which we find ourselves but he urges us not to despair but to hope realistically and to look ahead to a time when generations far in the future will praise us for undertaking the Great Work that lies before us and for bringing humans and as much of the living world as possible through the dreadful bottleneck to come