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characters Verwirrung der Gefühle Zusammen mit Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer Frau 107 ñ Roland a young student at a new university meets an inspirational teacher who sweeps him into his world of literature and learning When the boy moves into the same building as the teacher andRom him – sometimes even seeming to hate him But the truth about these feelings is something that will shape both men for the rest of their lives. Confusion is about a university student who goes from party monster to serious student becoming obsessed with his charismatic literature teacher – who has a “dark secret” The two become close as the student helps the teacher write a book on Elizabethan theatre and then things happen Confusion is it for me and Stefan Zweig Chess was a fine novella but everything I’ve read since has been mediocre to outright terrible; Confusion is firmly in the latter It’s a self consciously “literary” work which like all similar books has some finely worded sentences none of which say anything Zweig relies entirely upon his narrator being utterly naïve to what his infatuation with the teacher signals and what the teacher’s behaviour towards him means which is an infuriating conceit because it’s so obvious what’s happening and the reader has to watch the predictable overwrought melodrama play out exactly so at a tedious pace There are pages and pages of useless blither about the wonders of academia and the life of the mind none of which convinces as to their merits or entertains in the least Zweig is not the sort of writer who tells stories heavy on plot instead focusing on the emotional inner lives of his narrators particularly Confusion’s; which is odd because his stories are never in the least emotionally affecting for me anyway as too often the reader is told to feel a certain way rather than believe or experience it themselves through the prose A hinted at subtext to the piece seems to indicate that repressed sexual nature can lead to needless misery and suffering which is certainly seen in the story and I expect is a truism as well; but it doesn’t feel like that is Zweig’s main intent nor does it seem that he especially empathises with his characters’ emotional turmoil It’s a passing observation on societal s and nothing else Perhaps the reveal at the end which anyone could have guessed well before long as Zweig’s “hints” are laughably broad might’ve had impact in the 1920s30s but it’s not nearly as explosive today It’s taken me nearly half a dozen novellas I never claimed to be uick on the uptake to realise Stefan Zweig isn’t much of a writer He can write pretty prose that is as transparent as his subjects and their stories but nothing substantial or memorable Confusion is a contrivance uasi artfully constructed with zero emotional heft to it It’s also the last thing I’ll read by Stefan Zweig for a long time if not ever again

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Es into the same building as the teacher and his wife he becomes ever closer to this remarkable man though he also senses his mentor pulling away f. No confusion for me This was simply impressively bloodless it reminded me a little of Traumnovelle in that it felt like a booknovellalong short story whatever that by a weird twist of fate potentially involving a publisher and a time machine was written in this case I'd say forty or fifty years after it might have made most impact view spoiler though that works in the internal timeline of the story hide spoiler

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Verwirrung der Gefühle Zusammen mit Vierundzwanzig Stunden aus dem Leben einer FrauRoland a young student at a new university meets an inspirational teacher who sweeps him into his world of literature and learning When the boy mov. music has rests as well as notes 19Master of the novella Connoisseur of the human soul His prose tears down the walls that separate the mind from the outside world It finds its way towards the essence of being And you will no longer inhabit your own body You become one of his characters for better or for worse A young man was wasting his life until he had a conversation with his father that enlightened his path That is how he ended up assisting to a talk with a brilliant professor whose magnetic lecture bewitched his students with a fluent river of wisdom Several lines are dedicated to convey that this professor is an excellent speaker both concerning content and way of transmitting itHowever other reflections were shining among so many praisesThese unruly and passionate hearts rage like lions each trying to outdo the others in wild exuberance; all is permitted all is allowed on stage incest murder evildoing crimes the boundless tumult of human nature indulges in a heated orgy; as the hungry beasts once emerged from their cages so do the inebriated passions now race into the wooden walled arena roaring and dangerous It is a single outburst exploding like a petard and it lasts for fifty years a rush of blood an ejaculation a uniuely wild phenomenon prowling the world seizing on it as its prey—in this orgy of power you can hardly hear individual voices or make out individual figures Each strikes sparks off his neighbour they learn and they steal from each other they strive to outdo one another to surpass each other’s achievement yet they are all only intellectual gladiators in the same festive games slaves unchained and urged on by the genius of the hour living respectable lives ruffians whore masters actors swindlers but poets poets poets every one 18A beautiful statement about writers and their issues This story involves the relationship that develops between a married professor a man who moved from hot to cold like a bright flash of lightning 31 and a college student When a person meets another certain feelings start to wake Likability love respect indifference hatred Everything is allowed The confusion begins when you can't really distinguish those feelings A remarkable person often makes us feel admiration A clever conversation reinforces the growing feeling of comfort Looks can be in second place; intelligence and humor can conuer almost everything Then and only then we start pondering about what we are actually experiencing Is it love Is love the sum of all those things These reflections restlessly unleash a confusion of sentiments What clearly draws the enigmatic line between love and admiration I wouldn't know On one hand we have an intense amount of feelings crying for attention and solutions On the other hand we have silence Coldness Absence Not that any tension or sense that they were at odds made itself felt in word or gesture on the contrary it was the absence of any such thing the lack of any tension at all between them that enveloped them both so strangely and made their relationship opaue a heavy silence of the feelings 29There is a volcano of feelings waiting to erupt even in the uietest human being of all You could hear the bustle of a colorful crowd just by taking a uick peek A fervent desire of sharing everything you have inside The inability to do so because of some unknown obstacle with the strength to hold you back The fear of exposing too much perhaps The art of isolation Until you breakAh secret place of my memories where the word became magical to me and I knew the intoxication and enchantment of the intellect as nowhere else 54This book covers all grounds Zweig's prose is as clear insightful and magnificent as ever The act of transforming emotions into words without losing intensity is something that this writer can accomplish effortlessly There is music in his words There is art Uncertainties Melancholy And passion Above allNot just with application my boy but above all with passion If you do not feel impassioned you’ll be a schoolmaster at best—one must approach these things from within and always always with passion 24Passion for your work But also the purest form of passion the one that has to be tamed to be acceptable for others until you realize that is not livingHaving this in mind I can stop playing chess nowJune 22 14 Also on my blogNote I also read this edition Confusión de sentimientos I prefer the English translation