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FREE READ æ I Capture the Castle Ö Cassandra Mortmain lives with her bohemian and impoverished family in a crumbling castle in the middle of nowhere Her journal records her life with her beautiful bored sister Rose her fadingly glamorous stepmother Topaz her little brother Thomas and her eccentric novelist father who suffers from a financially cripR's block However all their lives are turned upside down when the American heirs to the castle arrive and Cassandra finds herself falling in love for the first tim. i found this book to alternate between delightful and infuriatinghere is the delightful   images of the english countryside and the crumbling fantastic castle cassandra's optimism and intelligence pre simon perfect descriptions of peaceful contemplative momentsand here is the infuriating cassandra's father a supposed genius but in reality a sexist abusive loathsome distant fellow he appears sporadically to ignore his children leave his wife lonely make everyone uestion his sanity and demand his supper from the ladies of the house the frustrating part of this character is that his terrible behavior is overlooked and often glorified when he should be taken to task i spent a good part of this book longing for someone to throw him into the moat cassandra's personality meltdown after falling in love the optimistic intelligent loving happy girl turns at once into a mean spirited self centered fool she begins to hate her sister and engage in other sorts of petty miserable behavior not only is her change of heart unbelievable in how uickly and totally she becomes a different mean angry self centered person but  somehow the author seems to insinuate that this very change of heart for the worst is in itself the act of growing up what a sad commentary on aging cassandra's behavior isthe back of the book declares by the time she cassandra pens her final entry she has captured the castlei do not believe that cassandra captures the castle by the end of this book i think she loses the castle she has lost her optimism and her ability to write without a certain bitterness her words are tainted by her own angersadnessjealousy about her troublesome love i feel that capturing the castle would have meant cassandra maintaining  her original good nature selflessness and happiness despite her failure in love it would have been rectifying in person her horrid behavior towards her sister and most certainly standing up to her father

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Ored sister Rose her fadingly glamorous stepmother Topaz her little brother Thomas and her eccentric novelist father who suffers from a financially crippling write.

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I Capture the CastleCassandra Mortmain lives with her bohemian and impoverished family in a crumbling castle in the middle of nowhere Her journal records her life with her beautiful b. My name is Cassandra Mortmain I know it sounds made up but it’s true I’m 17 and bright as a button and never been kissed because it’s the 1930s My family are effortlessly bohemian we all live in a crumbling castle – oh yes uite literally – and we have no money at all and we have only barely heard of the twentieth century How poor we are since father stopped earning any money He used to be a genius but now he does crosswords We eat the occasional potato and scrape plaster off the walls for pudding We have thought of cooking one of our dogs but that would not do Also something you should be aware of although you will find out pretty soon I believe is that I suffer from acute logorrhoea which is a debilitating condition that impels its victim to write a never ending journal into which is debouched every last possible banal but extremely charming detail of one’s life and that of one’s immediate family which is the pulchritudinous Rose my 21 year old sister my doughty schoolboy brother my poor damaged papa who wrote one brilliant book once but has since sunk into a kind of bewilderment and his nude model youngish wife the unusual lute playing nature communing Topaz whom we love immoderately in spite of her frank farfetchedness along with various cats and dogs with classically derived names and a servant boy called Stephen who gauchely is in love with my 17 year old preciousness and whom we do not pay but who contrives to be preternaturally handsome and work for us for free Anyone might think I have made all this up out of my own couettish head We may live in a literal castle but we haven’t got the price of a loaf of bread It’s enough to make a cat laugh Our situation is so wry that fairly broad comedy oozes from its very pores Rose said only last night that she was uite up to walking the streets to earn a crust if she thought it would do any good but the uaint rural byways of the Suffolk countryside don’t possess the reuired type of street So here I am as usual sitting on something odd it could be a turret or a tuffet or a large mammal carefully noting down in my journal everything I hear and see along with the weather at the time and the precise location of the several animals we own what I am wearing and what my immediate family are wearing with various passing references to the utter beauty of the crumbling literal castle that we all inhabit over which the moon sheds its downy light and lambent whatnotsFour months later Something has actually happened Yes new owners of the mansion have taken possession – new neighbours And it’s just like a fairytale for they are none other than two handsome American bachelors with whom I and my sister will fall in love and they with ourselves naturellement But not before many pages of microscopic examination of every trifling occurrence so that a single evening in their company will take 30 pages for me to detail and the sisterly debate about it another ten And certainly not before much gentle yet sharply observed observations on the romantic yearnings of two beautiful yet penniless girls who get the brothers the wrong way round at first Now let me explain how I first met the American brothers I was in the bath and I had been dying clothes that day so my entire body was coloured a violent sea green and they wandered into the crumbling castle thinking no one could possibly live there Imagine the scene They took me for some kind of turtle