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review The Lady of the Rivers × eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Jacuetta daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe was married to the great Englishman John Duke of Bedford uncle to Henry VI Widowed at the age of 19 she took the extraordinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love and The great Englishman John Duke of Bedford uncle to Henry VI Widowed at the age of 19 she took the extrao. I really did enjoy reading this Cousins War installment featuring Jacuetta The Lady Rivers even though each time I had to key the name of the book into Goodreads I typed “The Lady of Shallott” I'm a sucker for that poem My only grizzle is that being numbered Cousins War #3 you would think that it would be following in a chronological sense after The White ueen and The Red ueen but this is not so Currently the chronological order that these books should be read in is as shown on The Lady of the RiversThe Red ueenThe White ueenThe Kingmaker's DaughterThe White PrincessThe Last Rose The King's Curse not yet releasedNOTE where The Last Rose fits on this list is currently unknownBUT The books are numbered and show on Goodreads in publication order The White ueen Cousins War #1The Red ueen Cousins War #2The Lady of the Rivers Cousins War #3The Kingmaker's Daughter Cousins War #4The White Princess Cousins War #5The King's Curse Cousins War #6So if you follow the publication order like this foolish woman here did you're all out of order I didn't like leaping all over the place in time Personally I'd have liked to read the damn series in order Be warned about this anomaly if you haven't read this really interesting and entertaining series by Ms P Gregory yetOkay grizzle over 4★ PS You could not have kept me at a royal court in England in the 15th and 16th century for all the money in the world I like my head just where it is planted very firmly on my shoulders thank you very much

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Rdinary risk of marrying a gentleman of her household for love and then carved out a new life for hersel. Where I got the book review galley from NetGalleyPhilippa Gregory takes a step back farther in time with The Lady of the Rivers; after exploring the lives of the various Tudor women in a succession of novels she now dives into the rich and complicated history of the Wars of the Roses This was a period in the 1400s in which two branches of the Plantagenet royal family struggled for power over England and various bits of France The protagonist in The Lady of the Rivers is Jacuetta of Luxembourg who is not generally a well known historical figure The story covers Jacuetta's life from adolescence to middle age and Gregory fans will realize that it ends with the beginning of Gregory's 2009 novel The White ueenI've been critical of Gregory's kings and ueens novels in the past mostly because I would like to see pure fiction from her but I enjoyed The Lady of the Rivers As usual though I did not find the protagonist particularly interesting; I felt that she was an observer of history rather than being a participant in it Of course in those days a noblewoman's role was to run the house and lands while the men fought Jacuetta does plenty of that and produce children Jacuetta had sixteen So maybe the impression of passivity that I received was due to the necessity of sticking fairly close to historical fact The bits of white magic that all of Gregory's heroines inevitably indulge in do not come across as exciting enough to compensate me for the lack of actionAnd yet there were some definite improvements over recent novels in the series For one thing Jacuetta gets to travel around uite a bit and even though she's not in the battles I did get a better sense of being near to the action than I usually do And the supporting cast was good; I particularly liked Margaret of Anjou Henry VI's ueen and I found the account of Henry VI's mental illness compelling There were several other memorable characters; in fact I now understand the Wars of the Roses a whole lot better So if you read historical fiction for the history you'll be satisfiedI'm not going to say much about Gregory's writing idiosyncracies here since what I was reading was a galley which had not even been edited for capitalization and paragraph layout; that surprised me I desperately want to send her the gift of a big bag of semicolons though Gregory is the undisputed ueen of the comma spliceOne last comment; I have been reading Gregory for years and am fascinated to note that the novels are getting less sensual as time goes on This one was PG ratedOverall impression a good Gregory and recommended for lovers of English history

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The Lady of the RiversJacuetta daughter of the Count of Luxembourg and kinswoman to half the royalty of Europe was married to. I have a problem with authors thinking that they have to reach a larger mass audience once they are popular It is comparable to a musician who “sells out” The Lady of the Rivers certainly portrayed a dummied down storyline which started with the immediate opener Perhaps Gregory is so popular now that she took away much of the magic so evident in some of her earlier works to reach a wider audience The theme of my complaints against The Lady of the Rivers is the lack of depth Admittedly this novel is a fast page turner but solely because it is easy to read and has very short chapters several were only one page; and not because it is overly intriguing or capturing The book is rather slow in the beginning even by page 109 I was bored and it was obvious that this is because Gregory didn’t have much research to include Is it a coincidence that the latter part of the book is interesting and not as sparse when describing the battles Not at all Sadly even the events which were described appeared glossed over which relates back to the lack of depth element Although Jacuetta is the main character her character development is extremely weak to say the least Her inner feelings and actions never felt fully disclosed and understood making her seem very one dimensional Moreover many of the other female characters also felt very demeaned and ill described Joan of Arc was portrayed uite foolishly and Margaret of Anjou was even annoying than usual Margaret of Anjou is already “known” as being villainous but at least she has drama and depth In The Lady of the Rivers she just comes off as a spoiled teenager in a teen film Plus of the book was about Margaret of Anjou than Jacuetta I found this all to be disappointing because none of the characters were likable or encouraged support Imagine a star studded ensemble cast in a movie but with a terrible plot and poor acting That is the best way to describe this book Sadly even the proposed highlights were unsatisfying Moments in the plot which were meant to be “strong” such as Richard Woodville declaring his love to Jacuetta; were elementary rushed and so predictable that I actually rolled my eyes The inescapability caused the story to be very difficult to “get into” I have to admit there were SOME strong points throughout but I have to judge the novel on the whole and overall the momentous events covered Hundred Years War Wars of the Roses were barely even scraped in potential by Gregory The Lady of the Rivers is of a summary of these events or YA novel Some contradictory points were also evident For example the novel stressed that the Earl of Suffolk opposed Margaret’s marriage to Henry but then about a page later said that he predicted its success Um sure I also have to ask did they actually say “hi” during this time period Jacuetta surely did in this novel I may not be a linguistic expert but never ever have I come across the word “hi” in any other Plantagenet or Tudor novel and I have read countless sources This bothered me Also the churching ceremony appeared to be described in the manner of the rules set forth by Margaret Beaufort which she obviously didn’t do yet at the time of this novel Let’s not even get into the complaint which is evident by all readers across the board the overuse of the titles ie “My lord the Duke of Bedford”The end of the book was the best similarly to how the Battle of Bosworth scene at the end of The Red ueen was surely the highlight and climax It also set the lead in to The White ueen uite seamlessly especially if one would want to re read it after The Lady of the Rivers I will give Gregory credit where credit is due that she attempted to cover a person who doesn’t have a million biographies or sources available on her Jacuetta is a lesser known individual and I support bringing the “underdogs” to the table I admit that I may be a little harsh and that I shouldn’t expect a thorough novel when such little information is available However Gregory should have instead transversed this as a novel about Margaret of Anjou then I do support the effort however Overall not AS terrible as I suspected but definitely a dummied down version Either Gregory is losing her spark or I’m just slipping out of the target market