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The Fathers Love mobi ´ Paperback Read Í Dave Moore Ë The drive home seemed to be endless My mind was a battleground of extremes Ideas of what to do next to help find David seemed to constantly flood my thinking Yet the negative side thinking the worst of what might have happened to my son was always occupying my miThe drive home seemed to be endless My mind was a battleground of extremes Ideas of what to do next to help find David seemed to constantly flood my thinking Yet the negative side thinking the worst of what might have happened to my son was always occupying my mind A sucker for any book that reveals God’s love for His people and in honor of Father’s Day Sunday June 17 I contacted Dave Moore and explained that I wanted to read The Father’s Love and review it on my blog Dave graciously and immediately sent me a copy via email With The Father’s Love published by Tate Publishing Enterprises downloaded on my Kindle I sat one evening and began to read I didn’t uit until I finished the book It was impossible to stop Almost impossible to breath Really The Father’s Love an amazing true story opened with a short straightforward introduction that immediately endeared me to Dave and his family Dave then proceeds to Day One where he recants his day including the discovery of a farewell letter from his son a college freshman facing struggles and too embarrassed to tell his family In a rush of emotions and in a fast paced page turning reading event Dave details the days and nights of his search for his son You feel Dave’s hope and anguish through optimistic clues and dead ends You become Dave’s friend riding with him in his car hoping he doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel or crash his car at his high speeds You wonder along with him if the decisions he’s making are the right ones You hold your breath when he passes out cash in the worst parts of cities in an attempt to glean information of his son’s whereabouts Believers will pray with Dave when he finally surrenders his hopelessness to God and all will gasp in amazement at the way God responds The Father’s Love is a short gift sized book that’s all heart hope and healing Readers including non believers will be shocked at the miracles God works in the life of Dave and his son David The Father’s Love is about a father’s love and The Father’s Love After shutting off my Kindle late in the night and taking a breath I revisited the miracles in my own life and thanked God for The Father’s Love both the book and the Love of God the Father

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Thout results what will he do Who will he turn to In this amazing true story you will experience Dave Moore's anguish in going through a father's worst nightmarea missing child Through his fear Dave confronts his soul's emptiness and learns the heavenly Father's Lov I wish I had a mom and dad like Dave did although my parents were similar in that they were a poor farming family Dad grew up in an orphans home and never learned how to say I Love You but he and I were close As for my mom she showed me many times how much she did not love me but in fact hated me But somehow I always knew I had the love of my Father God Almighty and my best friend growing up and even now is Jesus ChristAs for this book The Father's Love I really liked reading it One day began like most others for Dave Moore It was Friday just another day of working hard and going home A letter would change his life foreverDave did not know what the Bible said about forgiveness He did not know how Jesus asked God the Father to forgive those who beat and crucified him But he learned this later and something had changed inside of Dave His life was different now so much positive Something had happened and Dave made a vow to God that he would serve Him the rest of his life A miracle happened The miracle of salvation God's timing is perfect and His love for us is infinite and the greatest love imaginableReaders I hope you take the time to read this book Dave Moore doesn't believe he is a writer but I say he is a wonderful writer who wrote about his journey and many miracles of divine healing If you like reading real life stories I know you will love this one It will touch your heart and if you need a change in your life this book will definitely speak to you Personally I love to tell the story of Jesus and His love What a friend we have in Jesus and our Father God AlmightyFor God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting last John 316Jesus said this when he was nailed to the cross during his crucifixionFather forgive them for they do no know what they do Luke 2334Jeannie Walker Award Winning AuthorI Saw the LightFighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion Deadly Poison and MurderThomas The Friendly GhostThe Rain Snake A True Story of Love Faith and Trust

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The Fathers LoveThough sleep was dearly needed it was not welcomed for even in sleep I was tormented Confronting depression fatigue and evil Dave Moore goes on a cross country search for his missing son Becoming increasingly desperate and having done all that is humanly possible wi The Father's Love a true story is one that really tugged at my heart You feel like you are right there with Dave feeling his pain and frustration as he searches for his son Doing everything he knows to doyet feeling so helpless Finally reaching out to God he gets than what he asks for Reading about how God moves and works in people's lives is always inspiring to me I think you will be inspired too