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S of his family for power A Christian scholar must track down the magic threatening his world All pa This is the third book in his Claw series and an absolute belter Well in mind it is if you have read the preceding instalmentsTo sum it up if you have a thing for Norse mythology and how it can permeate through time then you need to read themVikings gods Romans Greeks and ancient lore what can you ask for?Lord of Slaughter will keep you guessing who is who and how they relate back until the endExtremely well written as with his previous instalments Wolfsangel and Fenrir each will truly give you a proper taste for the world that was and bring it to the forefront of your minds eye Perfect dialogue each character having their own voice throughout timeThere is deep rich creativity in these books as well as enlightening the reader to legends long past I recommended the first book to a good friend who is of true Norse stock and has a wealth of knowledge in the culture He loves it I need to restrain myself from giving him spoilers when he asks me about what happensIf you want fantasy from our own world this is the series for you

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Lord of Slaughter The Wolfsangel Cycle #3 Ths lead to the sualid prison deep below the city where a man who believes he is a wolf lies chained Each time I dive into the mad bloody and frightening world Mark has created involving psychotic gods beastly murders and damned love I wonder if with each seuel he writers to Wolfsangel he himself is being taken over by the hanged god Odin with all his insatiable appatite for fates to be twisted and sealed If this is the case it does clearly show in this third installment of a series that yet to has any kind of official name oddly enough but like the god Odin himself fans may know it by many namesI am very pleased to say that there is another very strong Viking presence in this lengthly saga although I'm still wondering as the centuries role by how Mark will ever evade the presence of a norse warrior if these old gods and their schemes are to progressThe best part though is that this nordic tale is performed in a very un norse like land that of Constantinople aka Istanbul or Miklagard 'Great City' as the vikings would have known it And it does still have some grounding in the previous book which took place in and around Paris in that the central characters are mainly Norman Almost civilised descendants of vikings who settled and founded Normandy after a deal with a Frankish King to get them to go away ironically enoughI can't say for other readers but due to the complex beauty of Mark's plot and theme I did often try to work out before I was even half way who was the wolf man who was the man wolf who was the unlucky woman in all of this and who indeed would turn into a one eyed dude waiving a spear But of course Mark wouldn't let it be that easy at least not in the first half as there are definitely characters entwined than the previous two which did blurr things a bit After the half way point I gave up guessing and started repeating the mantra 'it will all make sense in the end' which it did with some relief An end which had the build up of a hundred earthuakes and the eruptive force of a hundred volcanoes in drama tension horror and the most important aspect of all death It's the way his writing grips you despite the gore the misery the pain and the horror you can't not turn the next page to learn if anyone survived and it's why I read the second half in one sitting and didn't finish it till midnightFans of the first two will definitely not be disappointed with this third episode and I amongst them will be scratching my head hard with puzzlement and excitement as to how Mark will follow this up; as this ending although the prophecy was fulfilled it did leave a few loose threads in his tapestry of cursed fate that will bring fresh life and indeed blood I hope in his next book

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PDF ↠ BOOK Lord of Slaughter Û M.D. LACHLAN Û The terrified citizens of Constantinople are plagued by mysterious sorcery A boy had traded the lives of his family for power A Christian scholar must track down the magic threatening his world All paths lead to the sualid prison deep below the city where a man who believes he iThe terrified citizens of Constantinople are plagued by mysterious sorcery A boy had traded the live The citizens of Constantinople seem to have reached the end of days Mysterious things are happening the sky is darkened wolves are gathering outside the city and howling People are terrified so the ruler of the city calls for a Christian scholar to find the evil that is causing this and eradicate it He arrives with his expectant wife fleeing from her angry fatherThe dark events keep building; the cult of the wolf grows each day a boy with a snake like pupil in his eye has a growing influence over those in power the Norsemen camped beyond the city walls talk of the legends that tell of a wolf who will kill the gods and the spirits of the dead are stirring All these dark elements lead to a cell deep below the city where a man sits in chains a man who believes that he is a wolfRagnarok is coming; even for those that don't believeThis is the third in the series following on from Wolfsangel and Fenrir and like those it is filled with lots of pagan and Norse references as well as being set in a historical context On top of that Lachlan has layered his own werewolf story that is dark violent and bloody Mostly is a very readable fantasy that has compelling story threads that draw the main characters together for the finale Occasionally there are scenes that get a little confusing the one I am thinking of did take place in the dark caves under the Numera but it added greatly to the drama