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mobi ï doc American Gods ç First published in 2001 American Gods became an instant classic an intellectual and artistic benchmark from the multiple award winning master of innovative fiction Neil Gaiman Now discover the mystery and magic of American Gods in this 10th anniversary edition Newly updated and expanded with the author's preferred text this cNge road trip and introduces him to a host of eccentric characters whose fates are mysteriously intertwined with his ownAlong the way Shadow will learn that the past never dies; that everyone including his beloved Laura harbors secrets; and that dreams totems legends and myths are real than we know Ultimately he will discover that beneath the placid surface of everyday life a storm is brewing an epic war for the very soul of America and that he is standing suarely in its pathRelevant and prescient American Gods has been lauded for its brilliant synthesis of mystery satire sex horror and poetic prose A 81% | Very Good Notes The concept's pretty brilliant but the plot can be slow and plodding at times and the end doesn't live up to the build

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First published in 2001 American Gods became an instant classic an intellectual and artistic benchmark from the multiple award winning master of innovative fiction Neil Gaiman Now discover the mystery and magic of American Gods in this 10th anniversary edition Newly updated and expanded with the author's preferred text this commemorative volume is a true celebration of a modern masterpiece by the one the only Neil GaimanA storm is comingLocked behind bars for three years Shadow did his time uietly waiting for the magic day when he could return to Eagle Point Indiana A man no longer scared of what to I find myself shocked at the awards this book has won and the praise heaped upon it How on Gods’ Earth could a book about Gods walking on the Earth among mortals be so pedestrian Somehow Gaiman managed to turn a potentially cool premise into something boring For those who love this book—and I know it is many—please forgive the sarcasm to follow as I blaspheme against the beloved Gaiman But Gods help me the I read the I hated American GodsFirst off while the premise sounds interesting the I thought about it the less I liked it The basic idea the worshippers a God has the powerful they are The plot there is a building power struggle between the old Gods Norse Native American pagan etc and the new Gods Technology Television Money etc Okay I’ve heard the ratio of worshippers to power idea before so that’s not so original But it’s not a deal breaker It has potential Here’s the uniue twist in American Gods that caused my political antenna to start twitching—every God like say Odin has an “avatar” of him or herself in each country Or is it each continent Gaiman’s not uite clear about that Would there be an Odin in Belgium and Luxembourg Or does all of Europe get one Odin who is different from the American Odin I find it politically disagreeable to suggest that every country or even continent has different God avatars To make this the premise turns intangible political entities nations into strictly bordered spiritual containers It’s parochial thinking I disagree with this premise radically because I reject that people of a given “nation” are somehow bonded spiritually Countries are artificial Like Afghanistan Like how we stole the native people’s land to form America I ascribe to the perspective that while people should always be fighting for political freedom and better political systems locally and nationally we are truly citizens of the world together The premise of American Gods manages to privilege the people in one country as somehow being united in their spiritual energy feeding the Gods only within that country As a metaphor Gaiman repeatedly feels the need to state that this premise is a metaphor it fails There should be no metaphorical boundary between my spirit and my sister’s and brother’s spirits in Nicaragua even if we have different local needs Further I could go on about how old Gods religious deities are in cahoots with modern Gods like wealth and technology Just look at the fact that all the evangelists support the party of the 1%Political oversensitivity on my part aside the rant continuesThe main character Shadow was about the dullest hero I’ve ever read For Gods’ sake how many times do other characters have to refer to how “big” he is Is he a big man He sure is big Wow you’re big Apparently he’s big Is he big Oh boy is he a big man Yep he’s big He was big and boring and one dimensional So pure of heart that it grated on me I found the majority of his dialogue to be trite and conventional He struck me throughout as a pawn of the author and yes he was a pawn of the Gods too than a real being His words were missing that spark of believability to bring the character to life I didn’t even believe his repeated sleight of hand behavior It felt like a character trait on a chart that Gaiman could pull out every couple of chapters And when it came to the other God characters I just wasn’t feelin’ it They seemed phony as all get out I did not find his representation of them credible I think my reaction to their characterizations were primarily due to a reaction to mediocre dialogue The dialogue wasn’t awful but I found it to be consistently off—slightly awkward slightly unnatural subtly stiltedMost of the story was told in very close third person from Shadow’s point of view But every once in a while Gaiman would throw in a chapter from another character’s point of view These chapters read in some ways like short stories inserted into the novel to expurgate some backstory elucidate the Godworshipper premise in detail or delve into a side character I find such techniues utterly amateurish One or two “interludes” in a book might be acceptable but to have an entire story driving in a close third person POV and then jump into another character because you can’t “explain something” from the primary POV is cheap It’s an easy out I react badly when authors feel the need to “explain things” to begin with And to interrupt the flow of the structure you’ve created to do so pisses me off It made me feel as though Gaiman were talking down to me as the reader like I was a little kid who didn’t get it Or like his storytelling just wasn’t good enough to tell the story without jumping out of it to explain it Understanding should come organically Or else the POV jumping should happen freuently such as every chapter It’s all about rhythm of storytellingSwathes of American Gods were just plain boring About 23 of the way through I started skipping whole paragraphs then pages to get to plot events All the stuff between the plot events was trying my patience Shadow spends a great deal of time stuck in a small town in northern Wisconsin meeting all these good hearted locals and exploring bits of small town life I felt like I was stuck in a small town in northern Wisconsin during the winter the whole time I’m like—this is not freaking Housekeeping and Gaiman sure ain’t Marilynne Robinson He does not have the writing chops to pull off an intimate look at real small town lifeModest spoiler view spoilerThe entire chapter where the old Gods meet the new Gods in truce made no logical sense Even if the place they met was neutral due to its magical ualities the new Gods simply had to track the trucks when the old Gods drove off and bomb the hell out of them It was just this weird excuse to have some conversations between the old and new between Shadow and the new Gods And to get that body back Contrived hide spoiler

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American GodsMorrow might bring all he wanted was to be with Laura the wife he deeply loved and start a new life But just days before his release Laura and Shadow's best friend are killed in an accident With his life in pieces and nothing to keep him tethered Shadow accepts a job from a beguiling stranger he meets on the way home an enigmatic man who calls himself Mr Wednesday A trickster and rogue Wednesday seems to know about Shadow than Shadow does himselfLife as Wednesday's bodyguard driver and errand boy is far interesting and dangerous than Shadow ever imagined It is a job that takes him on a dark and stra Anybody who tells you that the book is about old and new gods or about a man named Shadow or about coin tricks or about having one's head smashed in for losing a game of checkers is selling you a line because those are just details not the story itselfMuch like any Neil Gaiman story the devil is in the details and you just have to resolve yourself to coming along for the ride or you'll miss it It's not one story or two it's many and it's all completeand you have to just read it and enjoy it and accept it Or just don't botherI might as well sell you a violin as sell this book to you or pluck a synopsis of it from behind your ear and then deposit it in my hand only to have it turn into a critical review while your attention is elsewhere But I won't you'll just have to find the magic yourself