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Characters è Reaper's Vow 102 º A breed of werewolf soldiers engineered to kill on command The Shadow Reapers went rogue at the end of the Civil War Now exacting justice by their own code they long to feel human as they contain the beast withinEver since his cousin Adelaide disappeared Cole Cameron has been searching for her—and for Isaiah Jones whoH Adelaide and where he finds the beautiful MirandaMiranda was once a captive of the enemy pack of Rogues Now a werewolf herself all she wants is to protect her daughter and try to forget the husband she lost But Cole’s not about to give up the greatest desire he’s ever felt in his life And he’s vowed to make Miranda his no matter what stands in his way. This was an interesting plot twist with a human male struggling with making the choice between remaining human or transitioning to a supernatural being My trouble with the book wad I couldn't connect with the male I never gained a good understanding of why he felt the way he felt or behaved the way he did I struggled to finish I just need definition of the characters I guess

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A breed of werewolf soldiers engineered to kill on command The Shadow Reapers went rogue at the end of the Civil War Now exacting justice by their own code they long to feel human as they contain the beast withinEver since his cousin Adelaide disappeared Cole Cameron has been searching for her and for Isaiah Jones whom he blames for her kidnapping after a hel. First Reads Reviews Reaper's Vow by Sarah McCartyI signed up to win this book through the GoodReads First Reads program largely because I thought it was interesting to pair a female shifter with a human male It's not a pairing that is often shown because the implication is that the shifter female would then be stronger and powerful than the man and I'm all for complicating traditional gender roles I should have looked harder at the cowboy hat on the cover though because that definitely is not the case here Having not read the first book in the series I guess I didn't know that in this setting female Reapers are actually much weaker than male Reapers and are in fact not even as strong as male humans I was a bit disappointedNow not everything with the relationship between Miranda and Cole is bad They are likable enough characters but this is definitely a story that buys into the idea that men are right and that women make stupid decisions on their own Basically it's a giant advertisement for traditional marriage because Cole needs Miranda to have something to fight for and be with after his cousin grows up and Miranda needs Cole to protect her and tonot abuse her I guess Now the very end of the book has Miranda take a little bit active of a role in her own life but for the most part it's still that she is giving her life to Cole because she can't make decisionsAt least that was my reading of it and it wasn't really something that I was too much a fan of The premise is interesting enough that some people took werewolf blood to try and engineer living weapons during the Civil War and that things got out of hand and they broke out and are now living on the run And there laws are pretty sucky I guess because laws back then were with women seen as property and not as people Again the end of the book does a little bit to complicate that but not enough It's no excuse that it's taking place in the past This is not non fiction There are werewolves They could be better and should be and if the best that the book can offer is a modern restrictive marriage with strict gender roles then I don't think it's enoughFor a paranormal romance with shifters or Reapers there is also not much in the way of action The main tension is internal to the small group with abusive Clark not wanting to let Miranda go and Cole so nobly saving her or getting her to save herself It would have been nice to have a bit going on actual plots to make the main drama with Cole and all not be the entire book And in the end I just didn't much care for this effort Some of the pieces were interesting but while the story might be progressive by the standards of the time it's not at all progressive by today's standards and telling people that change is slow don't push too hard is not a great way of doing things So I'm giving this one two stars out of five

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Reaper's VowLacious fight in town involving if the stories of drunken saloon goers were to be believed men who changed into wolves Being a practical man Cole doesn’t believe itThen he is rescued from a pack of strangely intelligent wolves by none other than his uarry Isaiah who brings him to a hidden valley where the Shadow Reapers have settled where he is reunited wit. Sarah McCarty returns to the Shadow Reaper series with her latest installment Reaper's Vow Readers have waited a long time for this one and won't be disappointed McCarty takes the Civil War era and turns it on it's ear by inserting paranormal characters who are forging a new life for themselves after a tragic beginning History and the paranormal mix in this book to give readers a uniue reading experience that they can't find too many other places McCarty's Reapers are just what the doctor ordered when it comes to protective alphas And readers won't be able to get enoughWhat I likedIt's been almost two years since Reaper's Justice the first book in the Shadow Reaper's series hit shelves Readers have faithfully waited for Sarah McCarty to take them back and now she finally has But this one may not turn out exactly like they thought it would With a mix of paranormal and human characters the world building was diverse and difficult to pull off but McCarty does it with style This was just what I was looking for in a good paranormal historicalThe Civil War has always been one of my favorite historical genres to read about It has so many avenues that the author could use to take readers on a one of a kind journey And when the paranormal is added to the mix you just can't hardly go wrong McCarty uses all of the elements of the times and adds that little paranormal twist which changes the story completely I liked the fact that McCarty made her werewolves fierce and determined to make a good life for themselves after being turned in order to make them into weapons That was such an usual premise that it worked It really worked Cole is a great alpha hero but he is all human He finds him getting in a bit over his head when he has to be rescued by the Shadow Reapers I loved his fighting spirit He was determined to find his cousin and to seek justice from those who he thought kidnapped her It was interesting to watch him when he realized he had been wrong I thought he showed a lot of character development throughout the book McCarty took Cole's character in a totally different direction than I was expecting In fact I was a bit shocked by the ending but not in a bad way She just really surprised meMiranda is a great female lead As a Reaper she hasn't had a lot of choices about what has happened in her life She only wants to protect her daughter and move on with her life since her husband's death Meeting Cole changes everything for both of them and I liked how they were so good for each other They brought out the best in each other He was strong and self assured and he gave her the courage to move on She was warm and caring and showed him how to love The relationship between them was poignant and very believable Cole's relationship with Miranda's daughter was also a joy to read aboutWhat I didn't likeLike most other readers of this series I thought the wait between books was too long It caused a sort of disconnect between the reader and the series itself I found myself trying to relate this book back to Reaper's Justice when it was totally different I think there needed to be of an interwoven thread between the two books that didn't seem to come acrossBottom LineThis one was good but I liked Reaper's Justice better The end was certainly shocking I thought it would go down in a much different way but perhaps that's a good thing and it is setting up the next book in the series We shall see