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REVIEW À Angels in Pink: Kathleen's Story ¶ It's the summer after sopho year and Raina has convinced her best friends since the sixth grade Kathleen and Holly to spend their summer as pink angels in Parker Sloan General Hospital's summer volunteer program Kathleen is reluctant to do it she has enough responsibility at home caring for her sE wrong times And Kathleen's mother keeps complaining that she needs Kathleen at home But with friends Raina and Holly by her side and her Pink Angel t shirt on her back Kathleen is able to realize that helping others also allows you to help yourse. This book is about three girls Raina kathleen and Holly who join a summer volunteer program at Parker Sloan General Hospital Holly works done in the Childrens wing reading and doing crafts with all the children Raina works as a runner Moving patients to surgerys and getting them medicine and food things like that Lastly Kathleen works in the office center by filing papers During the volunteer program Kathleen meets the nauthiest boy namedd Carson and doesn't always want to be attracted to him but she is The Genre of this book is realistic fictionRomance and the theme of this book is book is friendshipPassion Overall I think this book was really great but there were a few things that I would change 1 I think the Characterization was good on the three main charaters Holly Kathleen and Holly but on the minor characters such as Holly's brotherRaina Boyfriend Same person just to let you know I would like to know about his physical appearance 2 The suspence and foreshadowing in this novel was just okay I believe that suspence should be a main priority when writing a story because it takes a part in getting the reader addicted to your book In Angels in Pink I could predict a lot of things that were going to happen Forshadowingand in some novels it is kind of funbut in this one it was just eennnnnh 3 The last element I would critiue about this book is during the plot the falling action to be exact was pretty dull I wish it was a little exiting because I put down the book a lot during that part I'd like to tell you exactly what happened but it would give away the entire story People who would enjoy this book would be girls of any age between about 13 25 I picked such an older age because there is a lot of drama younger girls I don't think would understand Lastly I would give this book 5 stars because even though I didd critiue three things it was very hard to Overall I wish every girl between the age of 13 25 would read this book because it totally wonderfully amazingly awesome

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It's the summer after sopho year and Raina has convinced her best friends since the sixth grade Kathleen and Holly to spend their summer as pink angels in Parker Sloan General Hospital's summer volunteer program Kathleen is reluctant to do it she h. Everyone needs some fun every once in a while Kathleen thinks that she has too much responsibility at home and doesn't have time for fun or time to volunteer as a Pink Angel with her friends Lurlene McDaniel's Angels in Pink Kathleen's Story kept me on the edge of my seat with the constant action and different points of view by the different characters Kathleen McKensie's home life is not the kind of life that anyone would want to trade theirs for Her mother Mary Ellen has multiple sclerosis MS and can barely take care of herself Kathleen got put as Mary Ellen's care taker at the age of five and never has any time to do anything for herself She has no time to act like other girls her age do When Kathleen's two best friends Holly and Raina persuaded her to join a volunteer program at Parker Sloan General Hospital as a Pink Angel Kathleen thought that this was going to be an awful summer and worried a lot about the health of her mother who was left at home by herself Later Kathleen finds out that this program is just what she needs to break out of her shell and have a little fun Lurlene McDaniel moves from one of the main characters to the next in every chapter I like this style of writing because the book is not as boring with all of the different events going on with each character The drawback to this style is the confusion that the reader gets from each chapter The different chapters confused me because they didn't seem to fit together until I read on a few chapters and the chapters before were all summed up Lurlene's type of writing is serious and realistic than funny There are a few funny parts in her stories but most of her story seems very realistic than comical When i read Angels in Pink it seemed as if i was really in the hospital and at the characters houses witnessing all of the action because the descriptions of the settings were very elaborate Kathleen didn't like talking about her home life to other people besides Holly and Raina Most of the time though she didn't want to talk to them about her situations at home either Mary Ellen was my least favorite character because she was always so needy and complained way to much She always wanted Kathleen to do everything for her and Kathleen had to stop everything she was doing to make her mother happy If Kathleen came home a little later than planned from the hospital or from running an errand Mary Ellen would get very emotional On Kathleen's first day at the hospital the orientation went a little longer than she thought it would When she walked in she saw that her mother had been crying When she saw Kathleen she said I was scared I I thought something bad had happened to you Then she refused to eat unless Kathleen was right there eating beside her I recommend this book to people who like books that make the reader feel like part of the story Also Angels in Pink is a good book for people who have interests in personal realistic books

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Angels in Pink Kathleen's StoryAs enough responsibility at home caring for her sick mother But when she meets Carson a cute and flirty fellow volunteer she is happy that she joined the program Or at least she thinks she is Carson's old friend Stephanie keeps showing up at all th. I loved the heart of the story The bond between the three girls is clearly unbreakable and how different each person is how they balance each other I love Kathleen and Carson together but I cannot stand Stephanie I loved how the book wrapped up for the time being and I can't wait to read the next one