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She called herself Reee and she was the last human being on Earth This was the one thing she was sure of Because Earth was not a dead planet not by a long way There were all manner of strange plants and bizarre animals and ther. After having read three other novels by Piserchia my favorite 1970s West Virginian housewife sci fi writer I have identified several elements characteristic of her work First her novels are really melodramas and could be easily reimagined as dusty westerns The characters are archetypes one is either an agent of good or evil or a symbol of some basic human failing or virtue Then there is the classic Piserchia heroine a headstrong adolescent girl with a special power or who is simply special for her existence as in this story where Reee is the last indigenous human on earth In lit crit the Piserchia heroine would be called The Cosmic Gamin She is not interested in True Love or fame she is instead focused on Figuring It All Out and her own integrity which involves living by her wits on a basic level unattached to material things but savgely devoted to her familiar which is generally a flying creature that she can ride Another theme is Earth of the Far Future with Fantastic Creatures That is a major element in this story as it was in her previous novel A Billion Days of Earth Whereas this novel is the Jonathan of the Piserchia ouvre A Billion Days of Earth was Kurt Vonnegut Weird wonderful Piserchia

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EarthchildE were the blue boys who insisted they were human but she always set fire to them There was however Indigo the all devouring protoplasmic ocean that was literally gobbling up everything in the world And there was the enigmatic. Summary view spoilerReee a human girl loses her mother at age four when she is kidnapped by mars dwelling humans and Reee tumbles down through the ground There she meets Emeroo an amorphous green lifeform that often appears as a green woman and seems to possess a large amount of knowledge Emeroo takes Reee into her body establishes a symbiotic psychic connection with her and raises Reee she is fourteen Reee lives alone her only companion being a large bird Belios who reluctantly helps her The Earth is covered in large plants on which animal life now lives on top of and under A large blue ocean like lifeform named Indigo is eating the world and repeatedly creates semi independent blue boys to kill Reee Reee interacts with visiting Martians and the blue boys until Emeroo calls her back under the plant cover and to take one of Belios' eggs Emeroo forces her into suspended animation awakening her 500 years later when Indigo has overtaken the Earth except some mountain tops which are now islands Reee meets an apparent projection of Emeroo an ugly sexless person named Moss and Belios's child Bellis After visiting various islands Reee is kidnapped by the Martians Mars is slowly declining inhabited by stunted and unimaginative humans Reee is disliked and punished by shunning but Emeroo smuggles herself to Mars and destroy's the Martians' food production capability The Martians hurriedly to Earth leaving Reee behind but Moss appears and sends her along as well The Martians become even openly hostile on Earth killing Bellis and preparing to kill Reee but Emeroo causes Indigo to rise up and kill Reee's executioners Reee enters suspended animation again awakening on a floating island surrounded by a normal ocean A blue woman Indigo emerges from the ocean having no memory of her time as Reee's enemy Reee suspects that Indigo is part of Emeroo or her sibling Their island is found by a larger island with humans on it who take Indigo as their new ruler but eventually abandon her and Reee on their original island Reee leaves Indigo on a raft and is found by Emeroo after nearly dying She is put in suspended animation again awakening on a swampy Earth and finds a spaceship which takes her either to Jupiter apparently The dwarfish Jupiterians worship her and eventually inter in a vast pyramid Emeroo enters the pyramid and puts Reee into suspended animation again this time awakening on a normal Earth with people her own size The final line suggests that Emeroo is hosting both Emeroo and Indigo within her body hide spoiler

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free read Earthchild ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ She called herself Reee and she was the last human being on Earth This was the one thing she was sure of Because Earth was not a dead planet not by a long way There were all manner of strange plants and bizarre animals and there were the blue boys who insisted they were human but shEmeroo to whom she owed her continued existence There were also the so called Martians humans who had fled to Mars and only came back to Earth to scout for survivors and vent their futile furies on the the inhospitable homeworl. ►WHY'D YOU READ THIS BOOKI saw and liked the cover artwork by Michael Whelan after 70sscifiart tweeted it on Twitter I often choose books by their cover►WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOKThere’s much I liked about this story I love the main character Reee Her lone existence on an Earth forsaken by humans is intensely difficult as she befriends the elements Reee’s thoughts and conversations often reminded me of the ever present dialogue and conversations I have in my own head A strong theme of loneliness persists throughout Here’s an example “‘I’m pretty well satisfied with my life except for the fact that there’s a vacant place somewhere in it’”The author makes the reader work hard for the first few chapters I was grasping at every assumption I could no matter how far fetched just to make sense of things All the hard work pays off because you find that you survive the story just like Reee survives the hostile conditions of her environment but only for things to get worse yet you soon realize you’re in good hands with Reee—the little toughieI found the story to be open to different types of interpretation although I was too beat after reading each chapter to take a decent stab at the deeper meaning Instead I languished in the intrigue of the relationship between Reee and Emeroo Emeroo being a Mother Nature sort of presence However at the end of the story I was satisfied with my interpretation of thingsFinally I liked some of the many pithy mentions and uips throughout the text Here are examples     “‘Science’ she said ‘was all right when you could afford to pay attention to it otherwise the logical course was superstition’”      “‘I like you this way’” I said smiling “‘You’re innocent’”      “‘Don’t be offensive You know you mean ignorant’”     “‘Did it ever occur to you that you can’t always be right It’s against statistics’”►WHAT DIDN’T YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOKOh it doesn’t matter I hate to even say it but maybe there were a few missing commas here and there►DO YOU RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO OTHERSNo not at all This book is not for run of the mill readers who may rate it poorly No instead this book is for acetylcholine saturated folks who will appreciate swift moving imagery the sentiment of symbols and a plethora of interpretation worthy ideas