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Shepherds Moon (The Shepherds, #1) Read & download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Fate hasn’t exactly been kind to twenty year old Alexandra Unless you count the fact that she can communicate with animals the only piece of luck she’s ever had was being rescued by a wY have now expanded their efforts to include terrorism and are attempting to breed the perfect weaponDespite years of training and enough money from her live in pack of misfits to finance a small country Alex finds herself woefully unprepared to tackle the new threat To make matters worse Alex must work with a mysterious man who’s been trying to kill her since the day they met Together with her pack Alex must learn how to stop the biological cloning and find those responsible for the plan before it really does become a global threa. This book is not your typical paranormal read The author has a uniue twist to her storyline It definitely is not your I want to bite your neck let's hit the sack kind of book The Shepherd can talk to animalsweres but not humans lives with a variety of shifters whom she is responsible for and does work for a guy who sends her on hunts for rogue shifters Add a company that is cloning shifters whom she cannot communicate with and chaos ensues A Nephilim named Tristan only adds to the mix and the verbal sparring is delicious Ms Mantle's dialogue is smooth as silk and doesn't have the too often phrase repeats found in so many books I found myself thinking this is like talking to an old friend kind of read If I could I would give it a 4 12 and can hardly wait until the next book comes out Write fastBefore closing this reviewI would like to thank the author and Goodreads This was my first win in the book giveaways

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Fate hasn’t exactly been kind to twenty year old Alexandra Unless you count the fact that she can communicate with animals the only piece of luck she’s ever had was being rescued by a werewolf and landing in a forever home with an eccentric couple and their unusual pack of animalsIt’s taken twelve years to earn the official title of Shepherd but she’s now mostly trained fairly effective and the first female in over two centuries to hold the position as protector of animals All animalsThe Territorial Council isn’t thrilled w. Overall I give it 4♥'sOkay I had to let this sink in for a tiny bit Up to even 90% into reading the book it was a solid 4 stars The last 10% however maybe 3 It still has a primarily happy ending but left me wanting somehow I'm still giving it a 4 because 90% is than a goodly portion of the book The best way I think I can describe the ending I felt like it was a Wham Bam Thank You Mam Yes it was happy and enjoyable but the end felt rushed I got whacked by a high note ending fairy that seemed to give me the cliff notes version I hope I'm making sense here For the majority of the book I was enthralled by the world the characters It was all so rich and well laid out I was able to get a feel for things and be comfortable in the urban fantasy while still getting surprised occasionally It was witty and created an intriguing mythology'Hey Warrior Princess' he called out stalking over the dead grass of the yard towards me An air of disapproval hit me like a physical blow and I took a step back without even realizing itI can see the headline now Archangel Bust Were WhispererAnd I don't generally do helplessWhat I knew for sure was that he had a uick temper cocky attitude perilous good looks and a southern accent Apparently he also has a pet cougarBesides the ending there was also another issue I had with this book Of all things there was almost too much going on There were odd things that seemed like they were frayed ends of a scarf that I expected to get woven back into the story only they never were Or they seemed just suddenly teleported back into the story almost daring you to uestion how it happenedI would still recommend this book and am uite interested to read should the series be continued But I am hopeful the future works are consistent from beginning to end and focused on one or at least only a few major plot lines

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Shepherds Moon The Shepherds #1Ith her new title of Shepherd but they don’t have any control over the appointment than they have over her All they can really do is wait for her to screw something up – which Alex is determined not to doEverything changes when a chance encounter with a genetically modified Shifter leaves Alex shaken and initiates a uest to locate its maker In a desperate bid to save her pack Alex must infiltrate the Parallax Corporation – an international organization with their hands in everything from biomedical engineering to publishing The. Shepherd's Moon is the first book in The Shepherd's series by Stacy Mantle I read this book as a R2R with Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Fanatics As always a special thank you to the wonderful moderators of this group and to the author for allowing me to participateI liked this book It was different and intrigued me The spin on shifters was a refreshing change from the normal take in the UF genera I loved all the preternatural species and the idea of Shepherds was a clever idea The story was interesting and I really liked the cast of characters presented Alex the first female Shepherd in 200 years was an excellent lead female and I really liked her devotion to her pack and her pack devotion to her I also liked the struggle she had in dealing with her duties at her young age It was written well and I could really feel for her Her pack was a delight to read and I enjoyed each one in their different backgrounds and how they came to be part of the pack The things I didn't like about this book were the beginning was very slow I realize a lot of story background needed to be covered but I had to force myself to keep reading up until about page 90 where things started to get exciting After that the story was fast paced and the fight seuences were expertly written There were some severe editing errors but not to difficult to get throughOverall I thought this was a good read The ending left me wanting and I think this is a great start to what could be a terrific series I'll definitely keep my eyes open for book two