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Summary º Homestuck Book One 105 è Homestuck Book One | Tumblr Homestuck Book One Most recent Most popular Most recent Filter by post type All posts Text Photo uote Link Chat Audio Video Ask Grid View List View my FAVORITE piece of commentary in the new homestuck book is one page that at the bottom just says Roxy LOVES wizards fuck dude she sure fuS Friday April th Additional information is available at Homestuckcom It’s also “The Internet’s first masterpiecea maximalist epic” Medium It has “one of the most ubiuitous – and devoted – fandoms on the internet numbering in the millions” Polygon It also may be “The Ulysses of the Internet?” PBS Idea Channel Download Homestuck Book One Pdf ePub ebook Download Homestuck Book One Pdf Homestuck Book One epub Homestuck Book One free Homestuck Book One author Homestuck Book One audiobook Homestuck Book One free epub Homestuck Book Act Act Genre Comics Graphic Novels Author Andrew Hussie Isbn File size kb Year Pages Language English File format PDF Download the Book Books similar to Homestuck Book One Goodreads Find books like Homestuck Book One from the world’s largest community of readers Goodreads members who liked Homestuck Book One also liked Ava's Demon Homestuck Book Act Act comics review Homestuck Book Act Act cover image Homestuck was a webcomic created written illustrated and animated by Andrew Hussie It was published online from to for the euivalent of pages Considered minimalist and innovative Homestuck followed a format of a classic role playing game In general however. As most people that have read Homestuck I think the first act is really slow compared to the other ones that's why I was pleased to discover that it took me much shorter time to read this in printed form and it was a enjoyable experience One of the things I really liked was the humorous and interesting commentaries that Hussie had written on each pageIt's difficult to recommend this to people that haven't read Homestuck before On one hand those who don't like to read comics on a screen or have problems getting trough the first act it could be a good investment On the other hand you do lose something by not reading the web version You don't get to experience the gifs flash animations and games and the music Plusif you end up not enjoying the humor in the first act you will not like it in the later onesThe safest thing for a non Homestucker is probably to check the comic out a bit before you consider buying it But for a Homestuck fan I do really think it's worth getting

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Homestuck and its ever expanding story can be difficult Homestuck Book One by Andrew Hussie ThriftBooks Buy a cheap copy of Homestuck Book One by Andrew Hussie Free shipping over Skip to content Search Button Categories Featured Collectibles Movies TV Blog Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest Share to Twitter ISBN Homestuck Book Book in the Homestuck Series by Andrew Hussie Rated stars See Customer Reviews Select Format Paperback Homestuck Book One Weebly Homestuck Book One has appeared in the Topatoco online store just last week It is a book now Officially Wow Rejoice young blogger It is your time Except it isn’t Look you can read about Homestuck from these cool kids Or even better just read the story yourself I’m here to talk about what happens when you take a webcomicgamething and turn it into a book I don’t have a copy Homestuck Book One reddit Homestuck Book One topatococom submitted years ago by MSPAssistant Programmer videogame comments; share; save; hide report; all comments sorted by best top new controversial old random a live beta Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment Create an account MSPAssistant Programmer videogame points points points years ago And here's Problem Sleut. okay so Homestuck act 1 in a bookthats justamazing True It's incredibly slow but if it wasn't I would have absolutely NO IDEA what the heck is going on I think we all can agree that Homestuck is the Ulysses of the internet Between the timey wimey wibbly wobbly time shenanigans and all the god tiers and the felt and spades slick and his crewi could go on It's just so confusing So I think that it's important that Hussie made Act 1 long and slow because it gives readers a chance to understand what's going on If Hussie didn't tell you that John's dad was obsessed with making cake then all the batter witch comments wouldn't make sense If Hussie didn't take FOREVER explaining captchlouge hope I spelled that right moduses no one would know what he was talking about So in a way what he did with act 1 was very important Five stars for sure Also come on guys I'm not the only one who gets this pained expression and yells HUUUUSSIIIIIIEEEEEE EVERY SINGLE TIME SOMEONE DIES which unfortunately happens uite freuently sobbing All in all Go read homestuck It's completely worth it And once you get completely hooked you can upload your cosplay to Facebook and twitter and deviantart for all the world to see

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Homestuck Book OneHomestuck Book One | Tumblr Homestuck Book One Most recent Most popular Most recent Filter by post type All posts Text Photo uote Link Chat Audio Video Ask Grid View List View my FAVORITE piece of commentary in the new homestuck book is one page that at the bottom just says Roxy LOVES wizards fuck dude she sure fucking does man rose ebottles Follow Unfollow roxy voice i fuckin love wiznards Read homestuck book online cbmorg VIZ | See Homestuck Book Act Act I remember the manic hype around Homestuck during its original run online between and which easily consumed the attention on anyone within five or six degrees of it The oversaturated presence of the webcomic and its rabid fans exhausted me before I even had a chance to want to read it on my own Homestuck Book Act Act | Read Book Homestuck is one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the past decade a uniue and massive internet based hybrid work consisting of webcomics chat logs gifs video games animation and music Product details Format Hardback | pages Dimensions x x mm | g Publisher Viz Media Subs of Shogakukan Inc Publication CityCountry San Francisco United States Language HOMESTUCK BOOK ACT ACT Collects The Homestuck Book Act Act is out thi. Ah Homestuck First off I'm extremely pleased to see that Good Read's has this on their website Four for you Good ReadsAlright let me say this much I know a few comic book shops here and there have this book for sale If this is your first time coming across Homestuck and you say Hey I want to read this Don't go buy this rather go online and enjoy the readingviewing experience on thereI say this because while everything is the same the experience isn't To be part of the fandom and re read the first act either way is glorious and much enjoyable Act 1 first time around is something we all had to slog through finding hidden gems here or there and to revisit it is a lot of fun The transition to print iseh well I mean what were we expecting I love how Hussie has URL's at the bottom rather than page numbers and his footnotes at the bottom are uite hilarious and give you much insightI could go on for hours about how much I love John and Rose and everyone But I'll just let you all do that and not waste your time by fangirling If you've heard about Homestuck and have been pondering it go RIGHT ahead Hell we're even getting our own video game