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reader Ù Catch and Release ´ J.T. Twerell Ds and end up in Miami Florida All this and as Steve says they still have six days of vacation left Their relationship touches long buried feelings in Jennifer while shattering the mundane existence suffocating Steve The book started out strong I read than a hundred pages in one sitting I was instantly hooked when both the main characters Jennifer Blade aka J and Steve Sanders were introduced However somewhere along the middle I realized I was having a hard time understanding the story The sudden shifts in POV first person by Steve Sanders and then third person by Jennifer Blade had me skimming the rest of the story There was even one scene in the story that was told twice but different POV meeting with Junior in the parking lot I had to flip back the pages to absorb everythingI didn't have any problem with the action and suspense it was well written Yes I was skimming but I liked the action in the story Reading this book reminds of my favorite action TV series Alias I was also thinking of Jennifer Garner as Jennifer Blade Overall I thought the story would have been great if the author just wrote it with one POV

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Catch and Release eBook ä Kindle Edition Read ì reflectionslisburnltd Ý Catch and Release a romancesuspense novel is the story of two lives from vastly different backgrounds drawn together by fate and a common love of the great outdoors The crossing of Jennifer and Steve’s paths releases an explosi Catch and Release a romancesuspense novel is the story of two lives from vastly different backgrounds drawn together by fate and a common love of the great outdoors The crossing of Jennifer and Steve’s paths releas This book packed a dramatic plot line with a punchy heroine but petered out at the end due to an overload of sentimentality The climax hit at 75% and what happened afterwards was mopping up for the HEAI liked the story It had all the elements of suspense romance danger and plot twists The heroine is mysterious opinionated plucky yet insecure But what dragged the story out was the long stretches of philosophizing repetitive interior monologue and stilted dialogue Both characters seemed to talk with the same psychoanalytical voice yet we know the female character has a lot to hide and would not express herself so openly There is zero subtext and everything is explained several times in dialogue and internal monologueI was not bothered by the shift between first person and third person It made sense because the male main character 1st is a psychologist and his voice although overly pedantic is illuminating and cozy I was okay with him being overly analytic because that is his profession to observe analyze and suggest I expected the female character portrayed in 3rd to be distant and to hide things but she was just as annoyingly transparent At 93% the author resorted to omniscient point of view to cover his tracks as he tried to explain the wrap up where neither of the characters were presentThe potential of the book was also undercut by the need for editing The author mistakes smiled laughed and other words for dialogue tags He overuses introductory present participial phrases and misplaces modifiersLooking down at the parking lot J's car and the limo sat where we left them along with both the driver and the shooter from the limo lying on the parking lot James Twerell Catch and Release Kindle Locations 1586 1587 James Twerell Simple grammatical errors are not caught Don’t forget the tape lover Without the tape we would be dead before we left Bingo James Twerell Catch and Release Kindle Location 2162 James TwerellI thought about the redhead J had mention but didn’t see her anyplace James Twerell Catch and Release Kindle Location 2824 James TwerellOther distractions too many J names I got confused between Juan and Johnny then there is Juanita Julio and Jennifer Jason Junior the repeated little did I know foreshadowing at the end of the chapters cliche's dumb as the night was darkDisclosure This review was part of the WoMen's Lit Cafe Review process They reuire honesty I received the e book free as part of the program and I do not know the author personally

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Catch and ReleaseEs an explosion of love passion adventure and ultimately a reason for a shared journey Within 24 hours they catch a few trout have a passionate affair shoot and kill a man are involved in two gun battles receive woun The Author Caught Me But Released MeI received a copy of this book free from WoMen's Literary Cafe I enjoy action adventure and hope for strong female leads I am from the Catskill Mountains in New York where this story begins and ends I remember catching a pretty little rainbow trout with my dad I had some memorable campouts So does psychologist Steve SandersI never encountered a girl who was fleeing mobsters fishing naked So Steve's story is automatically interesting It's kind of hard to imagine that to escape being outed as an undercover FBI agent Jennifer Blade would head off on a fishing trip to the Catskills Later on the author explains that she had a good early childhood a lot like mine involving fishing trips with her dad Soon however her story becomes the same as that of most hard luck action heroesThe author succeeds in portraying a love relationship to which two people are truly committed almost from the start of the book But is J really an FBI agent? She involves mild mannered Steve in shootings mob activity arms deals and lots nakedness though sex is not described in an explicit way Good people in this book are people who help you out even if they shoot people and scream obscenities on the side Bad people are the same but you can tell the difference because the bad ones double cross you or actively try to kill you Jennifer Blade has an attitude and takes things personally He character is one dimensional One of the things an author has to do is make you care about his characters I was just annoyed by Jennifer Blade Doctor Sanders secondary protagonist was an okay guy but he kept saying his life didn't have any real meaning and I had to agree Bingo Bob you'll have to read it to find out who he is on the other hand is a remarkably well rounded character