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Brooklyn Zoo review ô 108 Ë Ever wonder just who that person in the chair opposite you in the therapist's office is and how he or she got that way Wonder no This is a compelling memoir about the stressful yet never less than exciting education of a psychotherapist in the midst of institutional dysfunction that bids fair to become to psychotherapy what ScoA compelling memoir about the stressful yet never less than exciting education of a psychotherapist in the midst of institutional dysfu. Written in a dry analytical almost dull style this memoir focuses on airing many grievances about past supervisors and there's no indication she ever really emotionally connected with the patients she treated in training The only time this books perks up is about halfway through when there's a detailed vivid exciting description of working in the psychiatric ER ward with a gifted doctor who's been on the job fifteen years The author is almost painfully psychoanalytic to the point of describing panic attacks as repressed rage caused by conflicting unconscious impulses which are treated by bringing those to the surface in talk therapy which is guaranteed to cause immediate unrepressed rage in anyone who has actually suffered a panic attack Rather than describing the clash between older psychoanalytic theories and modern drug and behavioural therapies including CBT the writer only displays them and so the book is of limited use to the medical specialist Since it's not that well written it's not really of much use to the civilian reader either

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Nction that bids fair to become to psychotherapy what Scott Turow's One L is to lawyering and Samuel Shem's House of God is to doctoring. I received this ARC through a goodreads giveaway and I am very glad that I did I am currently a student in the same field as the author and I was able to follow along with her as she struggled through her internship It was especially encouraging to watch her go from an unsure student to one with confidenceThere has been one negative review of this book that I would like to address Although I do wonder about the author not being taught about the DSM beforehand I can say that in the progam I am currently in we are only taught a sememsters worth of it We are also taught that the diagnosis does not define the person and that the DSM is just another tool that can help us in treating the clientAs for her choice of internships sometimes you have to take what you get Her internship site was not her first choice I have worked in the type of conditions she describes the short staffing no money to improve conditions etc so for me it was easy to understand her frustrationAs for her relationship with her supervisor hindsight is 2020 She realizes she made a mistake and works to correct it I feel that is book is not only about how she learned about becoming a psychotherapist but about her growing as a person as well

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Brooklyn ZooEver wonder just who that person in the chair opposite you in the therapist's office is and how he or she got that way Wonder no This is. I wish someone had helped this author put off writing this book until she got some experience and insight I feel like someone should have protected her from publishing this She seems like a caring person with good intentions but remarkably naïve I’m trying here I did not dislike her I’m not angry at her I am just sort of chagrined by the whole thing Maybe she just needs time and experience before attempting thisHere are some examples of statements that dismayed meDr Wolfe a psychologist supervisor makes a totally obvious inappropriate sexual reference to her regarding her blushingShe says “I couldn’t stop myself from thinking like a therapist My training had taught me to pay attention to associationsI believed Dr Wolfe believed my blushing a sign like the interviewee in his story that I was harboring purient thoughts Given our age difference I hoped he’d only be flattered but in moments like those I often felt I’d rather not be privy to the ways of knowing of my field I certainly was not a mind reader she certainly is not as strangers I met at parties sometimes seemed to fear but like a telepath I did have clues to bits of others private thoughts that a non psychologist was spared I guessed I could never go back to being that and my chest filled with regret”Where to start with this How narcissistic is this If a rock fell on her toe and it hurt would her “special ways of knowing” help her realize telepathically that it hurtHer chest filled with regret I do get that strangers might fear her at parties Come on how many women have sexually inappropriate things said to them from clueless horny men often in positions of authority Does it reuire “telepathy” and special “psychologist ways of knowing” to identify We all understand this and pretend to ignore it as a strategy Recognizing this is nothing special SadlySadly I also completely get why her supervisor gave her a bunch of 2’s on a 1 5 Likert scale rating her performance I wish she didPlus I really didn’t know anyone believed any that schizophrenia’s origins came during the first year of life from “not achieving” “basic trust and faith in the fact of your existence” I thought the “schizophrenigenic” mother thing got debunked decades ago when genetic and biochemical correlates to schizophrenia became clear “Auditory Hallucinations result from the projection of the pathological introject of the mother” It goes on and on She is bogged down by psychoanalytic excessPlus if you want to be thought of as a caring therapist you shouldn’t title your book “Brooklyn Zoo” implying your clients are animals your colleagues zookeepersShe is out of touch with her patients too involved with herself and her ego and too critical of allied professionals and colleagues like other psychologists psychiatrists clinical social workers even a recreational therapist for gosh sakeShe lacked the experience or competence to write a meaningful book about a therapist’s perceptions It frightens me when professional reviews say things like “Want to know what your therapist is thinking Read this book”This isn’t what your therapist is thinking trust me on this Bottom line this book needs to be written by a better therapist with experienceSomeone should have protected her from publishing this