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read kindle Õ Goodbye Noel ò reflectionslisburnltd ñ The first body is found under a trimmed Christmas tree the second as they ring in the New Year 1947 the third goes head long out a window Will a young pediatric nurse determined to make it on her own be able to care for an infant whose mother was murdered and escape Am up and do some sleuthing undercover at a cult as well as at a fancy ballDetective Ian Daltry is a widower with a child and is not interested in a new love Hunting a killer who stops at nothing has placed him in the position where he must protect a beautiful young woman he’s drawn to Is there’s something he’s overlooked in analyzing the case? Will he find out what that is before this ruthless murderer kills someone he loves Well I'm finished reading the novel and it was a wonderful story to read at the holidays Coming from that Eastern European backgroundit was especially enjoyable reading about the Christmas and New Year's traditions of Czechoslovakia However I think this novel could be read at any time of yearKatrina is a heroine who truly gripped me She was independent strong in character and someone I cared about I cheered her on as she fought to protect an orphaned infant from a deranged killer At first she doesn't know if she cares for the way Det Daltry is handling the murder of the baby's mother but she soon comes to trust himThe author infused in the story the theme of justice for the murder victim in a profound way This struck a note with me as wellless

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The first body is found under a trimmed Christmas tree the second as they ring in the New Year 1947 the third goes head long out a window Will a young pediatric nurse determined to make it on her own be able to care for an infant whose mother was murdered and escape the killer who has struck again? Can she trust the stalwart village detective with her life and her heart as he works to catch this killer before somebody else dies?Ped Goodbye Noel by Nike Chillemi is the second novel in the Sanctuary Point series Burning Heartsthe first was good This one is even better Katrina Lenart and Ian Daltry meet in front of a Christmas tree with a dead body An infant is crying down the hall Ian is the police detective investigating the murders Yes there's than one He lost his first wife Will he lose Katrina too just as he realizes he’s in love with her? Katrina vows to keep the baby safe but can she? Will she even be allowed to keep it? The father is still alive Christian fiction with a good plot and interesting setting baits your hook If you’ve ever wanted to adopt a child you’ll identify with this book and Katrina’s feelings and emotions The author writes with vivid description and details that make the story realistic and allows us a glimpse of certain types of religious meetings I enjoyed both novels and look forward to her third in the series

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Goodbye Noel Sanctuary Point #2 Iatric nurse Katrina Lenart grew up strong willed and independent minded while sharing her mother’s flair for high fashion When the police chief gives her an orphaned baby to care for her maternal instincts take over and she’s willing to fight anyone who might not have the infant’s best interests at heart even the man she’s growing to love After an attempt is made to kidnap the baby she and the resolute village detective te Katrina Lenart a maternity nurse from Long Island New York is enjoying a toboggan ride with her best friend's brother until they see something bloody on the snow covered ground near a neighbor's cottageConcerned the two of them rush to check on the residence They find the door ajar enter the cottage and stumble upon the lifeless body of Noel Bauer A pool of blood is beneath her headMoments later the cries of an infant echo down the hallway Katrina makes a vow to the child You're going to be fine Somehow I'll make sure I promiseDetective Ian Daltry arrives He and his rookie officer search the premises Ian grabs the family Bible flips through the pages and finds an empty envelope tucked inside The return address is for the children's home in Sayville Did Noel Bauer go to the next county adopt the baby and hide it from everyone? Did her husband find out the child was adopted and wasn't his? Did he become enraged and turn violent?Speaking of which where is Noel's husband?As the investigation ensues Katrina clashes with Detective Ian Daltry She finds the man disconcerting not at all like the college age fellows she's use to She wonders if the stern detective even possesses a light side Perhaps he uses police manuals at night for nifty bedtime readingIan a widower with a young daughter is just trying to do his job Since his own wife was murdered Ian's determined to find Noel's killer nothing but Katrina Lenart is making it hard for him to focus Her startling green eyes not to mention her swirling blonde hair keep distracting him She must be at least ten years younger than he is which would be a factor if he were even mildly interested in the insufferable woman but he isn'tSounds interesting doesn't it?Trust me it is Nike Chillemi isn't labled the Crime Fictionista for nothingI highly recommend this book