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PDF ´ BOOK The Lion's Daughter Ö Esme Brent doesn't care that revenge isn't a suitable job for a woman She's determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self imposed exile Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way That includes the handsome wastrel who's become entangled in Preferably in soft beds with willing women he does not want to become embroiled in a mad uest with a hot tempered and heavily armed redheadBut forced to travel together through an exotic land the mismatched pair soon discovers that friction can produce some very dangerous sparks The Lion's Daughter is the story of Esme and VarianA thrilling ride of unlikely romance between the part Albanian Esme Brent and Varian Edward Harcourt St George Baron Edenmont of Buckinghamshire England If you like harridan heroines who are as brave as they are impulsive and wastrel heroes who eventually prove their worth this book would be for you We travel across the sea meet different tribes find enemies and friends discover buried truths seek revenge fall in love realize self worth feel happiness and end on a super sweet noteI have to say that I had low expectations but the story really picked up in the second half and the angst is what sold it for me I really like hellion heroines with taming of the shrew vibes and also enjoy a hero being bought to his knees by a kickass heroine both of which this book hadEnjoyed itSafe355

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Wastrel who's become entangled in her life whose charm does not make up for his lazy and irresponsible characterHaving gambled away his entire family fortune Varian St George Lord Edenmont now lives by his wits and winning ways A man who has always taken the path of least resistance 35 stars I didn't realize until after reading Loretta Chase's Lord of Scoundrels that it was part of a series and when I discovered this I decided to go back and pick up the books that I had missed Since Lord of Scoundrels is one of my all time favorite romance novels I had high hopes for The Lion's Daughter Unfortunately it got off to a really slow start for me Nearly the entire first half of the book is about the hero and heroine's extremely long or at least it seemed that way journey through Albania This part of the story is also heavily laden with historical facts and details about the country and the political climate at that time which in my opinion only served to bog down the pace even further I was just about to set the book aside and read something else when the journey came to an end and that is the point where I felt the real story began Up until then I had a hard time becoming invested in Varian and Esme's relationship or believing that they were truly falling in love but after that both characters started showing vulnerability which improved them uite a bit Esme was a little difficult for me to like throughout the entire story though Early on she was just so stubborn and indifferent that she seemed almost emotionless She had a major inferiority complex when it came to her looks and made several hot headed decisions based in part on believing things about herself that simply weren't true Even though Varian was a libertine who had frittered away his family fortune I still found him to be charming and likeable in the early part of the story than Esme was When his vulnerabilities started to show it only increased his likability but overall I still found him to be just an average hero not really a stand out The political intrigue in the book could have been really interesting but I thought that it was overdone to the point of being incredibly complex and confusing Even though the story got off to a very slow start and could have been much better overall the last half had enough excitement to hold my interest and make it worth my while If I had read The Lion's Daughter first I don't know if I would have continued the series but already knowing that at least one other book in the series was phenomenally good makes me interested continuing it

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The Lion's DaughterEsme Brent doesn't care that revenge isn't a suitable job for a woman She's determined to avenge the murder of her beloved father an enigmatic English aristocrat who lived in self imposed exile Honor demands that Esme let nothing and nobody stand in her way That includes the handsome What a total wiener the hero is in this book and the heroine is complete shrew Major let down with this story which starts off Loretta Chase’s Scoundrels series that include such top notch novels like Lord of Scoundrels and The Last HellionThis story is about a wastrel and really that’s the only thing that characterizes him politely Varian St George Lord Edenmont who flits around various European countries seducing scads of women who let him mooch off them because he doesn’t have a penny to his name even though he’s a Lord He’s apparently uite the looker and has lots of charm I thought he was a loser He’s gambled everything away and has debtors up the wazoo after him back in London He ends up having to chaperone the child of a “friend” who has recently passed away all the way to Venice because the kid’s dad asks him to He’s paid uite handsomely for it so of course he agrees The kid Percival is way too old for his age he’s 12 and convinces Varian to head to Albania instead and so the story begins In Albania they come across by sheer coincidence Percival’s cousin Esme Brentmor who’s a self proclaimed warrior What she is is a nutcase Percival gets kidnapped and Esme says she’ll lead the hunt to find him Varian isn’t too keen because he’s a wuss –the absolute worst kind of so called scoundrel hero Who wants to read about a guy who jumps at everything and is only fit for the parlor ? The hh are not likeable characters at all The hero is a moron and the heroine flies off the handle like some psycho harpy for the stupidest of reasons She’s Miss Independent I Follow My Own Path and that’s fine only all of a sudden Varian starts dictating to her what to do and she kowtows to him which made no sense because here’s a woman leading a group of rough and tough men on this expedition and she suddenly gets all maidenly and listens to Mr Boss Man Left field if I’ve ever seen itThere's a ring around the rosy of sub stories from love stories to arms smuggling to local leaders and their power trips as well as a myriad of additional characters that pepper the novel adding confusion and endless filler The book is way too long and needed a good editing There’s a lot of Albanian the author is of Albanian descent in the story but the author often provides a translation I still found that annoying because it reminded me of authors who use way too many Welsh or Gaelic sentences which detract from the story I thinkAs for the main love story I wasn’t feeling it Varian is just too much of a wimpy hero trying to be an alpha –he’s not a beta either he’s just a pretty boy knob He’s always saying what a bad person he is and putting himself down He reminded me of Julia uinn’s hero in The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever His self deprecation was not endearing and it took away from him being hero material Esme is 18 but she’s described as looking like a child who’s just entered puberty say around 12 13 Ew That’s not sexy and it seems so unlikely She’s always ragging about something and then in a heartbeat she goes on about how ugly and unfeminine she is and how no one would ever want her It didn’t go with her character Oh yeah and then she says she loves him which leads the reader to say why and wonder if they missed a few pages of info The other stories also segue in a weird way as if the author has understood but forgot to tell the reader Towards the end I just skimmed the pages and even the sex scenes had me flipping uickly just to finishWhat a dud this read was Good thing I didn’t start with this book as an intro to Loretta Chase God knows she can do 10 000 times better