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The Abominable Charles Christopher Book 1The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim witted yeti through a fores. This collection contains the first chapter of the webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher It's two years worth of the weekly stripNote I am reviewing the comics that comprise this book I read them in their original webcomic form not as printedThe Abominable Charles Christopher is an unusual strip and takes a while to really get going Anthropomorphic animals and the titular Charles share screen time in several tangentially related gradually unfolding plotlines of drastically varying tone and substanceThis made it a very uneven read for me I really loved the serious main plotlines and characters Charles Vivol and Moon Bear Luga Gilgamesh and both the humor and drama that arose from them But the pacing drove me a little nuts I didn't like the secondary humor strips drunk bad husband bird Cedar Forest Players the shrink etc nearly as much as the above stuff so lost some interest whenever it switched over Which was uite often As a very detailed rich webcomic the author clearly puts a lot of effort and care into the strip It's understandable that after say a month of working on heavy themes that he would want to lighten things up a bit But it's a weekly strip which that means every time the plot got serious it went no than three four pages before interjected humor and sidetracking Again perfectly understandable from a production point of view but purely from a reader's perspective I found it very jarringThere is a ton of promise shown in this first book which continues to build in later strips just be prepared for a bit of an up and down rideThe art is fantastic Great style and masterful use of the black and white medium Again I feel it really shines in the serious and dramatic stripsOverall while The Abominable Charles Christopher is a mixed bag for me the good is so great I still heartily recommend it and will definitely keep reading myself

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The Abominable Charles Christopher (Book 1) Free read Ý 8 µ The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim witted yeti through a forest full of colourful animal charactersWho is Charles Where did he come from Where is he going He knows about as much as you do probably much less actually and his adventureT full of colourful animal charactersWho is Charles Where did he come from Where is he going H. The main story arc following a dim witted yeti creature who gets pulled into plots beyond his ken by mysterious forest powers is interrupted by too many isolated strips about bit characters Drunk Bad Husband Bird Therapist Beetle Animal Acting Troupe etc whose own little story arcs' ties to the main story if any are not clear by the end of this volume or even the next The odd strip of those was kind of amusing but their freuent interruptions of the serious main arc broke the mood There was another seemingly important story arc about the bear whose tragic past slowly gets revealed and might touch on the yeti's story but again two volumes in it's not clear yet whether those two stories are really going to collide Another thing it didn't make sense for these great and powerful beings to base their entire world changing plot on a mission handed to a creature so dim witted that I couldn't tell if he even remembered he was supposed to do something either way there was a lot of aimless wanderingblundering around before stumbling seemingly by chance in the general direction the powers wanted him to go If you can manipulate chance and actions to your desires why bother manifesting and giving orders at all especially to someone too dim to carry them outThough I am curious about where this might go I am not motivated enough to seek out further volumes

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E knows about as much as you do probably much less actually and his adventure is just beginnin. I read this webcomic several years ago I started on it when it was still fairly new and kept up with it for a few months It seemed to be a deeper version of Bone but for whatever reason I didn't stick with it It wasn't until a few weeks ago when I saw that the author was selling the books at a great deal that I decided to look into it again Based on the blurbs by well known authors Neil Gaiman I decided to give it a shot I'm glad I didLike Bone Charles Christopher is a heavy story with humorous overtones Kerschl writes both with a deft eye and a keen ear and he captures his characters well Charles is a gentle giant strong though he sometimes cowers with courage and empathy to spare The rest of the cast are the animals in the forest where Charles lives all of whom can talk and communicate with each other and with Charles Kerschl writes those characters as well as he does Charles such that when the story takes on its heaviness the reader will feel it as well as his characters doThe story itself is about the world of humans invading the world of animals and the conflict that arises from the two worlds clashing There is a spiritual theme to the story as well as Charles meets with a lion who represents the spirits of the animals Charles being an abominable I'm guessing he's intended to be a Yeti though it's never directly stated in the story is a breed of both worlds and serves as a potential intermediary in the conflict This is how Charles gets involved with the conflict and with the first two books it's only barely begunGiven that this is a collection of a webcomic the structure of the books is a little odd Kerschl will intersperse a humorous few strips amid the heavier storyline making it a little difficult to grab on to the main plot of his story I got used to it and I assume other readers will too and it's a good thing since the main story behind Charles Christopher is a heavy one It begins with tragedy continues into further tragedy and then concludes such as it does at the end of book two with a lot story to go with even tragedyGraphic storytelling should be a balance between the art and the story and Kerschl excels at both The story has been in development for a long time the webcomic began nine years ago and hasn't developed much further than what's in the two books and it's clear that Kerschl has much to tell The story moves slowly which might be frustrating for some readers but for fans of Bone looking for something a little geared for adults The Abominable Charles Christopher is a good place to start Like I mentioned above the books are on sale right now