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Read Delusion mobi é Hardcover ↠ reflectionslisburnltd Å When two beautiful teenage stage magicians in World War II England meet a pair of handsome men who can do real magic sparks fly But is it illusion or delusion? Opening night jitters are nothing new for Phil and Fee Albion who come from a long line of stagE illusionists The girls love to dazzle London audiences but in the aftermath of the Blitz they're bundled off to the countryside where they're safe from bombs and Nazis and bored to pieces Phil always the passionate one discovers a hidden college of real This book was Okay It started off SUPER slow and I didn't really become interested until over halfway through The idea of the book definitely has potential but I feel this book could've been a lot better I am a lover for action packed books and this book didn't deliver the action I was hoping for I only started to like the book when Phil and Arden started becoming the focus as it gave me something to wonder about Am I the only one that didn't like Phil very much?

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When two beautiful teenage stage magicians in World War II England meet a pair of handsome men who can do real magic sparks fly But is it illusion or delusion? Opening night jitters are nothing new for Phil and Fee Albion who come from a long line of stag Let's see Where should I begin? Hm Well Hm It was a bit of a slow start I wondered why the fun things the summary mentioned weren’t taking place Oddities I thought the whole special embrace with foreheads touching thing was a little weird I mean I get it they’re sisters they have this special bond BUT I didn't get why they ALWAYS touched foreheads whenever they met Or maybe I just read that wrong? Surely it wasn’t always Because that’s weird It is weird right?Okay moving on When Algie was introduced I had high hopes for him He sounded so cool But then he got brushed aside after the author made it clear he wasn't going to be a love interest for the sisters And while it was nice to avoid a PESKY LOVE TRIANGLE I was slightly disgruntled because I had been looking forward to Algie’s character But it seemed like after the girls discovered the magic school they pretty much spent all of their time over there and they dismissed all of the people living in the village in favor of these funky magicians I mean I guess they were like trying to save the world or something which is goodbut the plot was kind of jumbled and all over the placesort of like this review right now WhoopsOkay Let me try again I’ll be specific about what I did and did not likeLikesThe story was fairly entertaining I wanted to know what happened next even when I was a little annoyed with how characters or plot were progressingI also liked that the sisters were fairly well defined I didn’t have trouble distinguishing between themUh I liked that they both had red hair? Drat This is getting harder and harder to find things I liked Maybe I should just move on to the dislikes nowDislikesThe cover I didn't like the girls on the cover because they looked SO DIFFERENT from the Phil and Fee I pictured Bbbbuuuttt I think if you haven't read the novel you'll find it satisfactoryThis is just going to get into spoiler territory soon enough so I'll say a little bit spoiler free and then launch into an all out tirade It’s mostly the relationships that frustrated me to NO END I also didn't think the magic was well rounded It needed a better explanation The viewpoint jumped all over the place and felt sloppy I even got confused a few times because I wasn’t sure who was talking Well okay I thought I’d be able to say but I think that’s pretty much it This next long bit is spoilerific Tread at your own riskview spoilerThe relationships between Fee and Thomas and Phil and Arden Fee and Thomas I get it I get it It’s the whole love at first sight but it's actually going to work because they both believe in true love shtick Fine But I would have liked development AND why on earth did Thomas decide to leave and GO TO WAR? What?? That felt like a cheap SEUEL ploy How nice to get Thomas out of the way so Arden could go crazyNow the relationship with Phil and Arden You knew that was coming Opposites attract right? But come on it was obvious they'd fall for each other it was only a matter of when Oh I thought of something else that could kind of slide into the LIKE category I thought the author did a good job of creating tension between these two just when you thought they'd finally express their liking each other something prevented it Every time that happened Yikes how are they going to make it out of this one? Whoa Didn't see that coming Good shot author you wounded the budding love scene yes tension”Unfortunately most of those tension building obstacles annoyed me too I mean it was fine and all for Phil to realize she wasn't in love with her old beau But I ended up just feeling so SORRY for him because he was clearly in love with her and Phil just strung him along because she couldn’t make up her mind And she was fine with him going off to war That's not very nice for someone you were thinking about marrying but who's really your brother but not Yeah also weirdconfusingdisjointed relationship thereAnd then the

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Delusion Magicians led by the devastatingly handsome Arden If only Phil can persuade these unworldly magicians to help England win the war Daredevil that she is she'll risk anything to give her country a fighting chance even if it means losing her heart or her li Phil and Fee Albion come from a long line of stage magicians and they're exceptionally good at their craft When the London Blitz begins their parents join the war effort to put their skills of illusion to good use but Phil and Fee are sent off to the country much to Phil's frustration Out in the country Phil makes a shocking discovery a school of real magicians If only she could convince them to use their powers to help England win the warSo this was all working fine for me until the end where it seriously fell apart We have two sisters one who is sweet and gentle and romantic Fee and one who is brave and headstrong and logical Phil Phil is able to discover the magician's hidden college because an ancestor of Phil and Fee's was a magician who was cast out of the collegeFee occupies herself romanticizing about living in the country and then falling in love with one of the magicians who immediately falls in love with her too but tis all in vain For the magicians can never marry or leave the college For a rather vague a suspicious reason that Phil does not completely buyPhil meanwhile is determine to do her part for the war effort and busies herself with organizing a home guard made up of the locals and works on convincing the magicians to use their powers to fight They refuses as they have live violence free lives Phil is a fiercely determine sort of girl and someone telling her no one time or 20 is not going to deter her She feels passionately about her country and wants to help anyway she can This is important to know as if makes what happens at the end all the weird This is the first thing we learn about Phil and it's reinforced over the course of the entire book nothing is going to stop her trying to protect her country or the people she loves NothingPhil's romantic interest is Arden a powerful sulky magician who tried to kill Phil when he first saw her which lucky for all involved didn't work because the Essence magic the wizards can control which is drawn from the earth can't hurt Phil or Fee It has no effect of them Arden and Phil find each other excessively annoying which of course means they are destined to fall in love at some point which they do Laura Sullivan did a good job of showing how their feelings for each other change As they get to know each other better they come to respect the other's characteristics and dedicationJust when it seems the two might get together Arden is put in the very awkward position of being asked to seduce one of the evil female magicians from Germany who is trying to wipe out all the English magicians Arden who would do anything for the college as Phil would do anything for England does so There was a lot of seducing A lot of caressing More than I really needed thank you Ick Phil sees them together misunderstandings abound and we're almost at the end of the storyArden due to the seducing knows when the German magicians will attack so they are able to prepare Phil has her home guard circled up outside the college because the German magicians are stronger than the English one since they drain people of their power bad but are not immune to guns Arden begs Phil to leave he can't bear the thought of her in danger Phil of course refuses So Arden does something that makes absolutely no sense based on the entire rest of the book he restores Phil's power under the reasoning that once her powers are restored she won't be immune to the Essence any and will have to hide #1 Phil would never run away and hide no matter what you know this Arden it was one of those things you were reflecting on about why you love her so much #2 Phil SAID she did not want to have magical powers Arden asked before She said no SHE SAID NO And then Arden forced them on her to suit his own need I found that incredibly disturbing It seemed like such a violation especially since there had been a lot of magicsexual references throughout the book so the Essence before forced